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Vamp Volk Firing Weapon

-Insert Random Date-
A clan of vampires is suddenly summoned into the main hall by one of the youngest – Volksfrei, which was a surprising feat due to his shyness and quietness. He stood at a small table in the middle of the vast den, draped with velvet as the moonlight bathed him in it’s luminous glow. On the table, a small boxlike object draped with a tarp, hiding every inch of the strange gift he had in store for his family.

Father: What is it, Volksfrei?
Volk: I’ve called you all here because I am sick of it. I’m sick of the inane feud between you and the Lupinfolk.
Lucinda: You have no reason to be trying to stop our feud, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. So why don’t you just shut the f#@$ up?
Volk: *a bit louder* This has been going on since King Arthur was in office! I have tried to get you to stop by verbal means to no avail. Therefore, I present this.
*He pulls off the tarp, revealing a small camera-shaped device with a large yellow opening in the center*
Volk: This device does not have a name, but it is guaranteed to keep you all in check. 
Lucinda: What are you gonna do, take pictures at us?
Volk: Lucy, stop.
Lucinda: What’s the matter? Scared? I think that the only reason you’re trying to get us to stop is because you’re working with them!
Volk: What?! Of course not!
Lucinda: Why else would you care so much? *walks towards him threateningly*
Volk: *grabs the device* Back away, Lucy… get back!
Lucinda: Or what? Whatcha gonna do, you LUPIN LOVER! *raises her claws*
Volk: *aims the device and pulls a few triggers, causing a bright ray of light to come out*
Lucinda: AAHHHHH *falls over, writhing in pain as steam emits from her body, as the other vampires gasp in horror*
Volk: A beam of concentrated sunlight, non lethal but can be if fired for long enough. If ANY of you try to attack the Lupinfolk unprovoked, or purposely provoke them into attacking you, you will receive the same fate as Lucy. *walks back upstairs with the device*
Lucinda: Ow.. ow… he.. ow…

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