Scintuss Scoro Reference

Hey guys! I just finished an official reference sheet for my Undertale OC, Scintuss Scoro!!!

Scintuss Scoro Reference w sig.jpg

Scintuss belongs to moi!


Juniper and Scintuss

:iconveolo: I HAVE DONE IT!!!!!!

Juniper and Scintuss



A few months ago she suggested that we make a pic with Juniper and Scintuss together!!!!!!!!! Well I have finally done it!! Its not as great as if she had drawn it though..

Kinda experimented with shading and lighting and kinda failed.. Failed with Juniper’s hair and eye.. and mouth… and I tried to make it look cute and failed.. WHY DO I FAIL AT SO MANY THINGS?!?!?!?!?!?!

So anyways Juniper might very well be the 1st girl Scintuss has ever met besides his mother and grandmother, so Scintuss doesn’t really know what to do.. hehe

Scintuss Scoro the Naiad belongs to MOI

Juniper the Cyclops/Mouth-Bellied Ghoul belongs to :iconveolo: