|| Rinmaru – HALLOWEEN ❤ ||

Rinmaru Games has released some new games, I don’t know how long ago but whatever

The first of these games is present IN THIS POST:

Pichichama is back at it again, with a new game: ♥ Halloween Chibi Avatar ♥ This game is so adorable~! Of course, I had to make Volk with it c:

Look at the adorable Warlock Volk~

A very nice pro is the fact that you can MOVE THE NOSE! You can change the position of the nose on the face vertically! It’s so cool!

HOWEVER, there is one gripe I have with this game: the eyes
As you guys may know, eyes really make an anime character for me. These eyes… are so freakishly large! Most of them don’t even fit within the head very well!
The eyes I have are the only ones that truly go well…
Image result for big eyes gif

ALSO, it’s kind of hard to make a guy without using the cloak outfit I have—All other outfits show a particular region that is pretty much exclusive to girls (unless you have gynecomastia)

There IS ANOTHER GAME out, by our friend* (*”Friend” is used loosely because we have never interacted) VeggieStudio, with a Demon Girl! (And yes, you really can’t make a guy with this one). I choose not to show it, because I feel the artwork is… not mature, but a bit too risqué for a family-friendly website

However, you can play it by going to http://www.rinmarugames.com !

I hope you have fun!

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|| More Rinmaru Rowdiness ❤ ||

Rinmaru released some new (good) games earlier, and if you know me, you know that I have to try to make a boy with them – specifically Volk

Our first game is brought to us by Pichichama, who created the ♥ School Avatar Creator: part 2 ♥ ! You may be wondering, “Well, what about Part 1?” Well, this Pichichama separated the game into two parts, with Part 1 being for making a girl (typical) and the latter being for making boys.







His body type isn’t as nimble as I’d hoped it to be, but I think it works~

The only bad things about this creator is that the colors are pretty limited, but it still proves to be a pretty good game! Love this thing~




Next up we have the next installment in the Vampire Hunter series: ♥ Manga Creator: Vampire Hunter page.14 ♥!

Ahh, good ol’ Prince of Red Roses~

It was really hard trying to get this one to work out, considering I usually place Volk in the “Female body” area, as to give a more accurate representation of his body structure.

Unfortunately, I could not hide that… certain bulge which is present on Volk, yet not the girl giving him the rose… so yeah, a little confusion here, but.. eh!

Also, the color choices are WAY more limited, especially comparing it to the previous Vampire Hunter. Could use a little work, but it’s still a nice creator~

Soo.. there you go! Go play these games, make your own characters and add family-friendly speech bubbles, and then show me them in the comments below! Have a great day~

Please, no foul language in the comments. This is a family-friendly website
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|| VeggieStudio’s Wonderful Chibi Maker~ ❤ ||

Did you ever play the Rinmaru Mega Anime Avatar Creator and thought, “Aww man, I wish they could’ve made a game like this in chibi form! That would be super kawaii!” Well your dreams have come true!

Featuring the new (I don’t know how new it is), ♥ Rinmaru Chibi Maker ♥ by the RinmaruGames veteran VeggieStudio, made with html5! You can customize your chibi with an array of marvelous hairstyles and eye choices!

While clothing is quite limited, and isn’t as extensive compared to the MEGA anime avatar creator, it is still a pretty great designing game (which I may use in the future when designing characters)

I’ve already made my entire Main 6 characters into chibi form, as shown below!

Made with VeggieStudio's Chibi Maker

Chibi Johnathan~

Made with VeggieStudio's Chibi Maker

Chibi Madison~

Made with VeggieStudio's Chibi Maker

Chibi Stat~

Made with VeggieStudio's Chibi Maker

Chibi Carol~



I hope you enjoy this little treat~

DISCLAIMER: Neither Dr Volk nor any of his affiliates are sponsored by RinmaruGames – this is purely for the sake of enjoyment, and possibly for the sake of pushing out more content and should not be seen as more than that

Please, no foul language in the comments. This is a family friendly website
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||Let’s Settle This… ❤||

Rinmaru made another character creator that I especially liked, so I just had to make another mini-story~ (Also Volk is black because why not?)


     It was a pleasant morning at the local canteen, with only a few early-bird customers in the booths, quietly conversing with one another about their daily mundane lives. Close to the very back, a small boy with milk-chocolate skin was washing down his modest helping of scrambled eggs and grits, lightly salted to his own design, with an elegant glass of Adam’s ale within his nimble fingers: tis the only true “ale” he could drink at his age. His lilac hair was gently complimented by the goggles that rest upon his head; he did not require them to see his provisions.
His personal peace was interrupted by the brisk walking of a towering alien woman, with skin as green as a crocodile’s, getting louder and louder as she got closer to him. She went over to his table, looking down on him, asking “Is this seat taken?” He gave no response – only gazing at her suspiciously as she sat down in front of him.

“You have such lovely hair.. where did you get such beautiful dye?” she asked.
“Dye? Excuse me, but this is my natural hair color.” he replied, quite shyly. “I don’t understand this “dye” business.”
“Natural… if that’s the case…” she slowly got up, grasping the table tightly, and whipped out a small laser pistol with her suction-tipped fingers, pointing it directly at the boy, who just stared at her sternly.
“I’ve been looking for you… the Mistress has put quite a price on your head!”
Unbeknownst to the woman, the boy had slowly begun to pull out his own weapon from his jacket, pointing at her from under the table.
“Now now… we can settle this like reasonable individuals.” he responded with a hint of shakiness in his voice. “Let’s just calm down… and talk.”
“The time for talking has passed.” The woman spoke harshly, yet quietly. “You knew what you had put yourself into when you rejected her offer… now it’s time for you to pay the Phantom Piper dearie…” Her finger slowly pulled on the trigger.


 The alien woman’s body fell limp on the table, the boy slowly slipping his steaming pistol back into his pocket. With the watching, frightened eyes of the entire canteen, he quietly finished his glass and left a few coins along the table.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take it from here.” He slowly drags the woman’s body out of the canteen, the pitter-patter of his feet ringing throughout the silent cafe.

Created with the ♥ Manga Creator: Star Wars page.1 ♥ by PrinceOfRedRoses


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||”Sovereign Seizure”❤ ||

World of Fantasy 2.png
Star Traveller 1: Into The Stars | Episode I: The Crystal Down the Lane , Part 2


The Prince was led away by a medium sized woman with sharp elflike ears, dressed in comfortable maid clothing. Her clothes wrapped around her neatly, covering up her body completely, save her head, hands, and shoes. Her dress was long enough to protect her legs, but not too long so as to keep her from tripping up.

“Your Majesty,” the woman bowed respectfully, looking up at her superior. “I’ve gained surprising intel regarding our.. umm.. guests.”
“Is that so? Please enlighten me.”
“These two knights, as they say they are… I don’t believe they’re really knights. Their visual profiles matches the description of the two boys that your benefactor has been looking for.”
“I knew it.” The Prince said quietly. “He did say that one of them had light violet hair. That is quite a rare trait to have, is it not?”
“With the exception of a few species known in the galaxy, yes.” The woman said, with her gentle voice. “However, he does not match any of the species on that list. Even if he did, having both light purple hair and eyes is extremely uncommon. It’s him alright.”

As they were talking, another female approached them both. She sported a feminine, yet valiant dress, with frills along the abdomen. It had a palette of blue, white, and gold, with a golden royal design planted on her chest, accented by a sea of cerulean and guarded by golden walls, separating the ocean from the ivory landscape that envelopes the rest. The breastplate smothered any cleavage that would’ve been revealed by other dresses, and light, feathery pauldrons guarded her shoulders bravely. Soft, wispy vines rolled down her back, and held onto her collarbones to keep from falling. A bejeweled pin was placed neatly in her hair, accenting her olivine eyes.

“What are you talking about?” she asked the Prince, who was rubbing his chin gently.
“Melissa, please summon the guards here. Apparently the boys are in the castle.”
“Do you mean the ones that your contacter was looking for?”
“Precisely.” Melissa then walks away.
“Thank you Luvendia. You shall be rewarded. Now please return to your post.” The servant girl curtsied and stepped away, allowing the Prince to return to his place at the table.
“Mystic Volksfrei, I trust you are enjoying your meal?”
“As a matter of fact, I am. Thank you your Highness” Volk replied kindly. He actually did feel better after eating.
“I had hoped you would. Victor, are you sure you don’t want anything to eat?”
“Do not fret your highness, I am quite alright.”
“Good. When you’re finished, I would like you to come with me for a moment.”
“Hmm..” Volk squinted suspiciously. “Why? Where to?”
“Don’t worry. I just know someone who simply cannot wait to see you both. Please, I insist.” Volk rubbed his chin gently, trying to think of who he could possibly mean. He looked over to see the prodding eyes of his close friend, before reluctantly saying, “Ohhh alright.”
“Thank you. You won’t regret it, really.”

A few minutes had passed, and dinner had ceased. The Prince and his guards had escorted the two boys to an isolated room within the castle. The floors were just as beautiful as they were at the eating area, so shiny that one could see their reflection in it. Padded chairs were set neatly, and sparsely strewn along the edge of the room. A gorgeous powder blue wardrobe leaned against the eastmost wall, surveying the room silently. A small, two step staircase led to an elevated part of the room, which contained the bed, a large, comfy canopy bed adorned in light blue and white fabric. This section of the room had a gorgeous, radial design engraved within the ceiling, as well as several pillars strapped to the edge of the wall, with two large dressers – one next to the bed, and one right in front of it – the one that contained a giant mirror. A window was placed on the east wall in this section, leading to a balcony which allowed the resident to gaze out onto the silent village below.

“Please, make yourself comfortable.” the Prince said, before leaving the room and closing the door.
“Hm.. I will admit this is quite a lovely room. I think.. I think I can enjoy myself here.” Volk said, gently laying along the bed.”
“That’s the spirit.” His companion smiled gently as he sat along the bed as well. “Think about this logically – what reason would anyone have to harm us here? Especially after what we’ve done for them.”
“I can come up with a few reasons… what if this was the Prince’s plan all along to gain the crown, and we’d actually just ruined it? Maybe one of the servants? A secretive Peasants’ Revolt? A-” Volk’s rant was quickly silenced by a quick rub on the head.
“Shh.. don’t worry about it, alright? You’re thinking too much. We’ve had a long day, so just relax.” V1 gave him a soft, reassuring smile, causing Volk to slowly roll his eyes.
“Oh alright.. have it your own way.” He smirked a bit as he laid down on his back, his hands folded over his chest. V1 got up and started to amble around the room to get a closer view of his surroundings.
“There is one thing that still poses a logical concern, V1.” Volk said. “I will never understand why he had to bring us here, though. He simply could’ve brought the person to us.”
“That is… a very good point.”  V1 pondered a bit as his eyes slowly wandered to the door. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this..”. He walked over to the door and stared at it carefully, before his eyes suddenly burst open in surprise.
“What?! It’s.. It’s locked-”
“Why would he do that if…. OOOOOHH I knew we couldn’t trust him!” Volk growled. “I bet I know who put him up to it, too. He has constituents all across the galaxy!” He runs over to the balcony and looks down to the ground, and is suddenly hit with a club of acrophobia.
“Of course he put us on one of the highest levels of the castle-”
“Don’t worry, we’ve been in tougher situations before.” V1 came with Volk, and looked to his left, spotting a few vines along the outer walls. “I have an idea.”
“V1, you know very well I cannot climb vines, ESPECIALLY downwards!”
“Not to worry – I’ll go first, and I’ll catch you if you fall.” The purple boy pouted internally and sighed as his friend slid down the vine with ease.
“Now it’s your turn!” Volk shivered a bit as he slowly grabbed onto the vine and leaped onto it, grasping it tightly.
“Just release your grip a little bit, alright?”
Volk nodded nervously and slowly took tension away from the rope, allowing him to slide a few inches. This startled him and prompted him to freeze up in fear.
“It’s okay.. just keep going! One interval at a time.”
“A-A-Alright..” he breathed slowly and started to slide down the vine, one bit at a time. As he reached the bottom, a horned figure gazed upon them from the balcony above.
Almost instinctively, the little purple boy snatched his friend’s hand and he scurried off into the night…


Created with ♥ Manga Creator: World of Fantasy page.3 ♥

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|| “Draxtorian Dinner” ❤ ||

World of Fantasy 1.png

Star Traveller 1: Into The Stars | Episode I: The Crystal Down the Lane , Part 1


It was nighttime in Tauren, the bustling capital city of the kingdom of Draxtoria. Here lies a beautiful, yet primitive civilization, without electric lights, motorcars, or even television. However, the town was teeming with love and magic, something that a more technologically advanced society would most likely live without. Children were smiling and skipping up and down the streets with their parents, who never thought once of leaving their beloved partners. Judgement of other citizens were kept to a fair minimum, and all was well.

However, the Draxtorians, like the whole of life itself, is very untrusting to outsiders. They hold a mysterious legend that a stranger will come along and thrust their kingdom into hate and despair. Thus it came to a surprise to many residents that two strangers were invited to the castle for dinner. The castle, a 60 foot tall fortress of diamond, copper, and other hefty materials, filled with treasures beyond an ordinary man’s wildest dreams. Residents are usually allowed to come and go as they please, except in extreme circumstances. Others were usually not even permitted to enter the kingdom. Yet two mysterious “knights” were allowed inside.

One was quite sturdy, a strapping young man with soft, flowing gray hair, and shimmering ruby eyes, with a voice so passive and elegant that it could soothe the sparrows. The other one was very short in stature. A soft patch of cotton candy hair sat atop his head, neatly combed as not to interrupt the gaze of the amethysts that lay in his head. A pair of small spectacles sat contently on the bridge of his small, button nose, with a voice so quiet and angelic, you’d believe he was just born yesterday. These knights calmly sat at the table, sipping some foamy soda, and conversed with one another.

“I’m very thankful we’re alive… but I believe we must be going now..” the lavender boy whispered to his comrade, to which he gained this reply; “Well Volk, the kingdom is just showing their gratitude… it’s not everyday that this kingdom needs to be saved. The least we could do now is stay for dinner, after the cooks spent so long preparing it.”

“Oh, alright V1…” the little purple boy began to grow impatient, but he waited like his companion wanted.

“HAR HAR! Mystic Volksfrei and Victor of One, you have saved this kingdom from complete turmoil! I still cannot believe Judas would do such a thing like that!” the king laughed heartily with a large stick of meat in hand. The wisteria colored “knight” muttered under his breath, “With a name like that, I’m not sure how one can be surprised-” prompting a soft nudge from his companion, trying to prevent him from being so snide.

“Father, please..” There was a young man next to the king… his son. Like his father, he had light tan skin, sapphire blue eyes, and plum-colored hair on his head. However, his hair was longer and more neatly combed than his father, who had a gruff beard to go with his hearty Viking-esque voice. The prince also had two horns protruding from his forehead, which he held softly with his hand.
“… I have a terrible migraine..” he continued. The gray haired boy swiftly pulled out a bottle and handed it over to the prince.

“Here, drink this. It should help your head.”

“Why thank you, Victor of One.. your valiance is only preceded by your kindness.” The royal son gently sniffed the elixir, checking for any sign of poison, before drinking a bit of it. “My my.. I feel quite better already~ Thank you.”

“My pleasure, your Majesty.” He then turned to see his young companion looking at him disapprovingly. He didn’t trust others very easily.

“Well, are you enjoying your meal?” the gray haired one said, trying to ease his fury.
“Have you forgotten that these people locked us up in a cell?!” he whispered angrily. “And now they are apologizing for it. Just try to enjoy yourself alright? You know how cranky you get when you’re hungry.”
The purple boy just scoffed quietly and began to eat elegantly, while his companion just rolled his eyes and chuckled. Soon, someone came and whispered softly in the Prince’s ear.

“Excuse me, please.” and he walked off…



Created with ♥ Manga Creator: World of Fantasy page.1 ♥ and ♥ Manga Creator: World of Fantasy page.2 ♥

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