Kurt the Hunter Leader

Hey guys… a request/gift ish thing for :iconfranceliagonzalez:.. practicing chibis..

Kurt the Hunter Leader.jpg

I’m too.. ehh to color right now…

Basically Kurt is.. one of Britteny’s archenemies (I think?) Next to Cathy the Witchcat (I think… I’m not entirely sure)

Kurt belongs to :iconfranceliagonzalez:

Lulu and Arthur

Hey guys! Here’s a request for :iconxxmidnightbulesxx: who wanted a picture of her oc Lulu and Arthur from Mystery Skulls! I tried my best…

Lulu and Arthur full.png

Lulu belongs to :iconxxmidnightbulesxx:

Arthur belongs to the creator of Mystery Skulls

Alexander Pets Volk

Well.. um.. this is a request for :iconxxxulitamachaosxxx: who wanted a pic of his character Alexander petting Volk (Don’t ask me why… I have no clue…”

Alexander pets Volk.png

Sorry.. I didn’t know his eye color.. so I just used black… *insert Dr. Wily here* PLEEEASE FORGIVE MEEE!!!!

Alexander the Angelhog belongs to :iconxxxulitamachaosxxx:

Volk belongs to moi

Don’t worry Duni, I didn’t forget about you! I’ll finish your gift tomorrow.. right now I must sleep… writing test tomorrow…. *shudders*


Hey guys, here’s a request for  :iconcamiwin: who wanted a pic of her OC! I hope this was the right one..

Cami again

She didn’t draw a tail in all of her pictures… so I left of the tail… I hope this doesn’t make you angry…

Cami belongs to  :iconcamiwin:

Alisha and Volk

Hey guys! Here’s a request for :iconalisha-kun: who wanted Alisha and Volk hanging out! For a more realistic effect, I added her…. yandere-ish OC Fleur in too, hehehe.

Sorry Alisha looks kinda creepy.. I didn’t know whether to draw the hedgehog or the human… and I failed at making her look cute… maybe I’ll try a different pose if I ever get the chanceAlisha and Volk full

Alisha and Fleur belong to :iconalisha-kun:

Volk belongs to MOI! And comment spam messages now so I’m bored… so time to watch more Patrick Troughton!! Next serial, the introduction of the SONIC SCREWDRIVER! EEEEE!! Sadly the entire serial is missing.. DANG IT!!!


Ok so here’s a request for :iconjazzyjulie:, who wanted a picture of her!!



I tried to make you look as cute as I could! Yes I know the legs are a bit too short >.< Didn’t know how blue to make your eyes, so I just chose a random blue! Consider this your ChristX present! lol