|| An Oceanic Evening ❤ ||

So for spring break, I went to Myrtle Beach with my family c:

The first day, I took this picture atop the hotel I was staying at, in the pool area, right after we came back from the beach haha

The sky was so beautiful…

Image result for kawaii dividersImage result for kawaii dividers
Photo belongs to moi~

The sky belongs to the sky

The Atlantic Ocean belongs to Earth

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The Great Selanaire

Hey guys!! Here is a gift for a pal of mine, :iconselanairequeen:! I just drew her OC, Seleana Oceanglory in Dragonair form!

Chibi Sel w sig.png


Sel, we rarely ever talk, like I can’t remember the last time we did… but in extremely dire situations you HAVE been there for me… and I thank you for that…

I hope Her Majesty likes this drawing….. senpai plz notice me

Sorry if it sucks/if I got some colors wrong..

Seleana Oceanglory (Dragonair and normal btw ) belongs to  :iconselanairequeen:

The Dragonair species belongs to… Nintendo? Cause it’s Pokemon? Idk