Catfishing. It’s really funny.
You can’t talk to people irl well.. (plus all of the people you know are either in a relationship, related to you, stupid, or gay), but online, someone could lead you on easily for literal decades and have no feelings whatsoever.

Goody. Honestly I think anyone who does that should get a yeast infection but that’s just me. (An episode of Catfishing: The Show came on this morning and got me thinking, so that’s why I’m on this random tangent)


||The Evils of Silence||

Words truly can hurt. But sometimes silence hurts more.
Words pierce the heart like a sword. But there are times when none at all completely suffocates it. Shrouds it in a cloud of hopelessness.

Words shove people around like bowling pins. But silence has the capability to thrust even the highest of individuals into the lowest and darkest abyss, cast into the dim, ironclad Maiden of Despair, of which there is no return.

Words may find their way to cut through the diamonds of stoicity, but it is silence which transforms diamonds into stone.
A cold wind… a cold, lifeless wind, filling the air with deathly silence.
The silence.
It’s anger seeps through every living thing, and with it’s succubus kiss it destroys what words cannot – hope.
Hope.. overcome by hate, enters into a rapid entropy. An inevitable state of decay, leading to it’s degeneration into dust. Nothingness. Nonexistence.

Words are a Weapon. Silence.. is a killer.
One has learnt so through difficult means… and has wished that his findings be shared to prevent any further darnnation of life.

The life which chooses to be silent concerning the affairs of a soul undeserving of death.
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|| Axinite, Vengeful Warrior ❤||

I’ve come to realize in my short tenure on dA that a few of my personas represent a specific aspect of my psyche.

|| Axinite, Vengeful Warrior~ || by Stewie106

Cold, calculating, powerful. These traits make up the wrathful Axinite which is within my vast Rogue’s Gallery of characters. He is the very essence of my negative emotions; anger, hatred, pent up sadness, betrayal.

Due to his only companion revealing himself to be a Judas under a veneer of kindness, Axinite is absolutely untrusting of anyone he meets, and sees any other life form’s requirements less important than his own. Howver, he retains a spark of humanity – he does not like to kill. A quote from Axinite reads:
I have no need for you to live. But I have no need for you to die.

He represents the possible future that is in store for myself – untrusting, uncaring, for the betrayals and apathy shown to me by others. He represents my pent up sadness and unwilling to reveal my sensitive side in public, for fear of being hurt. Of being emotionally destroyed, like Axinite.


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