||Psycho With Style ❤||

Human Super Volk here~ Some of you remember him, some of you don’t know who the frick he is

Let’s just say, he’s Volk’s personal Hyde..

Super Volk.png

BUT… he is a snazzy dresser~

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||The Evils of Silence||

Words truly can hurt. But sometimes silence hurts more.
Words pierce the heart like a sword. But there are times when none at all completely suffocates it. Shrouds it in a cloud of hopelessness.

Words shove people around like bowling pins. But silence has the capability to thrust even the highest of individuals into the lowest and darkest abyss, cast into the dim, ironclad Maiden of Despair, of which there is no return.

Words may find their way to cut through the diamonds of stoicity, but it is silence which transforms diamonds into stone.
A cold wind… a cold, lifeless wind, filling the air with deathly silence.
The silence.
It’s anger seeps through every living thing, and with it’s succubus kiss it destroys what words cannot – hope.
Hope.. overcome by hate, enters into a rapid entropy. An inevitable state of decay, leading to it’s degeneration into dust. Nothingness. Nonexistence.

Words are a Weapon. Silence.. is a killer.
One has learnt so through difficult means… and has wished that his findings be shared to prevent any further darnnation of life.

The life which chooses to be silent concerning the affairs of a soul undeserving of death.
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||❤Noburu Nori Shimae❤||

Hey guys.. I’m just.. posting one last thing before I sleep ;v;

This is Noburu Nori Eloen Schimae ( Noburu Nori is all one name, like Mary Jane or Ann Lee ) : he is the bitter archnemesis of Nokona Amari.

New Char I made

I made this guy BEFORE Nokona but I decided to post her first.. because villain to a hero haha!

Basically in the world they live in, the girls are the predominant ones, not the boys.. and there are certain Suffragers ( male Suffragettes ) have taken more.. extreme measures of trying to enforce equality… that’s all I’ll say c:

7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400  7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400

Noburu Nori Shimae belongs to moi~

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Attack of the Gingermen

Hey guys! I just decided to make a parody of these 2 videos cause boredom


I… don’t know the character’s names so I just made some hehe

Gingerbread Man comic.png

Boy From Pervert Club: The enemy is approaching rapidly!

Psycho Girl at the end: The enemy…… the… enemy…. I’ll tell you who the enemy is.. *looks at the Innocent Victim at the end* you are the enemy…. You… you..and you!

Boy from 1:07: *interrupting* The Gingermen say they must have landed…

Psycho Girl at the end: *continuing* You killed my son!

Girl who works at Pervert Club: But ma’am

Psycho Girl at the end: *pulls out a knife* MY SON IS DOOMED! The only person I gave a care about in the whole world… and you killed him.. *raises knife* so now I’m gonna kill you, and I’ll start on you, Brandon (Innocent Victim at the end)

*Suddenly, a gingerman kicked the door down, and more marched in.*

Abusive woman: *Screams*

Psycho Girl at the end: *Charges towards the gingerman* YAHHHHH!!!

*One gingerman opens fire on her with “camera” weapon, killing her instantly*

Psycho Girl at the end: ARGHHHH!!!!

Gingerman: *Abused guy standing behind him* SIIIILENCE!!!!!!…. ANyone whooo MOVES will beee KILLED INstANtly…

(If only this was canon… I hated that psycho girl’s guts…

All characters belong to their respective owners… the only one who belongs to me are the Gingermen!)