|| That Moment When… ❤||

…you bring a whole bunch of stuff, so meticulously as to make sure you don’t forget anything, only to realize you’ve left behind the one thing that pulled it all together.

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|| Axinite, Vengeful Warrior ❤||

I’ve come to realize in my short tenure on dA that a few of my personas represent a specific aspect of my psyche.

|| Axinite, Vengeful Warrior~ || by Stewie106

Cold, calculating, powerful. These traits make up the wrathful Axinite which is within my vast Rogue’s Gallery of characters. He is the very essence of my negative emotions; anger, hatred, pent up sadness, betrayal.

Due to his only companion revealing himself to be a Judas under a veneer of kindness, Axinite is absolutely untrusting of anyone he meets, and sees any other life form’s requirements less important than his own. Howver, he retains a spark of humanity – he does not like to kill. A quote from Axinite reads:
I have no need for you to live. But I have no need for you to die.

He represents the possible future that is in store for myself – untrusting, uncaring, for the betrayals and apathy shown to me by others. He represents my pent up sadness and unwilling to reveal my sensitive side in public, for fear of being hurt. Of being emotionally destroyed, like Axinite.

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Axinite Ranting

Axinite shaking fist

“Those blasted Homeworld Gems.. they ruined my life… they took the only thing I’ve ever truly cared for away… they will pay… They will pay for the life of my creator… They will pay for the countless lives they have destroyed.. THEY-MUST-BE-DE-STROYED!! THEY-MUST-BE-EX-TER-MI-NA-TED!!!!!!”

Well its just Axinite ranting cause I’m bored..

Axinite belongs to me!

The Gem species belongs to Rebecca Sugar.

Axinite voice: (Davros) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkelV2WUNdw