|| Alyssa at the Pool~ ||

Alyssa at the Beach.jpg
Come on Volky~ I wanna go in the pool!!
DOWNNN!!! I’m not as young as I used to be ;-;

Hey everyone, I am posting another exclusive piece.. this is Alyssa Chamomile at the pool, rocking her swimsuit!

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Alyssa Chamomile belongs to moi~

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Anime Alyssa

Here’s an anime version of Volk’s sister, Alyssa!

Anime Alyssa.PNG

Made with http://www.rinmarugames.com/playgame.php?game_link=mega-anime-avatar-creator

Game by :iconrinmaru:

Valentine’s Comic – Volk Hates Valentine’s

Yep.. its true.. I kinda hate Valentine’s day… deal with it punks!

Anyways.. here’s the comic!

Valentine's Comic 2016

*The crew is having a Valentine’s Day party on the Death Moon*

Cookies: This is a great party, isn’t it Ally?

Alyssa: You bet, Cookie!

Cookies: Hey wait.. where’s Volk?

Alyssa: Oh yeah.. he hates Valentine’s Day.

Cookies: W..WHAT?! Why?

Alyssa: Heh, just another one of his silly superstitions! He hates romance cause he thinks you’ll only get hurt! He actually tried to kill Cupid once! Silly boy! *She takes out a picture showing 2 kids.. a boy and a girl, seeming a little bit younger than 3* In fact they were twins!

Cookies: Aww.. well what does he do?

Alyssa: He’s probably watching that “Doctor Who” show of his online.. but when he gets a break I have a surprise for him..

Volk: *walking down the hallway* Blasted Valentine’s ruining everything… should’ve killed those twins when I had the chance!

*Suddenly, Anti Volk leaps out and gives him a great big hug*

Volk: OOOH!! Anti, LET ME GO!!

*Suddenly, Alyssa starts hugging Volk on the other side*

Alyssa: And why should he?

Volk: Oh no..

Alyssa: *giggle* even if you despise the holiday, I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day!