Framily Values

[EDIT – 10/29/18] Hello everyone! This page contains the first few episodes of my failed prototype of the written series of “Framily Values”! I didn’t get enough support for it as I’d hoped, and my passion dwindled as a result.

I do plan to re-revamp the series as a Web-Anime, but until that happens, this is it!

I hope you enjoy the very few episodes that I made~ [END OF EDITED SEGMENT]

[EDIT – 5/23/20] – Click here to learn about the Characters of Framily Values!

                    SEASON 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Beginnings

Season 1, Episode 2: Market Melee

Season 1, Episode 3: Training

Season 1, Episode 4: An Icy Reception

Season 1, Episode 5: Girls’ Day Out

Season 1 Episode 6: A Puzzling Villain

Season 1 Episode 7: Super Volk

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