Cringy Old Videos

Here are some videos I made, some my brother caught on camera, some that I filmed myself, and some I used screencast

Cameraman Era~

This was back when I used my younger brother as the cameraman. That turned out to be a bad idea:

Ristar Recording Attempt pt 1

Ristar recording Attempt pt 2:

Ristar Recording Attempt pt 3, not much but every part counts:

Ristar Recording Attempt pt 4, why you should NEVER use your brother as the cameraman:

Awaueck Boss fight attempt:

Awaueck Boss fight attempt pt 2:

DS Era~

I found a way to keep my DS secure, so my little bro doesn’t have to be cameraman anymore…a relief for both of us. lol.

Awaueck boss Fight new era:

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

Weird Ristar Glitch:

Boss Run Ristar pt 2.

Kirby’s Dream Collection Run, Game 1: Kirby’s Dreamland pt.1

Kirby’s Dreamland pt. 2

Kirby’s Dreamland pt. 3

Kirby’s Dreamland pt. 4 ( I said part 3 but its part 4)

Kirby’s Dreamland pt.5 (I said part 4, but its part 5)

Kirby’s Dreamland pt. 6 (Credits)

Goodbye Recycling Center:

Party Waddle Halloween Party 2013:


Operation Puffle Day 1 pt 1:


Operation Puffle day 1 pt 2:


Operation Puffle Day 2:


Operation Puffle Day 3:

Operation Puffle Day 4:


CP Gilligan’s Island opening 1:

CP Gilligan’s Island opening 2:

CP Law and Order opening:

CP Law and Order: Rebel Penguin Federation opening:

Muppets World Tour Stage Day 2014:

Party Waddle Muppets World Tour 2014:

YouTube Era~: 

So now I have a YouTube account! Check out my videos here:


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