Framily Values Characters


These are the characters in the series Framily Values! You can read the story here!


These are the main protagonists in Framily Values.

Johnathan, Madison, Stat, Carol, Volk, and V1 were all part of an elite fighting force known only as Team Starstorm, who fought for peace and justice on Viridan. Each of these friends had special orbs of immense power, which when brought together, allowed the users to accomplish anything!  They could also be used to summon a special weapon that only one with that specific orb in their possession could hold. The orbs, known only as the Orbs of Friendship, came in different assorted colors, which represented an important quality of friendship.Johnathan.png Johnathan Masakurai

First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 1:  Beginnings

The main character in the series. A brown vole who spent his toddlerhood up in the mountains training with his Sensei Nakahara Oboro, after his father’s untimely death at the hands of Du Hai, a student of his master’s that was once great friends with his father.
He is a kind person overall, and he is much of a ladies’ man. Unlike most Earth “ladies’ men”, he treats women with tremendous respect, as they do him.

Origins: One day, when he was merely 5 years of age, he was training with his Sensei in their dojo. Oboro sensed a strange presence within a close proximity of the dojo, and ordered Johnathan in another room. Johnathan did as he was told, and saw some acolytes of Du Hai enter the Dojo, and have an intense confrontation with Oboro. However, with all of his strength and wisdom, he was eventually overcome by Du Hai himself, who left him mortally wounded, impaled with his sharp wings. After the cruel men left, Johnathan rushed to his master’s side in terror.

With his dying words, Oboro told his young student about what Hai stole: a map which marked the locations of the 4 Daos, mystical orbs which contained immense power. These were:

Dao Chikyu, which grants the one holding this orb determination as tough as stone, and allowed them to overcome any obstacle in the way

Dao Mizu, which gave the wielder patience and grace to dance around their opponents with ease.

Dao Kasai, which gave the user colossal strength, powerful enough to shatter mountains if used correctly.

Dao Kuzi, which granted the holder fantastic speed and agility, and could allow them to dodge attacks much quicker than before.

In addition to this, Oboro gave young Johnathan a small red orb, which he told the mouselike boy that this was something his father once owned, and that this will help to give him intense courage. After this, Johnathan tearfully swore revenge on Hai, and set out to retrieve the Dao. He, of course, did retrieve all 4 Dao, and defeated Du Hai, but he was forced into hiding, and had to enroll in a normal kindergarten alongside other kids his age.

But this allowed him to eventually meet Madison, Stat, Carol, and Volk so everything worked out well ;v;

He possesses the red orb, which symbolized Courage. He could hold a sword which could cut through any material in the universe

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      Madison reference 1 Madison Nyaire

First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 1:  Beginnings

An expert gymnast and a kind and caring popular girl, Madison is a periwinkle-colored Singapura cat who simply loves to have fun~! She is extremely agile and can fit into tight corners.

Origins: Unlike some of her friends she never had issues in her childhood. In fact when her childhood began to change, it was originally for the better. In Pre-K, she met a small bee named Calum Fugate ( see Firebug, below ) who she instantly took a liking to. She had defended him from a gang of bullies who had attacked him for being a foreigner. Afterwards, they became the best of friends, and she constantly licked his face as a sign of her affection. Fugate soon gave her a glowing yellow orb that he found on some of his travels during his break, as a reminderof their everlasting friendship

In middle school, the bullying against Fugate had kicked into overdrive – Fugate was fascinated with heat,  and that caused others to call him insane, and kick him down, threatening to burn his house down. Madison tried to defend him, but it didn’t stop Fugate from eventually losing his cool, and attempting to burn down the school at long last.

During this, she was on a nightly walk, and had noticed smoke coming from the school. She saw a figure appear from the flames, and saw Calum, her old friend,  who had finally snapped. After a heated discussion and an intense battle, she was able to subdue her friend and suppress the flames. Fugate, fueled with revenge and hatred, soon donned a suit, calling himself “Firebug”, and swore revenge on Madison.

She holds the power of the yellow orb, which manifested her Selflessness. She was then able to create a shield around her friends in times of need.

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Stat redesign Stat Foxwell

First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 1:  Beginnings

Stat Foxwell is a fun, lovable Ewok who is best friends with Volk! He has the ability of telekinesis and the ability to fire mind blasts!

I… don’t have any info on Stat’s bio yet sorry

He retained the green orb, which contained Strength. He could summon a celestial fist to knock down anything in his path.      


Carol Lazuli

First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 1:  Beginnings

A Violet colored rabbit who LOVES Indiana Jones, Carol is the perky sidekick of Madison and is friends with just about everyone.

A very kind and caring individual, Carol hates to see others suffering, even when they are evil. She tries her best to care for each and every  creature in existence, but she has learned that some creatures are beyond compassion.

An eager explorer, she is a perfect mix between a “girly girl” and a tomboy, whilst having the spirit and strength of a tomboy, she likes the color pink and frilly dresses such that a “girly girl” would. She even said once that she wanted to be a princess in a crystal palace, and eventually learned she was a descendant of the Crystal Empire!

She has 2 sisters names Cookies and Mint, who are slightly different, but act pretty much the same as her.

During one of her travels, Carol obtained the pink orb, permeated with Compassion. She had the power to heal her fallen friends

Original Volk 

Volk Chamomile

First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 1: Beginnings

My character in the series.

Volk Quartzlrix Chamomile is a small blue chameleon from the planet Viridan! He is currently 14 years old and lives on Earth with his friends

Origins: When Volk was merely 5 years old, he was out hunting for shiny gems. He found one that glowed brightly – a purple orb which housed immense power, and which he carried for the rest of his life.

That same night, a mysterious Dark Force had plans to take control of the planet Viridan. His parents, Neptune and Artemis, had gone valiantly to stop the dark force. Neptune was severely injured and Artemis was eventually captured. Against his parent’s protests, the young toddler had gone in a vain attempt to assist his parents, however the Dark Force’s minions had managed to knock him directly into Viridan’s main power center, electrocuting him.

However that orb he held onto, kept him alive, and made the electricity a part of him… he gained the power to manipulate electricity… with the assistance of 2 friends, he managed to use his recently gained powers to defeat the Dark Force, and save his planet, which he would do for many years to come.

Several years later, Volk was exploring this dark area, and suddenly he was ambushed by a minion of the Dark Force, who cut off his tail and used a magic spell to change his body into that of a one year old’s.  After regaining consciousness, Volk sealed his own fate after killing the one person who could reverse the spell, the caster, in a fit of utmost rage, desiring vengeance.  His friends soon found the injured Volk, and took him in, but they soon found out that his tail was linked to his demeanor, after noticing that he was almost always in a bad attitude. He obtained a tail from a friend named Taroo the Erinlykian, who gave him a robot tail which calmed him down for the 1st time in almost a year.

Volk was bestowed with the violet orb which was occupied by the power of Empathy, which allowed him to sense the presence of any organism, no matter how deep they are in the universe.

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V1      V1

First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 1: The Comedy Club

V1 (stands for Version 1) is one of Volk’s robots and the prototype of Volk’s battle robots. V1 is smarter than the average robot, and while seeming apathetic ir indifferent at times, he deeply cares for the well being of others.

Origins: After the de-aging incident, Volk had been trying to create some battle robots for an army. V1 was the first model to be tested. However, V1 was not fit enough for battle, so Volk consideted scrapping him. Yet he proved to be useful around their house. Volk and V1 became good friends afterwards.

He also has had some run ins with criminals, but even though he isn’t fit for an army, he is incredibly skilled with a laser pistol, so watch out!

V1, while only about 2 weeks old, he took the mantle of keeping the blue orb of Trust, which has the ability to combine the properties of the other orbs



The Deadly Organization Of Malicious Emissaries (D.O.O.M.E) is a group of the 8 most dangerous criminal masterminds ever to face Team Starstorm, and are the main antagonists of the series.

Walter IIWalter Salisbury 

First Appearance: Season 2: Episode 3: Mission To Space Part 1

The main antagonist in the series. A master tactician and a “consulting criminal”, he is the all time nemesis of Volk and Team Starstorm. Walter prefers to use holograms instead of talking to people face-to-face. He usually fights in a graceful, duelist style, however it used to be a lot more aggressive. He knows exactly how to manipulate others to get what he wants most, and he doesn’t care about what methods he has to use in order to achieve his goals.

Origins: He was once a good friend of Volk’s going on a lot of adventures with him. On one adventure, they located one half of a mystical tablet that was said to lead to a powerful treasure.

One night, returned to Volk with exciting news: He had located the 2nd half of the ancient tablet they had been searching for all of these years, and he needed Volk’s help. Using Volk’s knowledge of the surrounding area, and the fact that he kept the other half of the tablet, the 2 were able to locate several “keys” to the treasure.

Along the way, Walter revealed that he had an android army at the ready to defend him. When they arrive at the sanctum of the temple of the treasure, the treasure is revealed to be the all powerful Staff of the Ancients, which contained immense power and had the potential to level mountains and raise oceans.

Of course, this was Walters goal all along: to obtain the Staff and use it to conquer the world… Long story short: Volk stopped him, they became enemies, you get the gist.

Nega VolkNega Volk

First Appearance: Season 2: Episode 5: You’re Your Own Worst Enemy

Nega Volk is the secondary antagonist of the series. He is an evil version of Volk from another dimension, and wants to take over Viridan instead of defending it. Like Volk, he shoots electrical arcs from his hands,  carries a myriad of weapons that he had invented himself, and created a robot army just like Volk, with one exception – his robots are all female.

Origins: How he made it into this dimension is very simple. Volk invented a device which could travel through multiple dimensions. His first device had a few bugs, and accidentally took him to another dimension, a parallel universe, if you will. There he met Nega Volk, a cruel yet charming version of himself who’d rather take over the world than see it ran by petty politicians.

However, his methods were too unorthodox, and Volk was forced to stop his counterpart himself. However upon returning to his own dimension, Nega tagged along, and became stuck in the regular Volk’s dimension. Due to this, Volk decided to keep his device in storage until he could work out some issues.

Du Hai redesign  Du Hai

First Appearance: Season 2 Episode 7: Intellect Isn’t Everything

Du Hai is a tough as rocks Laughing Owl, who is the ruthless arch enemy of Johnathan Masakurai. He has achieved Rank 30 in a large number of Viridian martial arts, which is the highest anyone can go. Very few have made it to Rank 30, not even most senseis. He can fire his wings as powerful shuriken, which can impale his enemies, as well as use his razor sharp talons to cut through dense objects.

Origins: He once served under Johnathan’s master, Nakahara Oboro, along with Johnathan’s father, Percival. Hai and Percival were very close, like brothers, until one day, Oboro decided to advance Percival in his rank, but not Du Hai, because he wasn’t ready. He was simply fueled with too much rage, which could cause self destruction in an actual battle.

Angered by his master, Hai attempted to kill him, but instead became locked in a heated battle with Percival, which ended with him getting knocked off the edge of the mountain, into the depths of a colossal waterfall. Presumed dead, Percival reluctantly continued his training, but along with his master, was scarred for life by the terrifying  ordeal.

He returned after many years, fueled with vengeance, having trained intensively. He still had a scar on his face from the fateful battle,  as a constant reminder of his torment. After several successful evasions, Du Hai managed to Percival and his new wife, but not before Percival left young Johnathan in the care of his old master. Hai, consumed by anger and power, then sought out the all powerful Dai, which could give him the potential to conquer the entire world. After his defeat by a young Johnathan, the owl swore revenge on the small rodent, and cursed himself for not having killed Percival sooner.

Zoto the Monkey

Zoto Aramits

*WARNING! These are the ideas in MY HEAD and were not the original ideas of Chicragger, the creator of Zoto. If I’m going to make an original story, Zoto’s bio has to be original, too gosh darn it!*

Zoto the Monkey is a hyper-intelligent being, who is the archenemy of Stat the Ewok. He is a former criminal agent who specialises in neuroscience, or the study of the mind. He has the ability of telekinesis and mind control, as well as the ability to cause someone’s head to explode if he concentrates hard enough, so it is not wise to stay idle around him.

Origins: He started off as an agent of espionage- an assassin-for a top secret organization bent on controlling the world by taking over political office. This organization did not approve of the actions and beliefs of Senator Ron Wilkinson (name a W.I.P), and they sent Zoto and a few other agents to eliminate him.

After a failed attempted assassination, and the death of one of the security guards, Zoto lost the ablity to use his legs, after the fallen officer’s friend, another guard, shot him in the pelvis. He was forced to use a hovercraft to get around from now on, and resorted to science to try to fix his condition.

He was a proficient scientist, his favorite subject being neurochemistry. During an experiment, some unstable elements got too close to a group of chemicals, causing an explosion, unusually giving him the power of telekinesis, and the ability to control other’s minds. He did kill the former Senator, in an attempt to take over the land for himself, but he was defeated by a 4 year old Stat, who had recently discovered his own telekinetic abilities. Utterly humiliated, he retreated to his lair, and soon became one of the most dangerous opponents Stat has ever faced in his young life.


First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 6: A Puzzling Villain

A puzzling villain, Rubiks is a cyan echidna who simply loves puzzles. His arsenal consists of an array of puzzle related gadgets and tools in order to perplex his adversaries. He wields a staff that houses a Rubik’s Cube shaped machine, which can fire different weapons and gadgets depending on the pattern the colours make.

Origins: Ernst Kremer is a former toymaker that was fasinated with challenging games, especially the universally famous Rubik’s Cube.He soon won many Rubik’s Cube competitions, winning 1st place 30 weeks in a row. Kremer designed tons of Cube-inspired toys, games, and lots more quirky gadgets. His boss hated the ideas of copyright infringement after a supposed threat and ended up not allowing any of his ideas to go into mass production just for being related to the cube.

Soon, he made an excellent game involving mazes and every kind of puzzle (except Rubik’s Cube related ones), with personal permission from every creator. However, he was soon called into the office, and fired for supposedly forging signatures, with video proof of his treachery. . He knew that he hadn’t done anything wrong,  and decided to conduct a personal investigation of staff. He found out that his boss was being influenced by Tony Johnson, his rival in the Rubik’s competitions. Tony staged the signature forgery in order to get Ernst, as that would completely ruin his reputation with the community.

In complete fury, Ernst made his own special lab with Rubik’s Cube related technology and locking system. He even made a suit that has the blocks and colors of a Rubik’s Cube. Using these, he donned the name “Rubiks”, and sought to get revenge on Tony, no matter who he had to hurt. He appears as an enemy of Volk the Chameleon. His normal name is a alternation on Ernő Rubik’s first name, and the last name of Seven Towns founder Tom Kremer.

Binary  Binary

First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 7: Super Volk

A computer genius and master of digital manipulation, Binary is a callous supercomputer who uses his mass knowledge of technology to take over the world. He can hack into any computer system, anywhere, and once connected to a main hub, can control any electrical appliance within range. He can also “download” people into his computer database and take them out directly.

Origins: Binary was actually just a normal nerd named Victor Hex, a red meerkat who was an old friend of Johnathan ever since he arrived at kindergarten. He always had a nack for computers and electrical appliances, and loved to design robots.

When he got older, he decided to put his talent to a use which could benefit the entire planet.

He was trying to please the world  with his supercomputer, Zenith, who was originally intended to solve world hunger.It was meant to fully analyze the components of foods,and replicate those microscopic components in its system, in order to recreate that type of food over and over again for all time. He wanted to get a company to invest in his new, sentient creation, so that he could finalize the product and gain approval from the government. A company soon decided that his idea had merit, and wanted to inspect the machine for themselves. Hex also invited several civilians, including his friend Johnathan, to a tour of his factory.  

 He soon learned that the company investing in him was planning to use the Zenith program replicate weapons on a mass scale.Angered by this, Victor connected Zenith to the main control panel, enabling him to control the entire building. He used Zenith to eliminate the potential investors one by one.

By the time Johnathan had found out of Victor’s plan, 3 of the 9 investors had already been killed. Johnnie confronted Victor and his supercomputer and ultimately defeating them. Vic’s body was so weak that Zenith fused Victor with himself  to keep him alive. Victor swore revenge on Johnathan for his condition. His name is a mix of VIC and HEX from Disney Universe, and his villain name is based on binary code.

Firebug posing 


First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 9: Fuel For the Fire (SEASON 1 FINALE)

Firebug is a flamethrower-wielding pyromaniac who has a firey spirit. He is a native of the planet Scorch, which allows him to withstand extremely high temperatures, as well as touch fire with his bare skin without injury. His suit allows him to fly faster and higher than ever before, and helps to carry a wide range of gadgets, spanning between fire bombs which cause small geysers of fire to erupt where they hit, and twin laser shooters in his hands, which fire beams of concentrated lava and light for maximum ignition.

Origins: Calum Fugate was a normal bee and best friends with Madison the Cat at their middle school. He was born on the Planet Scorch during an intergalactic war between Sega and Nintendo. His parents fled the planet with him in his mom’s arms, asleep, until he caught a glimpse of a volcanic eruption before he was taken onto the escape pod. They escaped to Viridan where he was able to live a normal life.

Fugate was obsessed with heat and used it for almost everything he did. His house was almost fully solar powered. He even burned his trash for backup generators, sat back and watched the fire burn it. Bullies soon taunted him for his hobby and told him that he would soon shrivel up if he kept up these strange hobbies, but he, being native to Planet Scorch, could withstand temperatures up to 10,000 degrees.

 He met Madison when they were 4 in Pre-k on the playground, where older kids bullied him, and Madison stopped them. They became best friends soon after and Maddie licked his face for the first time, starting a chain of licks before his transformation. In middle school, he was still constantly bullied, and soon almost all of the kids in school started teasing and taunting him. Soon even his teachers started to scold him for taking occasionally going to the boiler room during his recess.They feared he would go crazy burn the school down if he kept up this hobby. The bullying and name-calling eventually went too far, when one of the students had doused his pants in lighter fluid and set it on fire . He felt no pain and sustained no injuries, but this was the last straw.

Eventually, wildfires started to appear in forest areas where most of the children from said school had lived. Nobody knew how they were started. However the answer became very clear one day: After hours one night, Calum lit a match and tried to burn down the school as revenge for all of the bullying and uselessness of the staff. Madison confronted him and learned that he caused the fires. Madison tried in vain to talk him out of starting these fires and turning himself in, but he coldly refused, and they eventually had to resort to combat.

Thanks to her agility, Madison came out the winner, and Fugate escaped with barely any breath left. Driven mad with a lust for vengeance,  he swore he’d get Maddie back one day, and disappeared into the night. He soon fashioned a suit that would help him burn things much faster and more efficiently, and donned the title”Firebug”. His real name is derived from the Latin word for heat, calor, and fly, fuge.

 Glacial  Glacial

First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 4: An Icy Reception

Glacial is a cold-hearted criminal who cares for nobody but himself. He has the power to fire wintery  beams of  snow and ice which can freeze objects solid, as well as conjure up harsh blizzards to blow his enemies away. He is the archenemy of Carol Lazuli, who he once shared quite fond memories with.

Origins: Ethan Bruin was an ordinary Eablonsir who was best friends with Carol Lazuli. He wasn’t that keen on adventure like his friend, but he enjoyed tagging along on her adventures to give her a companion. He also simply liked having her around, and vice versa.

One day, whilst the 2 were exploring a ravine in Gelintra, the polar region of Viridan, the two encountered a large cave hidden within the ice. The two decided to investigate it, and discovered a vast landscape, formed by millions of shimmering crystalline ice particles.  They smiled brightly and danced along with each other within the frozen sanctum. Soon enough, they decided to split up and cover more ground.

As they went down their separate paths, the 2 explorers had to face a myriad of traps and weapons, and Ethan, being a rubber composite creature, had less dexterity in the extreme cold, and got a few cuts into his skin. As they made it to the core, they had arrived in the same room, but on opposite sides, separated by a huge chasm. In front of them lied several treasures.

Carol had chosen one with a dull exterior, and obtained several golden coins and s few glowing crystals as a result. She kept that treasure box and everything in it ever since then. However when Ethan went to choose, he had chosen a light blue treasure box with a crystalline texture. This contained a rare Aquaetempest Gem, which had the power to conjure up entire ice storms.

Ethan carefully lifts up the gem in awe and total excitement. Carol relished in his new discovery, but the celebration didn’t last long. An avalanche a few miles away had shaken the cave enough for the Gem to activate. Ethan was instantly frozen solid, and a tear-filled Carol  was forced to flee the cave without her beloved friend. Although he was frozen solid, due to tight grasp on the gem, and the wounds on his body inflicted from the traps, the gem in fact fused with his body, creating an ice cold carrier of destruction- Glacial.

Extra Villains:

Super Volk 2Super Volk

First Appearance: Season 1: Episode 7: Super Volk

This is a powered up version of Volk based on Fleetway’s Super Sonic. He is a psychotic entity who craves destruction, and even deems himself the “Lord of Chaos”. He can run at about 2 times the speed of light, and completely decimate buildings with one lightning bolt, if he gets powerful enough. This form is an energy demon, and can run on any type of energy, spanning from magical gems of unlimited power to the simple electricity one uses to a power a microwave.

Origins: Ever since Volk gained his powers on that fateful day back in 2006, he has been constantly absorbing electrical energy to fuel his powers. This energy slowly built up over the course of several weeks, and when under intense stress or anger, this energy will violently burst out in the form of Super Volk.

Super Volk made his grand debut back when Volk was merely 5 years old – he had been fighting an entire gang of crocodiles alongside his friends. Volk’s day hadn’t been very good thus far, so when one of his friends, a ninja, was badly wounded by one of them, he finally snapped. In a violent explosion of intense light, Super Volk was released, and he easily took care of the gang members, badly wounding the leader. However the adrenaline rush got to Super’s head, and he eventually wanted to destroy everything in his path. Luckily, his friends alone were able to calm him down. The next few times, they weren’t that lucky, however.

Over the course of several more years, Volk had finally learned to control his anger, in order to make sure Super is kept at bay. However one day… he saw something absolutely atrocious. The image was so horrible.. that the threat of Super Volk was brought back into the world.

Phoban Phoban Collins

First Appearance: Season 3: Episode 2: The Power of Fear

Phoban Collins is a black Cobra who is an enemy of Carol Lazuli. He wields a large scythe, as the curved blade and long range helped him to slice his enemies to pieces. Unlike a normal cobra, he cannot hypnotize others, however he can show them their worst fears simply by eye contact.

Origins: He was physically abused by his father, who also abused his mother when he was young. His father was a scientist, an extremely cruel scientist obsessed with the mind and fear . He had created a fear-inducing toxin, and began testing it on several small animals in small, glass cages in order to see how they react. Eventually, he began to bring his own son into his inhumane experiments, and inject him with the toxin as a punishment.

Soon, young Phoban had taken in so much of the toxin, he had horrifying nightmares every night of his life since his 6th birthday. Eventually, he had learned of a cobra’s natural ability to hypnotize others, and one day, decided to test that out on his insane father. However instead of hypnosis, his father became instantly paralyzed with crippling fear. The toxin had built up in Phoban’s brain, causing a strange metamorphosis in his hypnosis ability. He could now show his enemies their worst fears.

He soon used these abilites to his own advantage, allowing him to easily crush his enemies. Eventually, his lust for power went too far, and he attempted to take over the Capitol of Paxion. Using his fear inducing powers, he was able to capture the Mayor, and completely take control of the government, for a short period of time. Carol Lazuli eventually got wind of this along her travels, and managed to defeat him, despite seeing her worst fears. Phoban now swears revenge upon Lazuli for her interference in his plans.


BJBJ Reynolds

First Appearance: Season 2: Episode 2: The First Time In Forever

BJ is a calm and collected turtle, who loves taking pictures of things. He strives to be a professional photographer. Despite his easygoing demeanor, he knows a special form of Viridian martial arts involving blinding lights and specially placed kicks.

He’s simply a good friend of Carol, who he loves to take pictures of.

Anti Volk Anti Volk

First Appearance: Season 3: Episode 4: Anti Volk

He is Volk from the Anti Dimension and is the polar opposite of him, becoming positive after his de-tailment(not a real word) instead of negative. He is cheerful and upbeat and always making friends and saying hi to everyone. He is the perfect person to be friends with.

Cookies the Rabbit

Cookies Lazuli

First Appearance: Season 4: Episode 1: SISTERS!!!

One of Carol’s two sisters, Cookies is a sweet, innocent angel who loves playing with her friends and having sleepovers. Her hobby is cooking, and does so when happy, angry, depressed etc.

However, she is not helpless, as she keeps a custom-made lightsaber in her room created for her by Volk for self defense, and she knows the pressure points of every known animal in her home galaxy. She is the only sibling not to wear anything on her head.

Mint the Rabbit   Mint Lazuli

First Appearance: Season 4: Episode 1: SISTERS!!!

The other of Carol’s two sisters, Mint is also sweet and innocent who loves playing with her friends and having sleepovers. However, unlike Carol’s curiosity obsession and Cookie’s cooking hobby, she likes to pick flowers and play the flute, especially when she is stressed.

Volk had taught her how to defend herself, and she knew when and where it was ok. She has since then improved on her ability with her own special moves that she created. She also carries a paintball shooter since she cannot carry an ion blaster around like Volk does (trust me, paintballs on bare skin hurt. Look it up like I did folks.) She wears a flower in her hair all of the time, and she HATES rude people

Wallace the Ant lineart Wallace Odonata

First Appearance: Season 5: Episode 10: The Battle of Westside Island

Wallace the Ant is a soldier who lives on the Viridian Weapons Base on Westside Island. He is the leader of an Underground Resistance Group which fought for male equality in colonies.
He has never fallen in love, knowing that if males mate, they die. After he refused to mate with the queen, who happened to be his mother, he fled from his colony in exile, and was forced to create his own underground home. Upon doing so he had met several other male ants who had sense enough to overcome their savage instincts and better thair own survival. They formed the MARIS: Male Ant Resistant Intelligence Service,  who fought for the right of other male ants.
He has a strong tendency to shoot others who trespass on his land, however he is actually really nice.
MARIS and their former colonies eventually engaged in a brutal civil war that caused many other species to flee Westside Island, however they eventually set aside their differences when Zoto Aramits sent his forces to occupy the island and recruit the inhabitants into his army. During the battle, he became acquainted with Team Starstorm, and they eventually became good friends as they fought alongside each other, outwitting D.O.O.M.E at every possible moment.Alyssa Alyssa Chamomile

First Appearance: Season 2: Episode 6: Volk’s Girl… Sibling?

Alyssa is a pink chameleon who happens to be Volk’s younger sister. She is a hyperactive, sweet, caring girl who simply loves most types of life. She hates those who dare make others feel as if they were inferior, or unimportant, and she also hates scary things.(Spiders, Bugs, etc)
One thing she loves to do is lick her older brother. She says its just to annoy him, but maybe its just that she finds him tasty. Unlike Volk, she actually uses her tongue quite a lot. Alyssa also has a strange taste for butterflies.
She is friends with this fly named Peter who she constantly eats accidentally (it’s her instinct), but she always manages to burp him out.

Peter Flibbert  Peter Flibbert

First Appearance: Season 2: Episode 6: Volk’s Girl… Sibling

Peter Flibbert is a fly who is is best friends with Alyssa. Honestly all i can say about him is that he enjoys reading and strolls down the park.
He is very brave, considering he can be best friends with his natural predator, and while her instincts get the better of her sometimes, he knows Alyssa would never allow any harm to come to him, no matter what.


Lyndon Hargrave

First Appearance: TBA

Lyndon is an astral chinchilla who simply adores archaic clothing. He considers himself a person of high status, however he does not demean other forms of life, or consider them “lower” than him.

He carries a long sword infused with plasma, allowing him to cut through nearly anything that stands in his path, though he rarely has to use this ability.

He is the oldest of 3 siblings, which include London and Lytton Hargrave, who he loves with all of his heart.


London Hargrave

First Appearance: TBA

The second oldest child and the only girl of the Hargrave siblings, London is a tomboy who is a fan of all sorts of sports. While she may be a tomboy, she does enjoy the color pink and short dresses.

Her trusty baseball bat is an effective weapon against intruders, as it is made from one of the strongest sources of wood on Viridan, straight from the Hiro Forest.

She is extremely kind and sweet, unlike most tomboys, and prefers not to use brash or harsh language towards others.


Lytton Hargrave

First Appearance: TBA

The youngest out of his siblings, 5 year old Lytton Hargrave is someone you’d love to hang out with! He loves warm hugs, and wearing clothes much too big for him.

There isn’t much to say about ol’ Lytton here… he’s just cute!!

That’s all of the characters for now!

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