||Let’s Settle This… ❤||

Rinmaru made another character creator that I especially liked, so I just had to make another mini-story~ (Also Volk is black because why not?)


     It was a pleasant morning at the local canteen, with only a few early-bird customers in the booths, quietly conversing with one another about their daily mundane lives. Close to the very back, a small boy with milk-chocolate skin was washing down his modest helping of scrambled eggs and grits, lightly salted to his own design, with an elegant glass of Adam’s ale within his nimble fingers: tis the only true “ale” he could drink at his age. His lilac hair was gently complimented by the goggles that rest upon his head; he did not require them to see his provisions.
His personal peace was interrupted by the brisk walking of a towering alien woman, with skin as green as a crocodile’s, getting louder and louder as she got closer to him. She went over to his table, looking down on him, asking “Is this seat taken?” He gave no response – only gazing at her suspiciously as she sat down in front of him.

“You have such lovely hair.. where did you get such beautiful dye?” she asked.
“Dye? Excuse me, but this is my natural hair color.” he replied, quite shyly. “I don’t understand this “dye” business.”
“Natural… if that’s the case…” she slowly got up, grasping the table tightly, and whipped out a small laser pistol with her suction-tipped fingers, pointing it directly at the boy, who just stared at her sternly.
“I’ve been looking for you… the Mistress has put quite a price on your head!”
Unbeknownst to the woman, the boy had slowly begun to pull out his own weapon from his jacket, pointing at her from under the table.
“Now now… we can settle this like reasonable individuals.” he responded with a hint of shakiness in his voice. “Let’s just calm down… and talk.”
“The time for talking has passed.” The woman spoke harshly, yet quietly. “You knew what you had put yourself into when you rejected her offer… now it’s time for you to pay the Phantom Piper dearie…” Her finger slowly pulled on the trigger.


 The alien woman’s body fell limp on the table, the boy slowly slipping his steaming pistol back into his pocket. With the watching, frightened eyes of the entire canteen, he quietly finished his glass and left a few coins along the table.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take it from here.” He slowly drags the woman’s body out of the canteen, the pitter-patter of his feet ringing throughout the silent cafe.

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||Just An Innocent Volk + Speedpaint ❤||

Hello all! This is a drawing I made earlier
Adorable Shy Volk
Just Volk being himself. Also, my very first speedpaint below! Please watch, like, comment, subscribe, and enjoy!!


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||The Five Volks❤||


Happy birthday to me! Ahh.. I’m getting old, eh? Here’s a picture to commemorate the occasion.. 5 versions of my own character, Volk Chamomile!!

The Five Volks

In order from left to right!

1 – Dr Volk (Penguin) | Ahh… this is when I started using this name as my persona. Knuckles, Rainbow, Sparkles etc were already taken, so I decided to borrow the name of a character I made – Dr Volk! And that’s how it all started…

2. Wistari | Never really used him much, but… yeah- Kind of an OC for LinoDaEeveeOverlord‘s universe but, other than that, nothing much to say about him. He’s the only version that’s actually based on the real me!

3. Volk Chamomile | This is my current persona~ Fleshed out from a simple Rinmarugames character to the shy dork you know today… his hairstyle was even much more different back then! The only similarity is that he’s always been super purple.

4. Volk the Chameleon | Now this is my first ever persona on dA! In fact, he was my persona when I made this site! *shudders* What a long way I’ve come since…. those days- I’ve been through a lot of tough times with this guy… unfortunately I grew.. and grew.. and became colder, and colder… until it was his time.. to regenerate

5. Axinite | My good old Gemsona who hates everyone ;v; I went through a lot of tough times with him… from a name change to just utter nonsense to.. UGH! Sometimes I wish I was him so I wouldn’t have to deal with anyone, but if I did… I wouldn’t have met all of you ;v; You know, all who are paying attention anyways

Well that’s about it! Yo vivo mi vida~ Ciao!

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||Goodbye 2017!!!❤||

||Goodbye 2017~!!!|| by Stewie106

…. and good riddance-

Well… this year has been a bust. Maybe next year (this year for some of you Asians, maybe) will be better.. although I can say my hopes aren’t very high.

Terrible presidents, terrorist attacks, so much death.. with all of this happening, and me due to regenerate in 2 days, I’m just ready for this year to be over!!! What will next year be like… hopefully next year I can get into animation and stuff, and maybe finally master the 60s anime art style! (Yes it was 80s before, now it’s 60s. Sue me)

Will America’s stupid president end us all? Will we FINALLY have a good year after 3 horrid ones in a row?? Will I ever get good at art? Tune in next year to the Unofficial Official Dr Volk Website, and hopefully.. I won’t be in a bad mood.

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|| “Draxtorian Dinner” ❤ ||

World of Fantasy 1.png

Star Traveller 1: Into The Stars | Episode I: The Crystal Down the Lane , Part 1


It was nighttime in Tauren, the bustling capital city of the kingdom of Draxtoria. Here lies a beautiful, yet primitive civilization, without electric lights, motorcars, or even television. However, the town was teeming with love and magic, something that a more technologically advanced society would most likely live without. Children were smiling and skipping up and down the streets with their parents, who never thought once of leaving their beloved partners. Judgement of other citizens were kept to a fair minimum, and all was well.

However, the Draxtorians, like the whole of life itself, is very untrusting to outsiders. They hold a mysterious legend that a stranger will come along and thrust their kingdom into hate and despair. Thus it came to a surprise to many residents that two strangers were invited to the castle for dinner. The castle, a 60 foot tall fortress of diamond, copper, and other hefty materials, filled with treasures beyond an ordinary man’s wildest dreams. Residents are usually allowed to come and go as they please, except in extreme circumstances. Others were usually not even permitted to enter the kingdom. Yet two mysterious “knights” were allowed inside.

One was quite sturdy, a strapping young man with soft, flowing gray hair, and shimmering ruby eyes, with a voice so passive and elegant that it could soothe the sparrows. The other one was very short in stature. A soft patch of cotton candy hair sat atop his head, neatly combed as not to interrupt the gaze of the amethysts that lay in his head. A pair of small spectacles sat contently on the bridge of his small, button nose, with a voice so quiet and angelic, you’d believe he was just born yesterday. These knights calmly sat at the table, sipping some foamy soda, and conversed with one another.

“I’m very thankful we’re alive… but I believe we must be going now..” the lavender boy whispered to his comrade, to which he gained this reply; “Well Volk, the kingdom is just showing their gratitude… it’s not everyday that this kingdom needs to be saved. The least we could do now is stay for dinner, after the cooks spent so long preparing it.”

“Oh, alright V1…” the little purple boy began to grow impatient, but he waited like his companion wanted.

“HAR HAR! Mystic Volksfrei and Victor of One, you have saved this kingdom from complete turmoil! I still cannot believe Judas would do such a thing like that!” the king laughed heartily with a large stick of meat in hand. The wisteria colored “knight” muttered under his breath, “With a name like that, I’m not sure how one can be surprised-” prompting a soft nudge from his companion, trying to prevent him from being so snide.

“Father, please..” There was a young man next to the king… his son. Like his father, he had light tan skin, sapphire blue eyes, and plum-colored hair on his head. However, his hair was longer and more neatly combed than his father, who had a gruff beard to go with his hearty Viking-esque voice. The prince also had two horns protruding from his forehead, which he held softly with his hand.
“… I have a terrible migraine..” he continued. The gray haired boy swiftly pulled out a bottle and handed it over to the prince.

“Here, drink this. It should help your head.”

“Why thank you, Victor of One.. your valiance is only preceded by your kindness.” The royal son gently sniffed the elixir, checking for any sign of poison, before drinking a bit of it. “My my.. I feel quite better already~ Thank you.”

“My pleasure, your Majesty.” He then turned to see his young companion looking at him disapprovingly. He didn’t trust others very easily.

“Well, are you enjoying your meal?” the gray haired one said, trying to ease his fury.
“Have you forgotten that these people locked us up in a cell?!” he whispered angrily. “And now they are apologizing for it. Just try to enjoy yourself alright? You know how cranky you get when you’re hungry.”
The purple boy just scoffed quietly and began to eat elegantly, while his companion just rolled his eyes and chuckled. Soon, someone came and whispered softly in the Prince’s ear.

“Excuse me, please.” and he walked off…



Created with ♥ Manga Creator: World of Fantasy page.1 ♥ and ♥ Manga Creator: World of Fantasy page.2 ♥

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