|| “Draxtorian Dinner” ❤ ||

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Star Traveller 1: Into The Stars | Episode I: The Crystal Down the Lane , Part 1


It was nighttime in Tauren, the bustling capital city of the kingdom of Draxtoria. Here lies a beautiful, yet primitive civilization, without electric lights, motorcars, or even television. However, the town was teeming with love and magic, something that a more technologically advanced society would most likely live without. Children were smiling and skipping up and down the streets with their parents, who never thought once of leaving their beloved partners. Judgement of other citizens were kept to a fair minimum, and all was well.

However, the Draxtorians, like the whole of life itself, is very untrusting to outsiders. They hold a mysterious legend that a stranger will come along and thrust their kingdom into hate and despair. Thus it came to a surprise to many residents that two strangers were invited to the castle for dinner. The castle, a 60 foot tall fortress of diamond, copper, and other hefty materials, filled with treasures beyond an ordinary man’s wildest dreams. Residents are usually allowed to come and go as they please, except in extreme circumstances. Others were usually not even permitted to enter the kingdom. Yet two mysterious “knights” were allowed inside.

One was quite sturdy, a strapping young man with soft, flowing gray hair, and shimmering ruby eyes, with a voice so passive and elegant that it could soothe the sparrows. The other one was very short in stature. A soft patch of cotton candy hair sat atop his head, neatly combed as not to interrupt the gaze of the amethysts that lay in his head. A pair of small spectacles sat contently on the bridge of his small, button nose, with a voice so quiet and angelic, you’d believe he was just born yesterday. These knights calmly sat at the table, sipping some foamy soda, and conversed with one another.

“I’m very thankful we’re alive… but I believe we must be going now..” the lavender boy whispered to his comrade, to which he gained this reply; “Well Volk, the kingdom is just showing their gratitude… it’s not everyday that this kingdom needs to be saved. The least we could do now is stay for dinner, after the cooks spent so long preparing it.”

“Oh, alright V1…” the little purple boy began to grow impatient, but he waited like his companion wanted.

“HAR HAR! Mystic Volksfrei and Victor of One, you have saved this kingdom from complete turmoil! I still cannot believe Judas would do such a thing like that!” the king laughed heartily with a large stick of meat in hand. The wisteria colored “knight” muttered under his breath, “With a name like that, I’m not sure how one can be surprised-” prompting a soft nudge from his companion, trying to prevent him from being so snide.

“Father, please..” There was a young man next to the king… his son. Like his father, he had light tan skin, sapphire blue eyes, and plum-colored hair on his head. However, his hair was longer and more neatly combed than his father, who had a gruff beard to go with his hearty Viking-esque voice. The prince also had two horns protruding from his forehead, which he held softly with his hand.
“… I have a terrible migraine..” he continued. The gray haired boy swiftly pulled out a bottle and handed it over to the prince.

“Here, drink this. It should help your head.”

“Why thank you, Victor of One.. your valiance is only preceded by your kindness.” The royal son gently sniffed the elixir, checking for any sign of poison, before drinking a bit of it. “My my.. I feel quite better already~ Thank you.”

“My pleasure, your Majesty.” He then turned to see his young companion looking at him disapprovingly. He didn’t trust others very easily.

“Well, are you enjoying your meal?” the gray haired one said, trying to ease his fury.
“Have you forgotten that these people locked us up in a cell?!” he whispered angrily. “And now they are apologizing for it. Just try to enjoy yourself alright? You know how cranky you get when you’re hungry.”
The purple boy just scoffed quietly and began to eat elegantly, while his companion just rolled his eyes and chuckled. Soon, someone came and whispered softly in the Prince’s ear.

“Excuse me, please.” and he walked off…



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||Volk’s Human Ref [11/19/17]❤

Well I originally wasn’t going to post this till later, but in light of a very surprising  happening, I have decided to color and post this new human reference of Volk!

||Volk's Human Ref~|| by Stewie106

And the kanji is supposed to be “Volk Chamomile” in Japanese, or “Chamomile Volk” as the Japanese write their names… I’m clearly not an expert at calligraphy so stop criticizing me! That’s right, I see you there shaking your heads, saying my kanji is terrible. I used Google Translate okay? (It’s quite amazing for INDIVIDUAL WORDS AND PHRASES lol)

Sooo enjoy~

I also wanted to post this, as it looked really fricking amazing – I set the main color layer’s filter to “Multiply” and it almost looks like I colored it on the paper, maybe even like an actual animation cel! So cool~

|| Volk's Human Ref - CEL STYLE~ || by Stewie106


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||The Temperamental Transformation❤||

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Image result for anime happy

Young, innocent, a mincing boy with everlasting naiveté and a small vial of optimism within his soul. I came into the world of deviantART pure, loving, caring. Hoping that one day I could be one of the famous artists like Kphoria or otherwise. I was just starting art then… and I had next to no knowledge of the outside world – no knowledge of the cruel and disgusting processes that living being impose on another – no reason to believe that a male needed to be present for a baby to be concieved – only my book smarts.
I was much happier then… smiling, free.. I felt so welcome here at first. Getting to talk to one of my then-idols, meeting three new friends (one of which I’d not heard from since), and overall just feeling accomplished in myself. I felt like I actually meant something, even if I was nothing but a neutron, floating on a dust speck which was tucked neatly into a small pocket of the universe.
For once… maybe everything would turn out right…


Image result for anime angry

Heartbroken. My soul liquidated. The pessimistic cloud that was my true self had manifested into something bigger, stronger. I had always been a resentful person in one way or another, whether it was from the rotten apples at my school, constantly spoiling the harvest, or of the morons who murder their former beloveds, or the ones who cheat on them, or never loved them at all! The ones who run into the street without looking both ways, you name it… but that abhorrence has only been amplified since. New knowledge entered my mind… unwanted knowledge. Homophobes, religious hatred, rape, the true way that babies are born… the perversion and foul language that sours the soul of nearly all I come into contact with. Infidelity. Mistrust.
The worst of these…. my sworn archenemy – the one who has taken a hold of almost every single one of my companions, especially the ones that I hold closest to myself, the ones allowed just outside the icy basin at the foot of my Fortress of Kent. The one who always wins, who always gets what he wants; no matter how many times I speak, how many gifts I make, no matter how many times I reach out of my protective shell, at the threat of my own life, he always wins. Always forcing their hands to the blade, to turn it towards their own, faithful skin – to bring desires of leaping off of cliffs, disobeying doctors, thrusting themselves towards unfaithful partners. It is this enemy… the one thing I can never conquer. Although he has no hold on me, he is the very bane of my existence… for nearly all I show the slightest bit of compassion towards are subject to his grasp.

I have matured much from that jocular, life-relishing boy from two years ago. I have learned the truth – the sting of reality. That the vessels containing the sweet honey of perspicacity that wander so helplessly in this world are the minority. That true love, for me at least, is impossible to find. That happiness is simply a veil, a facade… a lie. Optimism is just one big act. While, yes, you feel great for a little while.. those little accomplishments, those few people that lift your spirits.. but you know in the end you’ll just slip right back in the ditch.
The world is truly a horrible place, and most people in it. That people, in general, do not want to be your friend, or want anything to do with you. That the true “goodness” in this world, is rapidly shrinking – it is now the minority. This realm of darkness is my home, and I must accept it, lest I spend an eternity in purgatory for attempting to bring myself to the sweet Heaven… where true happiness resides. (sorry athiests.)

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||Shy Mage Volk❤||

Once again, RinmaruGames has created an amazing game, primarily for making female characters

I, once again, prove that I can make a male c:

Well… mostly-

witch's apprentice

Made With ♥ Witch’s Apprentice Creator ♥
Thank you Sarn4 for the fantastic artwork used in this game!

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||Vampire Volk – Outfits❤||

In the spirit of HALLOWEEN, here is Volk in his “Vampire” form c:

Halloween Volk

On the left, we have his “going outside” uniform – of course he only goes out at night, but he still likes to wear all dark colors, to try to hide from anything that could possibly hurt him. And why does he wear sunglasses? Well, as a vampire, his eyes glow in the darkness. He doesn’t want to make himself too conspicuous

And on the right, his at home outfit, an elegant robe adorned with golden insignias adorned upon the crimson strips

Well that’s about it, I’m a bit lazy so the background isn’t entirely mine – can you guess where it’s from? If you do, you get one Cool Point c: Or, in the spirit of Halloween, a “Booo” point c:

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||Cura Las Vegas❤||

As every American knows by now, the NEW deadliest mass shooting in US history occurred Sunday in Las Vegas

That’s right, some 60 year old idiot thought it would be a brilliant idea to start off the spookiest month of the year by deliberately trying to one-up that homophobic moron from Orlando… ALSO FROM THIS YEAR, ya know, cause that was also a lovely idea-

*sigh* anyways… here’s a drawing I made at school ;-; hopefully over the break I can make a more detailed one, but I need to get it out there before there are too many

||Cura Las Vegas~||  by Stewie106

Heal Las Vegas..

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||Sylvolkster McCoy❤||

HEY EVERYONE! Yesterday I finished the ENTIRETY of the classic series of Doctor Who! To celebrate, a picture of Volk (anthro form) as the 7th Doctor! totally not just to make that one pun lol
||Sylvolkster McCoy~|| by Stewie106
The 7th Doctor is pretty freaking awesome tbh ;v; Despite a rocky-received start (he still got a better start than Colin.. poor Colin ;o; he’s awesome omg) and a cliffhanger that made no sense (apparently the path was blocked so scaling down was the only way to go, plus Great Intelligence-), I think he is a fantastic doctor omg!

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