Rainbow Raiders~ | Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Episode 1

**No, I’m not British, I just wanted to use “COLOUR” this time… it looks cool ; A ;;;

Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Volk, and I know I’m a little late for Pride Month, but here is a video that has been on backorder for a long, LONG time~! I’ve had this game since the same Christmas I got my Wii U…. about… 4-5 years ago?? Yeah!

Now I am finally getting a chance to play this game on the internet for all to see~ We take on Kirby’s nostalgia for the DS as we try to stop a villain who prefers the good old days—you know, when everything was black-and-white?

What will happen in this exciting episode? Only one way to find out… THIS TIME on Dr. Volk~


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