Volk Worlds

Thank you so much :iconselthequeenseaia: for the name!

Volk Worlds poster

So hey guys this is a fake game that will never exist! I might make a case soon but whatevs. I’ve had this idea for quite a while now but I finally had the audacity to actually make it.. and I’ve improved too so thank goodness.

So this is Volk Worlds, a fake game featuring not only Volk the Chameleon, but Volk in other video game universes!!

The plot is that soon after the final battle against D.O.O.M.E on Viridan, everything was all peaceful, until Super Volk reformed in his new original body (originally he was Volk’s rage/super form) and, being the destruction craving entity, that he was, created his own Multiverse Traveller and went to destroy the entire multiverse.. but knowing that his other form could stop him, resorted to simply kidnapping individuals in those universes, to slow him down. Unknown to Super, many of the people he had kidnapped had been the “Volk” in those universes! Volk the Chameleon chased Super around and rescued the Volks that had been captured so far, and now they team up to beat Super and save multiple universes from destruction.

On the case (from left to right)

Aru Oyota (Dig Dug), Valdic (Alex Kidd) , Varius (Streets of Rage), Shiro Koyuzo (Shinobi), Volk the Chameleon (Originally a Sonic character), Victor (Mario), Jalus (Kirby), Wintec (Legend of Zelda), Varlence (Double Dragon), and Vashtip (Prince of Persia)

No matter if they are heroes or villains, human or animal, Volks stick together NO MATTER WHAT!!


To learn more about these characters, please ask me in the comments section.

Volk Worlds, logo, title, and characters belong to MOI


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Alex Kidd and the Wrath of Valdic

Hey guys it’s Dr Volk with another Valdic pic!

This would be the art for his debut game: Alex Kidd and the Wrath of Valdic, which would explain why he’s so evil now..

Alex Kidd Wrath of Valdic

This fake game would take place between Alex Kidd: the Lost Stars and Alex Kidd in High Tech World.

Ciao for Now!

P.S… I failed with Stella’s face…