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Just a small test for me making retro anime stuff… because retro stuff is amazing~


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||Bowling Alley BG ❤||

Here’s a bowling alley background from my newest dA post~  – http://stewie106.deviantart.com/art/Nerdy-Girl-691703978

Bowling Alley.png

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.:Sketch:. TARDIS Interior: New and Improved!

Hey guys! Old watchers may remember this cringe:https://deviantsonic.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/my-tardis-interior/ and now I have made it much better!


Based on the Command Center from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and the “washed-up bowl” TARDIS interior design from “The Time Monster”, this is the newest design of Volk’s/my TARDIS.. if I had one of course!

Now.. if only I had a way of coloring it.. hmm? Of course I can’t do it by hand: I don’t have enough skill, nor do I want to risk ruining the original copy!

Ahh screw it hehe, if I did color it it would take the longest out of every drawing I have ever made ever! Cause I’ver had LOTS of improvement since Scintuss’ Grotto: My so far best background I’very ever done!

Well.. have a good day, night, whatever time it is for ya, lovelies

Scintuss’ Grotto

Hey guys!!!

Here is a picture I’ve created of a small area of Scintuss’ home, his grotto!

Scintuss' Grotto

It expands far much more than this tiny area, to include even an observatory for stargazing! Yes a grotto is an artificial cave! The sky is simply artificial: Magic was used to make it appear like that! Plus a short cameo by Flowey cause reasons!

This is arguably the work I have put the most effort into! Took about 3 hours!!!!!!

Everything shown (Except Flowey and 4 hidden references) belong to ME!!!!

Flowey belongs to the creators of Undertale!