|| More Rinmaru Rowdiness ❤ ||

Rinmaru released some new (good) games earlier, and if you know me, you know that I have to try to make a boy with them – specifically Volk

Our first game is brought to us by Pichichama, who created the ♥ School Avatar Creator: part 2 ♥ ! You may be wondering, “Well, what about Part 1?” Well, this Pichichama separated the game into two parts, with Part 1 being for making a girl (typical) and the latter being for making boys.







His body type isn’t as nimble as I’d hoped it to be, but I think it works~

The only bad things about this creator is that the colors are pretty limited, but it still proves to be a pretty good game! Love this thing~




Next up we have the next installment in the Vampire Hunter series: ♥ Manga Creator: Vampire Hunter page.14 ♥!

Ahh, good ol’ Prince of Red Roses~

It was really hard trying to get this one to work out, considering I usually place Volk in the “Female body” area, as to give a more accurate representation of his body structure.

Unfortunately, I could not hide that… certain bulge which is present on Volk, yet not the girl giving him the rose… so yeah, a little confusion here, but.. eh!

Also, the color choices are WAY more limited, especially comparing it to the previous Vampire Hunter. Could use a little work, but it’s still a nice creator~

Soo.. there you go! Go play these games, make your own characters and add family-friendly speech bubbles, and then show me them in the comments below! Have a great day~

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Happy now? More information can be found in the video:

There’s also a weird number under my icon… is that the code or something? I’ll put it here anyways just in case – #9368

I can’t wait to speak to you all again~

Please, no foul language in the comments. This is a family friendly website
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||Let’s Settle This… ❤||

Rinmaru made another character creator that I especially liked, so I just had to make another mini-story~ (Also Volk is black because why not?)


     It was a pleasant morning at the local canteen, with only a few early-bird customers in the booths, quietly conversing with one another about their daily mundane lives. Close to the very back, a small boy with milk-chocolate skin was washing down his modest helping of scrambled eggs and grits, lightly salted to his own design, with an elegant glass of Adam’s ale within his nimble fingers: tis the only true “ale” he could drink at his age. His lilac hair was gently complimented by the goggles that rest upon his head; he did not require them to see his provisions.
His personal peace was interrupted by the brisk walking of a towering alien woman, with skin as green as a crocodile’s, getting louder and louder as she got closer to him. She went over to his table, looking down on him, asking “Is this seat taken?” He gave no response – only gazing at her suspiciously as she sat down in front of him.

“You have such lovely hair.. where did you get such beautiful dye?” she asked.
“Dye? Excuse me, but this is my natural hair color.” he replied, quite shyly. “I don’t understand this “dye” business.”
“Natural… if that’s the case…” she slowly got up, grasping the table tightly, and whipped out a small laser pistol with her suction-tipped fingers, pointing it directly at the boy, who just stared at her sternly.
“I’ve been looking for you… the Mistress has put quite a price on your head!”
Unbeknownst to the woman, the boy had slowly begun to pull out his own weapon from his jacket, pointing at her from under the table.
“Now now… we can settle this like reasonable individuals.” he responded with a hint of shakiness in his voice. “Let’s just calm down… and talk.”
“The time for talking has passed.” The woman spoke harshly, yet quietly. “You knew what you had put yourself into when you rejected her offer… now it’s time for you to pay the Phantom Piper dearie…” Her finger slowly pulled on the trigger.


 The alien woman’s body fell limp on the table, the boy slowly slipping his steaming pistol back into his pocket. With the watching, frightened eyes of the entire canteen, he quietly finished his glass and left a few coins along the table.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take it from here.” He slowly drags the woman’s body out of the canteen, the pitter-patter of his feet ringing throughout the silent cafe.

Created with the ♥ Manga Creator: Star Wars page.1 ♥ by PrinceOfRedRoses


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The final battle: Robotnik’s Ship. A dangerous land of traps, bombs, and easy pitfalls. After a brief montage, we head out to take out Robotnik and give him what for, in the final episode of “Let’s Play Sonic Spinball”!
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