Some Random Alex Kidd Sketches

Ahh Alex Kidd… former SEGA mascot.. master of Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) and saviour of Miracle World… and yet.. he’s so forgotten… WHY?!

I was bored a few days ago and drew these in class (We literally had nothing else to do!).. no references used I might add..

Random Alex Kidd Drawings.jpg

Characters shown: Alex Kidd: Titular protagonist

Stella: Alex Kidd’s best friend (who only appeared in ONE game, in the ARCADE… which wasn’t even that great to be honest)

Valdic: (Fan character, mine) Alex Kidd’s archnemesis and master of magic

Timothy and Thompson: (Fan characters, mine) Valdic’s twin younger brothers, tactful swordsman

Victoria: (Fan character, mine, redesigned) Valdic’s condescending twin sister who likes to sit back and joke about his failures against Alex.

Hope you like them…