.:Sketch:. TARDIS Interior: New and Improved!

Hey guys! Old watchers may remember this cringe:https://deviantsonic.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/my-tardis-interior/ and now I have made it much better!


Based on the Command Center from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and the “washed-up bowl” TARDIS interior design from “The Time Monster”, this is the newest design of Volk’s/my TARDIS.. if I had one of course!

Now.. if only I had a way of coloring it.. hmm? Of course I can’t do it by hand: I don’t have enough skill, nor do I want to risk ruining the original copy!

Ahh screw it hehe, if I did color it it would take the longest out of every drawing I have ever made ever! Cause I’ver had LOTS of improvement since Scintuss’ Grotto: My so far best background I’very ever done!

Well.. have a good day, night, whatever time it is for ya, lovelies

Some Random Alex Kidd Sketches

Ahh Alex Kidd… former SEGA mascot.. master of Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) and saviour of Miracle World… and yet.. he’s so forgotten… WHY?!

I was bored a few days ago and drew these in class (We literally had nothing else to do!).. no references used I might add..

Random Alex Kidd Drawings.jpg

Characters shown: Alex Kidd: Titular protagonist

Stella: Alex Kidd’s best friend (who only appeared in ONE game, in the ARCADE… which wasn’t even that great to be honest)

Valdic: (Fan character, mine) Alex Kidd’s archnemesis and master of magic

Timothy and Thompson: (Fan characters, mine) Valdic’s twin younger brothers, tactful swordsman

Victoria: (Fan character, mine, redesigned) Valdic’s condescending twin sister who likes to sit back and joke about his failures against Alex.

Hope you like them…

Volk Worlds

Thank you so much :iconselthequeenseaia: for the name!

Volk Worlds poster

So hey guys this is a fake game that will never exist! I might make a case soon but whatevs. I’ve had this idea for quite a while now but I finally had the audacity to actually make it.. and I’ve improved too so thank goodness.

So this is Volk Worlds, a fake game featuring not only Volk the Chameleon, but Volk in other video game universes!!

The plot is that soon after the final battle against D.O.O.M.E on Viridan, everything was all peaceful, until Super Volk reformed in his new original body (originally he was Volk’s rage/super form) and, being the destruction craving entity, that he was, created his own Multiverse Traveller and went to destroy the entire multiverse.. but knowing that his other form could stop him, resorted to simply kidnapping individuals in those universes, to slow him down. Unknown to Super, many of the people he had kidnapped had been the “Volk” in those universes! Volk the Chameleon chased Super around and rescued the Volks that had been captured so far, and now they team up to beat Super and save multiple universes from destruction.

On the case (from left to right)

Aru Oyota (Dig Dug), Valdic (Alex Kidd) , Varius (Streets of Rage), Shiro Koyuzo (Shinobi), Volk the Chameleon (Originally a Sonic character), Victor (Mario), Jalus (Kirby), Wintec (Legend of Zelda), Varlence (Double Dragon), and Vashtip (Prince of Persia)

No matter if they are heroes or villains, human or animal, Volks stick together NO MATTER WHAT!!


To learn more about these characters, please ask me in the comments section.

Volk Worlds, logo, title, and characters belong to MOI


 The background pic belongs to pics-about-space.com

Scintuss’ Grotto

Hey guys!!!

Here is a picture I’ve created of a small area of Scintuss’ home, his grotto!

Scintuss' Grotto

It expands far much more than this tiny area, to include even an observatory for stargazing! Yes a grotto is an artificial cave! The sky is simply artificial: Magic was used to make it appear like that! Plus a short cameo by Flowey cause reasons!

This is arguably the work I have put the most effort into! Took about 3 hours!!!!!!

Everything shown (Except Flowey and 4 hidden references) belong to ME!!!!

Flowey belongs to the creators of Undertale!