.:CONCEPT ART:. | Waverly Tower; Sketches Part 1

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted some artwork in a while, and I want to show you guys that hey, this isn’t just a second YouTube page!

So anyways, here are some concept sketches I drew for a place called Waverly Tower (I made it up, don’t go looking for it… but if there is an actual Waverly Tower, comment below!)

This is the new home of Volk Chamomile! His original home was an abandoned and refurbished castle, which I have never drawn, so don’t go looking for it.

Anyways, this says part 1 only because these sketches were made without reference. Next time I shall post some more sketches that were made with Reference Aid. I hope you enjoy! Comment down below what drawings you’d like to see from me~

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||”Framily Values” Page Updated! ❤||

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated the “Framily Values” page to include an opening narration, which reminds everyone about how outdated that original literature series is c:

Related image

I DO plan on making a Web-Anime series of Framily Values, complete with a revamped storyline, more-spectacular character designs, and so much more! However, that may take a year or so to even start drawing anything, so don’t expect results… just telling you what I HOPE to do~!

Please, no foul language in the comments. This is a family-friendly website
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|| St. Statty’s Day ❤||

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As I cannot seem to find a game that any of you’d be interested in, looks like you’re stuck with another drawing video. Yay..

Kidding, this was coming whether I had a game ready or not! Watch as I bring my brother Chicragger’s character, Stat,  to life once again~
St. Statty's Day Color.png

The Video is Below:

Oh, and don’t forget your Pinchlomatic Immunity~ (My old school fans will remember this!)


Please, no foul language in the comments. This is a family friendly website

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||Merry Licksmas❤||

Hello everyone and Merry ChristX/Happy Holidays~

Image result for anime christmas gifImage result for anime christmas gif

Normally I would make a drawing of me burning some mistletoe, cause screw that-

Image result for scrooge gif

but this year I’ve decided to shake things up a little:
NO FULL CAST OF FRAMILY VALUES THIS TIME! Nope, this is all about the main two (even though I never draw them alone), Johnathan and Madison!
ChristX 2017.png

Madison decided to give Johnathan some company at his empty house on Christmas Eve, and made his night~ They were so overjoyed in fact, they decided to share a kiss under the mistletoe – well, Madison’s doing most of the kissing as you can see LOL

I hope you have a very lovely ChristX, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever you celebrate if you celebrate anything at all.. and… yeah ;o; Have a hopefully happy new year… a way better new year than 2017’s
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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||Volk’s Human Ref [11/19/17]❤

Well I originally wasn’t going to post this till later, but in light of a very surprising  happening, I have decided to color and post this new human reference of Volk!

||Volk's Human Ref~|| by Stewie106

And the kanji is supposed to be “Volk Chamomile” in Japanese, or “Chamomile Volk” as the Japanese write their names… I’m clearly not an expert at calligraphy so stop criticizing me! That’s right, I see you there shaking your heads, saying my kanji is terrible. I used Google Translate okay? (It’s quite amazing for INDIVIDUAL WORDS AND PHRASES lol)

Sooo enjoy~

I also wanted to post this, as it looked really fricking amazing – I set the main color layer’s filter to “Multiply” and it almost looks like I colored it on the paper, maybe even like an actual animation cel! So cool~

|| Volk's Human Ref - CEL STYLE~ || by Stewie106


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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||Happy Halloween 2017 ❤||

Hello everybody! At 11:06 PM EST, I’m still on time! Ish..

This is a picture to celebrate Halloween of this year, with the cast of Framily Values, all in human form for the first time on dA! (I’ve already redesigned them, just haven’t uploaded the designs ;v; ) Image result for kawaii halloween gif Image result for kawaii halloween gif

Halloween 2017.png

Madison is a witch, Johnathan is Dracula, Stat is a mummy (the male one, not the face licking “BE MY HUSBAND” one), Carol is a ghost, Volk is the Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Come (he KIND of looks like the Grim Reaper… okay totally lol) and V1 is none other than Jack Skellington c:

Hope you enjoy~!! Compare this spookarrific piece with some from Halloween’s past! Related image



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|| Stat Official Reference Sheet (5/29/17)||

When you finally color a drawing that you drew last year-


Full name: Stattington Cornelius Foxwell
Nickname(s) or Alias: Stat

Gender: Boy
Species: Ewok
Age: 11
Birthday: June 27, 2005
Sexuality: Heterosexual
City or town of birth: ???
Currently lives: Somewhere on Earth
Relationship Status: Single (he’s 11, come on)
Height: 3 ft, 3 in (0.9906 m)
Weight: 40 lb (18.1437kg)

Hair colour: None

Eye colour: Brown

Skin/fur/etc colour: Brown

Scars/distinguishing marks: None
Preferred style of clothing: Casual, mostly T-Shirts and shorts

Frequently worn jewelry/accessories: none
Smoker? No
Drinker? No
Recreational Drug User? Which? No
Addictions: None
Allergies: None, unless pollen counts
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities None:
Any medication regularly taken: None
Personality: Nervous, random, curious, whiny (at times), carrying
Likes: LEGOs, Chris Pratt, friends, family

Dislikes: People who break his stuff
Fears/phobias: Spiders, Wasps, horror films
Favourite colour: Blue
Hobbies: Building with LEGOs
Taste in music: Video Game music,  Film Scores
Talents/skills: Telekinesis, can build anything with random materials lying around

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Nope
Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore
Favourite food(s): Chicken, cheese, salad,

Favourite drink(s): Sprite
Disliked food(s): ???
Disliked drink(s): Anything Alcoholic
Describe the character’s house/home: A small, quaint little house filled with flowers and lots of nice things

Do they share their home with anyone? Who? Carol
Significant/special belongings:
Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Can be quite aggressive at times

Fighting skills/techniques: Flinging objects into others, use of mind blasts

Special skills/magical powers/etc: Telekinesis

Weapon of choice (if any):

Weaknesses in combat: He’s short, he can get easily distracted

Strengths in combat:
Parents names: Unknown
Are parents alive or dead? Alive
Is the character still in contact with their parents? Yup
Siblings? Relationship with siblings? No siblings

Other Important Relatives: Unknown

Partner/Spouse: None (Again, he’s 11)
Best Friend: Johnathan Masakurai, Madison Nyaire, Volk Chamomile, Willow Lazuli, V1, Alyssa Chamomile

Other Important Friends: Too many to count
Acquaintances: too many to count
Pets: none
Enemies? Why are they enemies?

Zoto Aramits (archenemy) – Various Reasons

Walter Salisbury – Leader of D.O.O.M.E

D.O.O.M.E – Evil

Other people

Describe their early childhood (newborn – age 10): Meets Zoto, Volk, several other friends; becomes part of team Starstorm
Describe their teenage years (11 – 19): traveled to Earth,  met more friends

Describe their adult years (20+):
None yet

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