.:Comic:. | Too Dangerous❤

New comic at last! This is a remake of an old unfinished/unposted comic I made a while back… I may post it later here as an exclusive
.:Comic:. | Too Dangerous~ by Stewie106


Unnamed Girl: …And that, is the true meaning of love.

Volk: Oh thank you! I’ve been wondering they for quite some time.

-Panel shows monitor with the words: “ALERT! Criminal Activity Reported!! “-

Unnamed Girl: The crime alert!

Volk: Quickly, let’s go!

-Panel shows the girl grabbing Volk’s arm, stopping him-

Unnamed Girl: No Volk, it’s too dangerous. You stay here.

Volk: TOO DANGEROUS?! I have fought intergalactic terrorists, in wars far more advanced than your pathetic Earth weapons! How could it possibly be too dan- AHH, SPIDER *zaps the spider with lightning*

-Panel shows the Unnamed Girl looking at Volk skeptically-

Volk: They’re SCARY!!

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.:COMIC:. | Los Idiotas ❤

Chatting with my 4th period teacher while she was grading papers.. some people just don’t even try-  Image result for anime facepalm gif


Panel I: Teacher is grading papers at her desk
Panel II: Paper shows clear instructions on what to write, but student simply put “Uno, dos, tres, cuatro”
Panel III: Teacher thought bubble: Why do I even bother…

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❤.:COMIC:.|Piano Prodigy❤

The story of my life in a nutshell ;v;

When you finally do something you’re proud of, and your friend instantly shows you up- *cries*

Btw i can only play piano with one hand at a time, so that’s another reason why I felt bad haha

This comic is based on a true story lol



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Premise: A chibi me is sitting at a keyboard

Panel I: Me: Finally! I can play the Alex Kidd theme on my keyboard! I feel so accomplished!

Panel II: FRIEND: *plays Waltz beautifully*

Panel III: *shows me smiling with tears in front of ashes in a fire*
Footnote to fire – smoldering remains of keyboard + hopes & dreams

Image result for kawaii dividersImage result for kawaii dividers

I belong to myself lol

FRIEND is a placeholder so just insert anyone haha
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.:COMIC:. Mmm.. Pi~

A little late for Pi Day but oh well I was too tired to post it on the 15th- ( Yes Pi Day is the 14th, but I drew this on the 15th )

Mmm.. Pi Comic

Madison and Johnathan are looking at something lustfully.
Madison: Mmm.. what a yummy-looking pie~
Johnathan: Yeah… it’s taking all of me to keep from eating it right now

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Madison Nyaire and Johnathan Masakurai belong to moi~

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