.:The One I Never Knew:. | Fake Cover Remake

Hi guyssss~! Nu-Um  my sweet gf is making an amazing comic with GumiGuac, who made some sort of “Reverse cover” (I guess could be on the back of the comic book haha) which can be found here – gumiguac.deviantart.com/art/Th…  Both of these girls are FANTASTIC artists and you should check them both out~just DO IT!!!

That inspired me to make my own crappy fan cover! So here it is~ Only took like 2 hours, which surprised me.. I must be getting faster due to the fact at how stupid Medibang and my computer is
Heck, it turned the sparkles in the sparkle brush into squares. SQUARES. so I had to use snowflakes in their place-Image result for puppet dipper

.:The One I Never Knew:. | Fake Cover Remake by Stewie106

Welp, I freaking tried!! I hope you like it senpai! Oh and you other people too lolImage result for anime fangirl gif

The One I Never Knew – Nu-Um and GumiGuac

Jasmine Smith (the one at the bottom) – Nu-Um
The Back of Yesenia’s Head – GumiGuac

btw original cover for those who are too lazy to look in Nu’s Gallery – nu-um.deviantart.com/art/The-O…
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||Flying High in the Sky❤||

My bestie MediaManiac07w is feeling really badly.. so I made this drawing of her gorgeous superhero persona! I failed horribly ;v; especially in the pose and hair areas-


The character Star Storm belongs to her~
Please give credit to the amazing Arrowman64 for the stellar design!

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Because everyone wants that right?? Well.. everyone with a bubbly conscience- SPREAD THE LOVE EVERYONE! Image result for kawaii heart Image result for anime hug heart

I tried, pls forgive my lack of a special set of skills


This is Talia Dawl-Fawn (or Fawn-Dawl..? Still not sure what her last name is), co-owned by StellaDawlAgain and miss Fluffy, two beautiful young girls.. best friends till the end c: miss Stella shall act as the ambassador for both of them~

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Images from Pinterest and Reddit, respectively

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