||Princess Unikitty + Speedpaint ❤||

Hello everyone! I needed some positivity in my life soo…



Also here’s a speedpaint ;v;

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||Twice Upon A Time❤||

A picture celebrating the absolutely brilliant Christmas Special, celebrating the final appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor!

Twice Upon A Time

And I ask that there be no spoilers in the comments, my dear fellow! You don’t want to make your fellow Whovians angry, hmm?

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||Only Hate Keeps Me Alive ❤ ||

“He will die quickly. Make certain he dies very quickly.”

This is a picture of the, in my opinion, scariest incarnation of The Master (Roger Delgado is still my favorite lol), as portrayed by Peter Pratt in The Deadly Assassin!

Crispy Master.png

(Fun fact: This incarnation was also played by Geoffrey Beevers, but this is focused more on Pratt’s appearance)

(Here’s one w/o filters)

Crispy Master - no filter

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||IT’S A GIRL! ❤||

That’s right, today the Doctor has been announced as a WOMAN! (Looks like Doctor Who was a lot luckier than the U.S in that aspect, lol) Miss Jodie Whittaker will be taking over~
||IT'S A GIRL!~|| by Stewie106

Some people are thrilled, some people (yes, even women before you start the sexism argument) aren’t, but of course not everyone is gonna be excited when an old Doctor goes, hmm?

Honestly I’m willing to give her a chance, what about you? Good luck miss Whittaker! I’m sure you’ll make a GREAT Doctor! Message to the writers: Just.. don’t do any “I can do anything a man can do” references, please-
Can’t wait for the intro and theme song!

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||Go Go Browser Rangers❤||


|| Go Go, Browser Rangers~|| by Stewie106

Long ago, a mystical land, “Terrarum”, resided within the deep cosmos of the universe. The four Realms: the Land of the Sky, which included Telam, Totius and Orbis, and the Hadal zone of Tenebris, all lived in perfect harmony. Aside from the many cruel beasts that resided within both the Land of the Sky and Tenebris, Terrarum was a beautiful place to live.

However, one day, a well-intentioned mission went awry. This mission, Operation SOPA, was initiated to prevent the theft of goods in this blessed, and constantly changing land. However, innocent dwellers began suffering the ill-effects of the mission, as free transit stations were instantly siphoned off, humble shops shut down, millions of citizens unable to have a voice. Out from the light, 5 magical warriors were summoned to fight off the invasion. With the help of these warriors, SOPA was finally destroyed for good, and the citizens were once again (mostly) free to do as they wish.

Years later, the land of Terrarum, currently known as Cyberspace, is under a new threat, an even more dangerous threat. A syndicate known only as the FCC cast their dark shadow upon the world. They plan to cash in on the success of this thriving land, by means such as setting up barriers, smothering innocent expression, add a new degree of discrimination and much more. Unless their rapid expansion is obstructed, this beautiful universe will surely be destroyed. The 5 magical warriors who saved the day once before had long gone. However their powers are passed onto a new generation of heroes.

Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Together they form the most powerful team that modern Cyberspace has ever seen: THE BROWSER RANGERS! Will they be able to vanquish the threat of the FCC as the previous team did with SOPA? Not alone they can’t.

They share their powers with the citizens of Terrarum, and YOU. Help the cause to save Cyberspace in the BATTLE FOR THE NET.


Humanized Internet Browsers designed by the creator of My Senior, IE-kun – rebloggy.com/post/internet-exp…

I suck at drawing feet pls forgive me
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||Berry Adorable ❤||

I just had to draw her omg!

|| Berry Adorable~! || by Stewie106

This is the character of the fantabulous Nu-Um, and knowing how famous she is, I’d known I’d have to work fast to get some fanart of this girl before the bigger and better artists upstage me >.<

She recently adopted this gal, Berry Blue, and she reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake lol, I don’t know her personality so I just went for a carefree pose, HOPE YA DON’T MINDDD

Anyways, she’s kawaii, my drawing failed, game over haha! And for those who are wondering, her colors aren’t out yet, so it’s not just me being tired and lazy lol

In speaking of tired it’s 3 am so night! notice me senpai
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