.:COMIC:. | Elevation is Evil ❤

Boardroom Comic❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ TRANSLATION ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Panel 1: Wait, wait, wait…
Panel 2: *points to picture of flat land* How is THIS okay…
Panel 3: *points to picture of hill* …but not THIS?!
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MY VERY FIRST DIGITAL COMIC!!! Starring another random unnamed character~ I’m so proud of myself… but you’re probably asking “Volk, oh wise and powerful, (okay maybe not that second part lol) what does this mean?”

So me and my friend Re-juvenate on deviantART talk occassionally, and somehow, the same issue keeps popping up throughout our conversations – girl chests. Alexa (Re-juvenate) has a very strong hatred against the taboo on girls’ chests having to be covered up in public, while men don’t have to do it to their own chests, and she strongly believes sexism is the reason this is so. Now while I’m not entirely sure about the reasoning behind it, she makes a very valid point – what is the difference? They’re practically the same thing, aside from an elevation difference and function difference.
While this isn’t enough to make me feel comfortable looking at girl chests (I still try to look away if ever an image slips by on the horrible World Wide Web), it is enough to convince me to ask… why the heck are girl chests so sensitive in public? Personally, I think it’s because many women don’t like people looking at them, and will call them perverts if they do, hence why society was like “Okay then, now it’s illegal! Are you happy now?” Even so… the point still remains valid. Plus not to mention the fact that every baby who has been breastfed has seen one before, and now they suddenly are never allowed to see one again once they’re able to walk? That’s the power of logic, everyone!

It is once again the return of the dreaded “double standard”, a cruel, cruel infestation that has plagued this land since the ancient times. It’s effects? A group of people can do one thing and be just fine, whilst another group can do the same thing and be punished, by no valid legal standing. Such as women having certain advantages over men, and vice versa, with a standard based solely on racial or wealth status. Truly, it is a system we must do away with if we are to be truly equal.

Make up your fricking mind. Are you for or against this group of people? Are you going to give this group of people an advantage or a disadvantage over others? Or maybe, you could try and actually be EQUAL FOR ONCE… frick- either free or hide… which one will it be-
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.:Comic:. | Too Dangerous❤

New comic at last! This is a remake of an old unfinished/unposted comic I made a while back… I may post it later here as an exclusive
.:Comic:. | Too Dangerous~ by Stewie106


Unnamed Girl: …And that, is the true meaning of love.

Volk: Oh thank you! I’ve been wondering they for quite some time.

-Panel shows monitor with the words: “ALERT! Criminal Activity Reported!! “-

Unnamed Girl: The crime alert!

Volk: Quickly, let’s go!

-Panel shows the girl grabbing Volk’s arm, stopping him-

Unnamed Girl: No Volk, it’s too dangerous. You stay here.

Volk: TOO DANGEROUS?! I have fought intergalactic terrorists, in wars far more advanced than your pathetic Earth weapons! How could it possibly be too dan- AHH, SPIDER *zaps the spider with lightning*

-Panel shows the Unnamed Girl looking at Volk skeptically-

Volk: They’re SCARY!!

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.:COMIC:. | Los Idiotas ❤

Chatting with my 4th period teacher while she was grading papers.. some people just don’t even try-  Image result for anime facepalm gif


Panel I: Teacher is grading papers at her desk
Panel II: Paper shows clear instructions on what to write, but student simply put “Uno, dos, tres, cuatro”
Panel III: Teacher thought bubble: Why do I even bother…

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❤.:COMIC:.|Piano Prodigy❤

The story of my life in a nutshell ;v;

When you finally do something you’re proud of, and your friend instantly shows you up- *cries*

Btw i can only play piano with one hand at a time, so that’s another reason why I felt bad haha

This comic is based on a true story lol



Image result for kawaii dividersImage result for kawaii dividers


Premise: A chibi me is sitting at a keyboard

Panel I: Me: Finally! I can play the Alex Kidd theme on my keyboard! I feel so accomplished!

Panel II: FRIEND: *plays Waltz beautifully*

Panel III: *shows me smiling with tears in front of ashes in a fire*
Footnote to fire – smoldering remains of keyboard + hopes & dreams

Image result for kawaii dividersImage result for kawaii dividers

I belong to myself lol

FRIEND is a placeholder so just insert anyone haha
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.:COMIC:. Mmm.. Pi~

A little late for Pi Day but oh well I was too tired to post it on the 15th- ( Yes Pi Day is the 14th, but I drew this on the 15th )

Mmm.. Pi Comic

Madison and Johnathan are looking at something lustfully.
Madison: Mmm.. what a yummy-looking pie~
Johnathan: Yeah… it’s taking all of me to keep from eating it right now

Image result for kawaii dividersImage result for kawaii dividers

Madison Nyaire and Johnathan Masakurai belong to moi~

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