|| Double Upload #5 ❤ ||

Hey everyone! Sorry, I kind of forgot to upload this yesterday. Anyways, here is the official DOUBLE FEATURE!


DISCON DILEMMA | Splatoon Gameplay #3

I play some more Splatoon~! Unfortunately, not a Halloween Splatfest… because they don’t have them for Splatoon 1 anymore (which is kind of dumb)

If you’re participating in the Halloween Splatfest, comment below, and tell me: Trick or Treat?


FIRE DEVILS! | Let’s Play Magician Lord | Episode 4: Castle of Devils

In this exciting edition of Let’s Play Magician Lord, we… zoom through this pretty darn quickly! (And we would’ve gotten through it quicker if it weren’t for that meddling Fire Wizard)

Enjoy everyone!

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