||Double Upload #4 ❤ ||

I missed my Saturday upload, so here is the mandatory Double Upload to make up for it!

First off:

Lego The Incredibles 2: Episode 2

Episode Two, “An Ice-Cellent Adventure” has been abbreviated as “Ep 2” for your convenience.

Hello everyone! Sorry about the delay, but the 2nd episode of LEGO the Incredibles 2 is finally up! In this issue, we make Frank clean up his act, and try to keep Aiden from destroying the city.

And finally,

Old Club Penguin Videos – Episode 4 | The Club Penguin Show

I’m working on shortening my opening narrations, so bear with me, okay? It’s just two minutes out of your life, come on

So here is another Old Club Penguin video as Part 2 of the Double Upload — this time, you see me trying another failed attempt to become famous. Thank the Lord that this was never released.

Starring Dr Volk
and Ryviews as Leonardo4869

Princess7185, if you’re out there, HIYA! I hope you’re doing okay! If you remember me, comment below! If you don’t… still comment below!

Aiden was the best part of this entire video. #LoveYouAiden



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