What Is Up With Famous People?!

Lately, a lot of famous people are being exposed for certain wrongdoings.. apparently YandereDev is a jerk (who is being pretty lazy with Yandere Simulator, all things considered), Butch Hartman is being ostracized for an apparently doomed Kickstarter campaign, and just now, Papa John is being accused of certain misconduct

No, this is not going to be a talk about any of these things in depth – I’m not an analyst, and there are enough of this stuff online anyways

I’m just wondering… what the frick?? Why is this all happening now? It really doesn’t pay to be famous if it means morality is diminished – “Can’t Buy Me Love” taught us that-
This is pretty much just a lazy post built to put my feelings out on everything

I just have no idea who to appreciate anymore

Please, no foul language in the comments. This is a family friendly website
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8 thoughts on “What Is Up With Famous People?!

    • espiothechameleon says:

      Ant Simulator??? Yay I get to have babies with my mom and die immediately afterwards~ Real fun c:

      Well that was stupid – prepare for the grudge and hatred for 20 years for that wasted money

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