|| St. Statty’s Day ❤||

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As I cannot seem to find a game that any of you’d be interested in, looks like you’re stuck with another drawing video. Yay..

Kidding, this was coming whether I had a game ready or not! Watch as I bring my brother Chicragger’s character, Stat,  to life once again~
St. Statty's Day Color.png

The Video is Below:

Oh, and don’t forget your Pinchlomatic Immunity~ (My old school fans will remember this!)


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See My Vimeo for Lost Videos – https://vimeo.com/user69424984


2 thoughts on “|| St. Statty’s Day ❤||

    • espiothechameleon says:

      1. This comment has nothing to do with my picture, so should be moved to the “Discussion” page

      2. Yes, all the time – far superior to the SEGA Genesis version with the exception of music

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