||Jadaha and Brianna❤||

This is just a little picture I drew for my sis and her roommate, who now have a YT channel ;v;  I tried my best omg-

||Jadaha and Brianna~|| by Stewie106


Their YT Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UC3J4I…
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||King of the Playground~❤||

Trump v.s Kim-

Don’t care what your political beliefs are (and there had better be no debating in the comments), but this is happening

|| King of the Playground~ || by Stewie106

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Premise: Prime Minister May, President Nieto, and President Kovind are standing next to each other

President Kovind (India) : *sigh* we’re never gonna get a turn, are we?

Trump: I am the ruler of this playground, okay?!

Kim: No way, cheeto face! I have the biggest weapons! I’ll blow you right out of the sky!

*meanswhile, Presidents Macron and Putin are standing on the right side*

Macron (France): This is your fault, you know.

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||Sylvolkster McCoy❤||

HEY EVERYONE! Yesterday I finished the ENTIRETY of the classic series of Doctor Who! To celebrate, a picture of Volk (anthro form) as the 7th Doctor! totally not just to make that one pun lol
||Sylvolkster McCoy~|| by Stewie106
The 7th Doctor is pretty freaking awesome tbh ;v; Despite a rocky-received start (he still got a better start than Colin.. poor Colin ;o; he’s awesome omg) and a cliffhanger that made no sense (apparently the path was blocked so scaling down was the only way to go, plus Great Intelligence-), I think he is a fantastic doctor omg!

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When you have no power during a storm, what do you do? DRAW OF COURSE! Luckily my computer still had energy so I could color ;v;

Anyways, this is Saranishi, lamia extraordinaire~

||Saranishi~|| by Stewie106

19 years old and over 13 feet long, this large constrictor is quite nice once you get to know her! She’s quite social and even-tempered. Despite being a member of a primarily predatory species, she’s a very close friend of Wistari who he meets on his travels.. one of his only (living) friends, in fact haha. eventually more if you know what I mean

She is.. kind of possessive though- and by “kind of” I mean she will use her constrictor abilities to squeeze one’s guts out if they get too close to him. Of course this makes sense, considering the amount of predatory creatures out there, partially a reason why Wistari takes comfort in this. While she has vowed never to eat him, she does enjoy a littletaste every now and again.

As long as you’re not out to kill Wistari, she is pretty agreeable, and will prove to be a great person to be around. Otherwise, expect to be on the other side of the food chain.



Here is a prototype coloring of her, who I changed the hair color due to extreme similarity to Miia from Monster Musume (or whatever it’s called) and Arizona Blaze ;v;

Saranishi Original~
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||Jackalope Wistari❤ (Includes Deviant Sonic EXCLUSIVE!)||


Yeah I kinda had another OC named Wistari, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t exist anymore so.. yeah- You’ll probably never see him ever again-
||Wistari~|| by Stewie106
So umm.. I haven’t made an age for him yet-

He’s a very shy and modest little fellow, this one~ He lives in a dimensionally transcendental tree in the middle of the forest. He has his own little sanctuary high in the clouds (which is possible because MYTHICAL CREATURES) that he likes to stay in.

He has a slight fear of anything with sharp teeth, and doesn’t like being around too many other life forms, considering he is primarily prey and.. well.. put 2 and 2 together, he doesn’t want to be eaten, simple as that LOL Due to that, he also isn’t very trusting of very many of his neighbors, and tries hard not to get too comfortable.

He absolutely adores pretty colors and shimmering, shiny things~

While he speaks in a very soft and likeable tone, his demeanor can quickly turn snarky and cynical, especially when it comes to joking about survival. He has shown extreme disdain for succubi, especially in their method of catching prey. He is a master at setting traps to catch potential predators and stop them in their tracks.

But if you do get to know him, he is quite friendly, usually doesn’t talk till you say something first, and best of all, doesn’t curse!

Sooo.. there’s that, real short and sweet bio, eh, who cares, ENJOY~!
and if someone could teach me how to draw a retro anime-like forest background, I would be eternally grateful!

AND HERE IS A DEVIANTSONIC EXCLUSIVE! A test of this very piece using film grain:
Jackalope me Ref FILM.png
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||The Evils of Silence||

Words truly can hurt. But sometimes silence hurts more.
Words pierce the heart like a sword. But there are times when none at all completely suffocates it. Shrouds it in a cloud of hopelessness.

Words shove people around like bowling pins. But silence has the capability to thrust even the highest of individuals into the lowest and darkest abyss, cast into the dim, ironclad Maiden of Despair, of which there is no return.

Words may find their way to cut through the diamonds of stoicity, but it is silence which transforms diamonds into stone.
A cold wind… a cold, lifeless wind, filling the air with deathly silence.
The silence.
It’s anger seeps through every living thing, and with it’s succubus kiss it destroys what words cannot – hope.
Hope.. overcome by hate, enters into a rapid entropy. An inevitable state of decay, leading to it’s degeneration into dust. Nothingness. Nonexistence.

Words are a Weapon. Silence.. is a killer.
One has learnt so through difficult means… and has wished that his findings be shared to prevent any further darnnation of life.

The life which chooses to be silent concerning the affairs of a soul undeserving of death.
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||Hallway Hectics❤||

High school students (mostly girls, not always) are the slowest beings on the planet. I’m not even kidding. The only upside to being in a traffic jam is that maybe there’ll be a small opening you can squeeze through, unlike cars which are obliged to sit there

The worst part is when you’re standing behind a group of female friends. Like, they walk together, side by side, blocking the entire darn hallway, sauntering down the road like they’re in a flipping PG rated movie about a girl making her way in the world, and there are people like me who are trying so hard to get to the darn classroom before the bell (or warning bell hopefully) and they’re stuck behind Snail, Turtle and Molasses here chatting about how Zack’s being so annoying, using only the most profane of words, so you just have to sit there and can’t help but hear their cries of “F-ING” or “BULL@$@*” and you just want to get to class-

Related image

Like this problem is ever gonna be solved, the only way is either by homeschooling, instant knowledge transfer to the mind, or a purge of 1/3 of Earth’s population. Until then, let’s take the time to reflect upon our lives, pray for those poor victims in Houston, and then going back to text our friends about how we’re going to rape that poop.

was this a vanity card? idk  
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“Hell yeee, but first, i’d actually like to see a drawing of YOU with


jackalope traits.


Well LinoDaEeveeOverlord of dA, you’re getting your wish! Veni, Vidi, Ego illustrarunt

I came, I saw, I illustrated

||LOOK! A JACKAVOLK~! || by Stewie106

Me as a mystical creature, with black hair and brown skin to match! I’ll sit in the clouds if I want to.. PEOPLE CAN EAT ME IN THE FOREST ; – ;; They can’t get me up here.. ha ha ha..

Well I hope you enjoy this drawing~ Now to watch some of Trial of a Timelord before I pass out
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