||Arizona Blaze ❤||

Hey everyone! Do you remember those short stories I made about a girl who went on adventures? Of course not, only Nu-Um, Re-juvenate and maybe like one other person paid remotely any attention to the first one, and nobody gave a bubbly crap about the second one lol

But for those who do care, here’s the main character for those who were wondering what she looked like!

||Arizona Blaze~|| by Stewie106
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||Berry Adorable ❤||

I just had to draw her omg!

|| Berry Adorable~! || by Stewie106

This is the character of the fantabulous Nu-Um, and knowing how famous she is, I’d known I’d have to work fast to get some fanart of this girl before the bigger and better artists upstage me >.<

She recently adopted this gal, Berry Blue, and she reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake lol, I don’t know her personality so I just went for a carefree pose, HOPE YA DON’T MINDDD

Anyways, she’s kawaii, my drawing failed, game over haha! And for those who are wondering, her colors aren’t out yet, so it’s not just me being tired and lazy lol

In speaking of tired it’s 3 am so night! notice me senpai
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My deviantART: Stewie106
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||Noboru Nori, the Perfectionist ❤||

I’ve come to realize in my short tenure on dA that a few of my personas represent a specific aspect of my psyche.

|| Noboru Nori, the Perfectionist~ || by Stewie106

“Every detail must be perfect!”

These are the words constantly spouted by my next to unused persona Noboru Nori Shimae (also spelled Noburu Nori). Highly meticulous and intensely stubborn, he has a plan for absolutely everything, whether it be for a huge project or something as simple as grocery shopping. He records every detail with his trusty tablet on hand at all times.

If so much as a single thing goes wrong, he cannot function. He gets angry and hateful towards any and everyon, and he tries his hardest to fix whatever had gone wrong.

This represents the part of my personality who gets extremely angry whenever anything diverts from the plan, which happens very often. This is one of the many reasons I prefer to work alone – they may end up breaking my personal plan.

Theme: youtu.be/FRNvE5T4Qls

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||Thank Neptune ❤||

“Now you’ve got to keep your back straight so the arrow will go straight”

||Thank Neptune~|| by Stewie106

Happy Father’s Day fellow Americans and everyone else who celebrates this holiday! Same to you Witnesses of Jehovah! To celebrate, I drew Volk at the age of 5 being taught how to fire a laser arrow by none other than his father, Neptune ; v ;

So heartwarming… a lazy-butt background, but heartwarming

I know this needs a lot of work – this is only my 2nd time drawing an archer, and I still suck…. maybe I’ll get better, maybe I won’t. Only time will tell.
10 years later: I still suck.

ENJOY! (and please comment ; – ; kind comments only)

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My deviantART: Stewie106
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|| Benana ❤||

“I quickly realized that they’re all like, 8” ~Ben 2K17

||Benana~|| by Stewie106

Inside jokes ftw ;v;

Hey everyone! Here’s some fanart for this awesome dude named Ben whom I met at the Basement’s recent stream!!

If you guys don’t know who he is (which you probably don’t), he’s the guy who played the Grinch in this rap battle which I didn’t know existed before: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UhgRd…

Alright I hope you guys enjoy this one! I tried!! And btw I think you guys are more rainbowy than a double rainbow over the Rainbow Road after the 6th Doctor has landed on it… in the Basement~

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My deviantART: Stewie106
My YouTube – www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7

|| Axinite, Vengeful Warrior ❤||

I’ve come to realize in my short tenure on dA that a few of my personas represent a specific aspect of my psyche.

|| Axinite, Vengeful Warrior~ || by Stewie106

Cold, calculating, powerful. These traits make up the wrathful Axinite which is within my vast Rogue’s Gallery of characters. He is the very essence of my negative emotions; anger, hatred, pent up sadness, betrayal.

Due to his only companion revealing himself to be a Judas under a veneer of kindness, Axinite is absolutely untrusting of anyone he meets, and sees any other life form’s requirements less important than his own. Howver, he retains a spark of humanity – he does not like to kill. A quote from Axinite reads:
I have no need for you to live. But I have no need for you to die.

He represents the possible future that is in store for myself – untrusting, uncaring, for the betrayals and apathy shown to me by others. He represents my pent up sadness and unwilling to reveal my sensitive side in public, for fear of being hurt. Of being emotionally destroyed, like Axinite.

Theme: youtu.be/L0bcRCCg01I

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My deviantART: Stewie106
My YouTube – www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7

|| Axinite: Updated Ref 6/12/17 ❤||

Ahhh here’s old Axinite, in retro anime form cause less shading and lighting for me to do.. and it looks cool-

||Axinite: Updated Ref 6/12/17|| by Stewie106

Name: Axinite
Physical Gender: Male
Abilities/Skills: Super strength, Energy Absorption (can absorb life energy from any organism – does not kill, but he is capable), Ability to use ancient technology, Electric Charge (can create a temporary electric barrier around himself when in extremely cold temperatures or under intense stress

Personality: Stubborn, cantankerous, stern, sensitive (he hides it very well)
Hobbies: He feels like he has no time for hobbies

Gem Weapon: Yari
Gem Location: Right hand

Interesting Facts: Due to a betrayal, he sees all Gems as threats to his plans,  as Homeworld soldiers unknowing about the Gem Rebellion.  He is very untrusting of anyone he meets.

Since he is an unauthorized experiment, only his mother knew his full official Gem name

He sees everyone as an obstacle, but he will not kill. He prefers to simply toss them aside like trash and continue with his plans. Only if he sees them as Homeworld soldiers will he attempt to destroy.

Weaknesses: Heat

History Long ago on Homeworld, he was an unauthorized creation by a mysterious Gem who did not agree with the Diamonds’ rule. He was created in an abandoned Kindergarten in the polar regions of Homeworld, and was raised alone for several years. He called his creator his mother. Many years later, he met a young Gem who soon became close friends with him, but as time went by, the gem betrayed him and led an entire squadron to Axinite’s home whilst he was salvaging spare parts elsewhere. After seeing his ‘mother’ shattered in front of his own eyes, he brutally attacked the squadron, leaving but a few unpoofed. He had managed to disarm the Gem that betrayed him and launched him off the side of a palisade.

Afterwards, he fled to a small Gem ship his mother and he had forged together, using technology so ancient that no Gem would be able to use it, other than themselves of course. He crash landed in Don Juan Pond, Antarctica, and due to the lack of any technology, he was stranded. Stranded and alone. Until he caught sight of a ship being piloted by a man named Robert Scott in 1911, and managed to comandeer his vessel after Scott and his party had already left. Fortunately for Axinite, Scott and his men died on the return trip, so their ship was never missed.

Along the way, Axinite discovered strange fleshy creatures on the planet on which he landed. After exploring for a while, taking a few of the creatures’ clothes to blend in, he decided to use a few of the creatures’ primitive advances to try to get his original Gem craft operational again. However, the Earth ship he took from Scott crash landed  somewhere along the coast of Antarctica, frozen, trapped within the ice…

…that is, until the consequences of the flesh creatures’ advances took it’s toll on the Ozone layer… and slowly the ice began to melt away.

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My deviantART: Stewie106
My YouTube – www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7