The Crystal Skull of Kouai

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1981 – February 14th

Dear Diary,

I have finally acquired the most glorious treasure of my entire career! Ever since I had learned about an incident involving the Soviets in 1957, which occurred 2 years before I was born, I have dreamed of having, in my possession, an alien crystal skull. Apparently the one found in Peru had psychic properties. I did not desire the mystical properties that the skull possessed, but rather the skull itself. It had been a source of great fascination for me ever since I learned of it’s existence, and now I finally have one!

My quest for the skull began about a week ago. Valentine’s Day (today) was rapidly approaching. Knowing how most men these days prefer a shy, obedient girl who stays at home and doesn’t do anything fun without him, you can easily guess who had no valentine… again.

Therefore, since I had nobody to bestow me with gifts or vice versa, I decided to search for my own gift. A gorgeous trinket, which were far more deserving of my love than any man who believes a woman should always hold her tongue in his presence.

I started my day on the morning of February 7th. After pulling myself from my much desired slumber, I neatly curled the scarlet jungle on my head, purified from the fresh rains of my warm, soothing shower’s nozzle.

Once my teeth were liberated from the chalky, yellow army that had invaded my mouth while I slept, I threw on a small crop-topped shirt and some bell bottom jeans, not expecting to be out for very long. I walked out of my humble abode at about 6:30 in the morning, dawn itself just beginning her day, and began to stroll to the supermarket. It was only about 5 blocks way, and I only planned to pick up a little fruit. No point in polluting the air any further for a trip that only required 5 minutes of my time.

As I hummed and skipped along to “Lovely One”, the small yells of a little boy had attracted the attention of my auricles, and were enough to bring me to a stop.

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Over 40 extraterrestrial remains found in the Amazon Rainforest! Skulls of crystal!”

I didn’t know what was more surprising to me — the fact that newspaper boys were still around, or that there were even more crystal skulls like the one lost two decades ago. I simply had to know the details of their whereabouts. I gleefully took a paper from the little boy, who looked no older than ten, and gladly paid him the money he earned.

“T-Thank you, ma’am!””

He was so tiny and cute, I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Awww, thank  you! And keep up the great work!” As I gently tousled his sweet, golden locks, I nearly forgot about the fruit I was going to buy! I was simply mesmerized by this little fluffy marshmallow with silky honey drizzled over his tiny head. Only a sign across the road, advertising Strawberry Shortcake dolls, snapped my mind back into order. I galloped off towards the market as fast as I could. I had to do my job so I can read this newspaper. Suddenly, fruit didn’t seem as important as before.

      I arrived in the sanctity of my neat little house, and quickly arranged the fruit in a picturesque fountain pattern in the corner of the dining room table, as I’d always done. All except for one, red delicious apple. I rushed into my bedroom, my fangs clutching tightly to the apple as my hands would’ve done, had they not been occupied with another task. I kept my lights off and opened a few curtains, for I preferred natural light. It seemed a lot softer and more bearable than the glass bulbs created in even the most modern laboratories.

Laying across my bed, I stared at the newspaper, sprawled out over my gentle comforter, and examined it in complete silence, sans the sounds of my 32, salivated knights in pearl armor, squeezing the sweet juices from a small piece of the apple, each sub-section caressing my tongue. My eyes skimmed the page right under the lucid headline – “Crystalline Skeleton Mine!”, searching for any hints to the precise location of this brilliant archaeological find.

A cluster of crystalline remains have recently been discovered in the southeastern sector of the Amazon Rainforest by a small expedition led by Professor Harrison Connery, PhD. “It was an absolute marvel. We were simply searching for a cave in which to stay the night, when (Alastair) Johnson discovered an entire room filled with these alien relics, and the bodies of the apparent soldiers that guarded them. If it weren’t for his admirable curiosity, we would never have found this manifold.” Connery told the Strawberry Sentinel yesterday evening.”

“OH YES!” I thought to myself, elated. “Ally’s finally getting the recognition he deserves! I can just see his face on the news now… with his milk chocolate hair, sea foam eyes, a nose as cute as a baby’s button, a voice which soothes even an agitated yellowjacket to rest…”

When I felt my lips clinging onto the paper, I knew it was time for my fantasy to stop. There wasn’t time to think about my celebrity crush at a time like this, even if he was the one who discovered these skulls.

    “These were all discovered in a small cave around the southeast sector of the Amazon. Each of these treasures are being taken to museums around the United States, and the bodies are going to be thoroughly investigated by our top scientists.”

“Awww kumquat!” I yelled in anger. I wanted one of those skulls so badly! It’s one of the reasons I became an archaeologist in the first place. Of course the government would take the bodies – anything from off-planet is of great interest to the Bureau. I instantly began to feel a cloud of despair envelop me within it.

But wait.

A light.

A beautiful, glowing light.

Radiating from within my head.

Yes, it dispelled the darkness, leaving it to starve for a while, until it found a more unlucky victim. I had just remembered reading a book involving one of the more unusual crystal skulls in the Amazon, belonging to an ancient king. I knew then there was only one place left to go. I rushed out the door, hopped into my ’73 Gremlin, and drove off into the horizon.

     The Blossom Springs Library. A humble, yet happy bibliotheca of imagination and wonder. However, the wonder I was searching for did not come from the mind. Rather, it came from the congregation of knowledge of previous historical records – nonfiction to be brief.

I wandered around aimlessly, trying to remember which book contained the information I required. Walls of books, stiffly positioned in strict uniformity, waiting for their time to be chosen. A rainbow of knowledge surrounding me on all sides, several stories high, each book having it’s own unique quality which it uses to attract potential mates. I quickly turned into the “C” section – which had nothing to do with birth, mind you – and bobbed up and down the aisles, eyes sharply peeled for any mention of crystal skulls. After 2 minutes, transformed into two menacingly long hours by my highly impatient mind, I had begun to actually lose hope in finding what I sought-after. Suddenly, among the walls of sleeved hay, I found my beloved needle – “Crystallia Cerebrallium or The History of Crystal Skulls in South America”, by that lovely gentleman by the name of Sir Fitzwilliam Finch, whom I’ve brought attention to several times in my entries. This is the book I have checked out again and again ever since I was merely 5 years old. However, to save time, I had simply brought a bundle of college ruled paper with me in order to write notes, as well as a miniature Polaroid.

Bringing the book and my supplies over to the table, I opened it up, and examined every inch of that book for possible clues. Within the first 10 minutes of reading, I had already collected three pages of research! If only it were that easy when writing a term paper for college.

One fact, however, was incredibly bold. It captivated me. It was as if a hand sprung forth from the pages and held my chin, forcing it downwards to that one paragraph within the sea of ancient runes of this 18th century book.

      [translated into modern English for better comprehension] “An example of extraterrestrial life in the deep junglira was recorded to be found in the now-lost city of Celestia Solar, named for the bright glow it was believed to have given during solar eclipses. Ancient records were discovered, detailing the events that two alien life forms with craniums elongated in the back once came to the city, and the current king, Talos the Executioner, believing them to be studying his people for an invasion, sentenced them both to death.

      Upon their dissection, the king discovered that their skulls were elongated in the back, and their skeletons were composed of pure crystal. He deemed the aliens’ bodies to be invaluable treasures, and locked them away in his secret treasure room, guarding them until his usurpation in about 1346. Then they were guarded by the rule of about 20 more monarchs before the city’s apparent destruction in 1542, by conquistadors who had allied themselves with a rival tribe. With the burning of the great Domum Grandei (Grand Palace) in which they were held, all of it’s relics, including the bodies, were deemed to be lost. However, the treasure room was said to be kept safely in the rock underneath the temple, so the artifacts may actually be intact. The current location of the cities’ remains is unknown, but it is said to have been in the northwest sector of the Amazon Rainforest.”

Suddenly, a joyous grin brightened my freckle-sprinkled face. Even a complete stranger who had stumbled upon you, my sweet diary, and read this very entry without any prior knowledge of my personality could tell what I was thinking.

     Once I returned home from the literary chamber, I immediately dashed for my supplies. I had traveled to the Amazon several times before, and yet there is an entire plethora of treasures still left untouched by man for many centuries. Along with my traditional jacket, fedora, and whip, mimicking the style of my valiant idol, I had taken the precaution of packing a small bag full of supplies that would prove useful on my quest. These included:

  • A modern compass
  • Several advanced first-aid medical kits
  • two 50 ft long strands of rope
  • Creature repellent
  • Provisions to last me 1 week
  • A few changes of clothing and a towel (I’ll be fine bathing in a waterfall)
  • A small notebook detailing how to decipher the ancient texts of Celestia Solar
  • A machete

I had remembered to take into account every single outcome – including ones that one would normally declare impossible. 3 years of professional archaeology were enough to teach me to always expect the normally unexpected.

About to head outside, I quickly acknowledged the absence of an important aspect of my arsenal. I ran back into my room, unlocked the top drawer in my rich, chestnut dresser, and removed my 6-slotted sharpshooter, shoving it into it’s safe pouch at my side.  One never knows when they might need one.

    I arrived at a private airstrip at about 8:02 am. It was quite serene actually – a crisp, blue sky poking it’s head up from the horizon. Millions of emerald blades surrounding the concrete land, kissed all over by Morning’s dew, the aquatic residue still sitting happily upon their faces. Little flowers were scattered throughout their tiny plain, gazing out at the sunrise. Mockingbirds sang happily for their autotrophic cousins, their gentle sonatas advertised by the gentle winter breeze. Mountains sat atop their rocky thrones in the distance, smiling down upon this natural wonderland.

Along the concrete path lied a few small warehouses, beautifully painted with young, bright colors, straight from Care-A-Lot. It added so much to the glory of this place.
As I gently strolled over to one of the warehouses, clothed in a sweet strawberry jacket, I head a voice call out to me.

“Amazon again, eh Ari?”

I giggled softly and turned to face the voice, beaming gently.

“You know it, Steven!” You know Steven; gentle wisps of ocean hair to match his bright, amber eyes. He sported his main outfit – a powder blue, neatly buttoned shirt with a handsome collar. Walls of cottony sand shielded his legs from the waist down, until they met with the coffee colored sandals which massaged his feet with every step. His manner of speech was quite relaxed, only formal enough to allow him to be taken seriously, and not intimidate his peers.

“Haha, I thought so. After I saw the paper this morning, I instantly came here and made sure the old girl was in tiptop shape. All systems are at optimum efficiency, and there’s a change of oil in the back if you happen to run out!”

“Oh thank you, Steven! You know me so well.” He was so thoughtful. I can’t believe that only 4 years ago, he was an intern in aerial mechanics. Now he’s operating this small, yet magical place, always having something in store for his number 1 tenant.

He simply smiled at me in return, and went over to the warehouse, and opened up its wide mouth. Resting on it’s concrete tongue lied my personal biplane – “Fluffy’s Flame“. Yes, it’s a strange name, but that name is a treasure from my childhood, and I will never let that go. Coated with a lush scarlet, and wings dressed in petunia and streaks of the sun, my little Stearman had gotten me through some tight corners – from escaping hostile tomb raiders in the rolling hills of the Thai landscape to evading the strangely belligerent monks of the Himalayas, this propeller-equipped partner of mine has stuck with me through thick and thin! I couldn’t imagine an adventure without her by my side. Steven, my hero on the sidelines, and  good ol’ Flame, my partner in crime. Oh what would I do without these two?

Steven whipped out two lighthouse shaped wands and rushed onto the track, but not before giving me specific instructions to the perfect landing site. I had to trust him, since he’s an expert on the Amazon – well book smart anyways. I inserted my key into Flame‘s ignition in order to wake her from her fortnightly rest. She stirred and grumbled as her nose slowly began to spin. Her engines began to chug and chug, pistons marching in place faster and faster. She warms up in 15 seconds faster than most humans can do in 5 minutes. When I was sure she was working at her best, I shot a great big thumb of approval at his eye, and he caught it perfectly, waving his wands toward himself, signalling me to drive forward. Easing my foot on the gas pedal, my sweet Flame began to crawl forward, inch by inch. Then feet. Then yards. Easing her way towards my stay-at-home companion.

He slowly lifted his wands in the air as they flaunted their bodies, flickering and cheering, urging my Fluffy on. I could feel her lifting herself off of the ground, reeling in her ventral wheels, and flying right over Steven’s flickering goal post. As the winds from her propeller swept his hair into waves, I raised my hand high in the air, like a clockwork, waving goodbye as I had done a million times before. Only this time, I’m getting something for myself – something which is more rewarding than any money the museum could’ve offered me.

The Amazon – Day 1 | February 9th

     I finally arrived close to the Amazon rainforest in the wee hours of February 8th. So many pitstops and refills and coffee. Now we could finally relax.. kick our feet up. Unfortunately, I was extremely tired. So I took a protective tarp, spritzed with my animal repellent, and pulled it over my head. I had soon fallen asleep in my dear plane, so I could not really describe much. Except the fact that my rest was absolutely blissful. I awoke at noon the next morning. Wow I truly was tired! As I pulled myself awake, I finally had the chance to scan my surroundings.

The area was saturated with green. Gentle plants were sprinkled along the ground where I landed. An olive colored river was positioned adjacent to the lush patch, the entire area surrounded by an army of colossal, organic warriors, with sturdy bark armor and millions of little feet, holding them in place. Leafy plants strolled up and down the lakeside, viewing with great interest the water lily parade going by. Bright watermelon-colored heliconia hung down from the warriors’ branches in order to see the spectacle for themselves.

In addition to the wonderful flora in this place, the fauna was absolutely adorable! Primary colored avians with striped beaks playing in the trees, a little dolphin with a cotton candy coating, dancing along in the river, poking it’s little head up and down and up and down, again and again. Along the armored plates of some of the gorgeous mangroves, shiny jeweled caterpillars slunk slowly up the trees, longing for the taste of their luscious leaves. It looked like paradise.

I smiled softly, taking in the land and it’s beauty. I slowly hopped out of my plane, the splash of the Amazonian mud on my boots giving me great satisfaction. As I took it all in, a small Kaiser Jeep, camouflaged with the colors of the forest, fell upon my wary eye. Oh Steven!  He knew exactly that I needed to make it through. Remembering my need to know where I am, I reached into the mouth of my jacket’s right pocket, and pulled out a lovely map, marked with the exact position of where I’m located right now. How I’d kill for the Global Positioning System right now, but it’s still in experimental stages… and restricted to military purposes. How useful would it be for us civilians to get around.
Walking up to this vehicle, I examined it’s features – a smooth coat of green and brown paint, held up by a sturdy litter of rubber and metal soldiers, equipped for rocky and smooth terrain, mountainous and uniform, moist and desiccated. Just enough room for me, my tools, and my prize. I couldn’t wait. I was positioned in the mid-eastern Amazon – I would make the northwest in about 2 days maximum.

Nothing else truly interesting happened that day. Just driving through a dense woodland whilst being showered constantly by the Amazon. The pity is that I didn’t run into any spider webs like I thought I would. Spiders have always fascinated me. They seemed so adorable yet so creepy at the same time. Oh well, maybe next time I guess.

Lucky for me, when the sun traded places for the moon’s dusky dance floor, I discovered there were camping supplies within the Jeep’s caboose! How perfect! My night was quite enjoyable, being gently lulled to sleep by the sweet nocturne of the amazon.

The Amazon – Day 2 | February 10th

      This day was also pretty uneventful. Had some undercooked oatmeal for breakfast, then carried on driving. I snapped a few photos of some animals that I passed by, such as a few macaws and an anaconda protecting her eggs. I never will understand why any male would want to breed with her – not really worth being a father if you become lunch before your babies are born, is it?

Soon, Dusk had cast his star-brimmed shadow over the rainforest. I had just arrived at the northwest sector of the Amazon, and set up camp near a small stream, a gentle cascade feeding it constantly. The water gave off a steady, sapphire glow, in addition to the moon’s soft eye, casting a white shadow over it. There was little wildlife that could actually hurt me, so I knew this was a perfect place to set up.

After finishing my delectable dinner, I decided to wander over to the stream, with a bit of my leftover chicken. I waved it over the water slowly, checking for any signs of piranhas. Once I determined the coast was clear, I liberated myself from my cotton and leather reigns, and cleansed myself from the humidity and sweat resulting from the long drive, and the lush environment in which it took place. Even if the greenwood had done me that honor several times during my drive, it feels nice to let loose once in a while, especially out in nature, allowing you to become one with the Earth.

Letting nature drench my body, I twirled and danced around it it’s crystalline waters, shimmering and twinkling under the moon’s tranquil light. Unfortunately, some of the plants in the water seemed angry at my presence. Maybe if I hadn’t so carelessly stepped on them, they wouldn’t have gathered the fury to wrap their stringy arms around my ankles. They felled me like a tree, in my own nonchalance, face first into the aquatic bulwark. That was sure to teach me a lesson in respect. I immediately thrust my arms forward, hoping my hands would help cushion my fall, keeping my nose from ever touching the hard rock from behind the waters.

At last, impact. My eyes were shut tight, trying to keep the water out of my eyes. But…something was different about this. I wasn’t standing totally upright anymore, or leaning against a sturdy wall. I was close to being on my knees, actually. My head was no longer being bombarded by the coterie of H2O, seeking the thrill of adventure. I slowly opened the curtains over my eyeballs, and what I saw made my toes curl.

A passageway. Lined with unlit torches. Long and wide, strapped with a diabase carapace. Dazzled with bits limestone, and the ceiling bedecked with hanging mosses. I couldn’t see all that much, as it was very dark. However, the soft glow of the waterfall was enough for me to see a noticeable imprinting on the wall. The writings were quite strange, but I think I could make out the text-


    I instantly recognized these words from my book on the ancient language. These very words roughly translated to – “CITY OF THE ECLIPSED SUN”

I knew I was in the right place. I turned back and rushed back through the cascade, minding the minding the presence of the furious flora submerged within. I dried myself off instantly with the towel, and hopped into my tent. In my rush, I had forgotten to put any clothing on before I boarded the Dreamland Express. Oh I’m sure the passengers wouldn’t mind. Besides, following my discovery, lack of nightly garb was the least of my worries.

The Amazon – Day 3 | February 11th

   At long last, my dream was about to be realized. I quickly threw on a lightweight olive green jacket, which was imported directly from Austria, and some light beige cargo pants for travel. The clothes I had on for the past two days were packed tightly in a small trunk in the Jeep, protecting them from the constant rains. My onyx boots and mocha-colored, waterproofed leather jacket, however, stayed in action for another day. After gathering my supply bag, I tossed my hat onto my head, and leaped into the pool below, wading through. Diving into the waterfall, I rolled on my side onto the solid, dry ground, and smiled happily.

From the depths of my bag, I pulled out a small flashlight – completely dry, I may add, and turned it on. Since it was morning, I could see a lot better, but it still helped to hold a flashlight. Clip, clop, clip, clop, my boots thumping against the rocky floor as my eyes darted elsewhere. They were too busy looking at ancient carvings in the walls.




“SUN”, “MOON”, “STARS”. Each word filled me with utmost satisfaction. It meant I was getting closer and closer to my goal. Brushing aside a myriad of cobwebs, I could see the grayness of the rock fade into pitch black. Soot. Embedded within the walls and floors, obscuring glorious, yet evanescent murals detailing their history. Corpses of the phoenixes. Removing my camera from my satchel, I snapped a few photos in rapid succession, carefully slipping them into my breast pockets once they dried. I felt myself growing closer and closer. One engravement especially caught my attention – a geometric hodgepodge. Triangles, pentagons, squares and more, all arranged randomly amongst a hexagonal canvas. A pattern of small, red blobs – footprints I think – lined up along the shapes, arrows leading to each one in such a convoluted way. What could it mean? I simply shrugged and snapped a small photo of it, heading on my way.

Amongst the dimness of the musky cave, I saw a crack of light to the left of me, into a small archway. It quietly beckoned me over, I crept, closer and closer to the light… and what I saw amazed me to no end.

   As I brushed aside the hanging vines of the archway, I was met by an entire rainbow of colors – Red, Blue, Violet, all mixed in together on a wide, jade canvas, separated only by a spacious lake in the east, reflecting the twinkle of the stars. The lake was overlooked by a mountain of vegetation, hiding several pane-less windows which where scattered throughout. Bijou pools, in contrast, were strewn among the landscape, schools of water lilies swimming synchronously along the sloughs of Adam’s ale.  Paved dirt roads streaked along the ground, sweet grasses and flowers towering above the mineral-rich curbs. I could make out a few dilapidated pillars at the ends of a few of the pathways, hoisting up large slabs of rock, clung onto by more grass. A fantastic obelisk stood in the center, quite mystifying indeed. In front of all of this mesmerizing wonderland, the ruins ancient temple sat atop an alpine throne, smothered in brush and greenery. In addition to this, a cordillera reaching towards the heavens fortified this municipality, shielding it from the view of the harsh foreign landscape.

A series of successive escaliers were presented in front of me, each leading to a small platform. I tread carefully, as this stone hasn’t been so much as touched for the past 5,000 years. I took in my surroundings, smiling brightly as I passed through. The sky was still a bit dim, and the morning’s corona hadn’t fully poked it’s head from the horizon. Therefore, the scenery possessed a bright navy hue.

Making it to the foot of the emergent stairway, I began making my way over to the grass-covered king, waving happily at his loyal subjects, unseen for almost five millennia. For a major primordial city, it didn’t have many tall buildings – of course, most of them were burned, so I really shouldn’t complain.

As I reached the bed of the colossal, lapidarian staircase, a bright, yellow crown had formed behind the temple’s mountain, emphasizing it’s high state of importance. I stepped up slowly, gazing at the ruins, mostly healed from it’s horrific scorching. I neared the top, and the lithic tiles began to become more broken and tattered. I nearly tripped over one of these, and thankfully I didn’t; it was a long way down.

Despite it’s ruined appearance, the temple seemed quite beautiful actually. After the burning, it seems that it, along with the many other ruins, had become quite fertile, seeing the plants sprout out from the mountainside. My lips curled into a smile as I walked into the temple, about to seal my destiny.

     A once thriving temple, consumed by fire. The area was quite large – it seemed like the audience of the O2 could fit inside. The floor and walls were bleached with shade – ashes everywhere. I could see the remains of a royal statue on a sapphire throne, surrounded by a collection of collapsed pillars, a skeleton hiding under one of them. Nothing remained except rock and ash, cobwebs and dust. Barely decipherable ancient symbols etched into the surroundings.

All possible traps had been destroyed in the blaze. Nevertheless I did not wish to disturb any of my surroundings for the fear of ruining future archaeological expeditions. I gingerly neared the ruined statue, the colossal throne having barely survived the great fire. Upon a closer investigation, I had discovered that the uncharred cathedra had been forged from a special type of obsidian; Komai – flame-resistant glass. Quite ingenious actually. What fascinated me most is how they got a large enough sample in an azure hue.

What I had also discovered.. was that my foot was was sinking. I quickly lifted it up and shot my head downwards, showing I had stepped on a pressure-sensitive tile. A great cloud of fear came over me. Was this the end? Had I triggered a trap that would not only ruin my chances of finding the mysterious alien remains? I took a few steps back, and braced myself for what was about to happen. The absolute strangest thing occurred afterwards, a situation which would baffle even the most prestigious professors.
Nothing. Not even a quiver. The room never started to rumble. Rocks did not throw themselves onto me and try to pin me to the floor. Ferocious darts never flung themselves to try to penetrate me with their deathly barbs. The tile simply rose up again.

That was it.

The whole ordeal befuddled me greatly. I expected to be dead or at least barely escape with my life, but for nothing to happen? That was strangely impossible! Unless…
I turned my head downward again, and my eyes widened greatly. It was a whole series of tiles – about 32 of them, placed in a large hexagonal pattern embedded within the floor. The tiles were in a large assortment of sizes, all worshiping a large, heptagonal tile in the center. What was this? If not a trap, what for? Then, creeping up the corner of my eye, one of the extremely faded murals on the walls – a celebration it seemed. Festivities and dances. It appears that many balls were held here, in this very room… and these tiles… A CODE!

The only logical explanation for the tiles was a secret code! Possibly to open the passageway to the mystical treasure room? The very thought made me giddy! But wait, I don’t know the code… then I recalled something that made my eyes brighten up.
The engravement on the cave wall. Of the shapes on the hexagon. Could that have been it? The key to the treasure room? I pondered for a moment, trying to remember the exact order in which the footsteps were shown. As I gazed down to the floor, the answer hit me right in the face! Well, I hit it actually.

The Polaroid camera around my neck – I had taken a picture of that very marking before I went outside! I opened up my breast pocket and flipped through the photos, searching for that one, vital picture. At last, out of the ducks, a goose! The image with the code, I had it in my hands. The secret to success was actually in my possession.

I overlooked the small cryptograph within, my eyes darting back and forth from the photo to the tiles. After a few seconds, my legs had grown impatient, and leaped forward onto the first tile. A sweat instantly broke out from the side of my head as I grew increasingly nervous. My eyes focused on the paper as my legs danced around on the charred and ancient stage, my brain ordering them flawlessly.

Right! Left! Forward! Left! Back! Gracefully landing on each tile with the utmost of ease. I felt my apprehensiveness melt away as I lost myself in the dance, imagining a 9 year old me dancing along to the Jackson 5 on Soul Train every morning. I became a Machine, every cog of my steel-willed body helping me work at optimum efficiency; Optical sensors, inputting necessary information to my dedicated CPU, the thing that makes sure all instructions are as clear as day. Each chug of the hardware making it’s own symphonic noise, soothing Central Processor, keeping her from overloading on the spot. I was having so much fun!

My mechanical minuet came to a close as soon as the final tile was struck by my pirouette. BOOM! A cloud of smoke and dust erupted from behind the flame-resistant throne, prodding my instincts to pull me away by a few steps. I gaped in absolute awe and surprise as the throne, like a mathematical compass, drew it’s abdominal surface along the ground in an arc, the dust pushing it away as if it were a door. As the smoke cleared, I could just barely make out a gilded archway, shrouded in cobwebs, shy of outside contact, and lonely from lack thereof.

Every inch of my body squealed and screamed, insisting that I give into my juvenile spirit and rush into the great cave. Instead, however, I approached slowly and warily, smiling every step of the way.

     Whipping out my glowing rod which held a small bulb within its stomach, I began to explore the cryptic chamber, once hidden by the regal chair. The walls here seemed to be in much better condition than the ones in the main hall. Less barren and dry. In fact, there was a small, waved carpet that slunk along the ground which I walked. That brought a great deal of my attention, as it seemed to be completely unburnt – just smothered in dust.

My curiosity had been piqued immensely. If the entire temple had been burned, how come this carpet was completely unscorched? Especially considering the materials it was made of. As I stared at the rug pensively, I noted that the carpet bounced down a small stairwell in front of me. Like a princess, I gracefully placed one foot in front of the other, again and again, over and over. I had a deep feeling within that I was close to finally meeting my prince.

Then… a glow. A luminous beam of gold flickered from the stairwell’s gentle bed. It beckoned and whispered to me, captivating me. My own Curiosity locked me away in a box, and whether or not I would survive  Schrödinger’s scheme was the true mystery, the thrill of the adventure. Pat. Pat. My boots firmly planting themselves at the trough. What I had seen next made my heart stop in it’s tracks.

     Gold. A sea of gold. Bejeweled chalices floated after colossal chests, amid serpents born from the throat of oysters, ad talisman mermaids resting upon precious stones. Every exciting moment, frozen in time for millenia, the great luster never waning an iota.

It was simply magnificent. The way the gold gleamed within the hadal essence, untouched by destruction, the fury of Charles V. But how did these wonders survive?  As I tread soft steps, I came to a educated conclusion; this was protected by the throne itself! one cannot simply burn a mountaintop to the ground – otherwise we would not have volcanoes, whose magma greatly outmatches that of a mere flame. The komai throne protected this entire segment of the palace! Preserved since the fall of the great civilization these relics once belonged to.

If you thought I was a geek then, just wait till you hear what I saw next. As I waded through the room, ankle deep in antiquities and treasure, I could spot a faint, white glow from the center of the room, barely obscured by an oceanic tarp. Goosebumps cheered along my skin as I crawled up to it. My hair curled, my fingers squealed, my toes clamoring towards the light. My gentle phalanges ran along the tarp, the lazulous pearls within my head locked onto it. Nearing the head, my fingers clutched the thin jacket’s page, my heart racing wildly, as if Richard Petty were running it.

On the count of 3… the mystery under the bedsheet will have been revealed.

1… my toes begin to hop in excitement.

2… my lungs go into labor, trying so hard to push my breaths out into the world.

At long last, the moment of truth had come. My brain yelled “3!”, and I yanked the cover back. A skeleton. A skeleton of pure, uncut crystal. An armonica of thin ribs, brought together by the beautiful vertebrae. It’s figure was surprisingly humanoid, aside from the three, thin fingers, the curvaceous neck, and the crown jewel of it all – the gorgeous skull.

It was strangely elongated in the back, almost like a football. No tool marks, not a chip within the stone. It was stunning. I was s tempted to take the skull and run off with it, but I was barred from doing so due to the fact that it was still attached to the neck. Upon closer examination, however, I had discovered that most of the cervical vertebrae had been fractured or separated from the skull entirely – possibly during the dissection process. Ergo, with just a small twist, the skull popped right off of its foundation, and right into my arms. I cradled the alien cranium in my arms, stroking it as if it were an infant. I didn’t even bother the body which lied next to the now-decapitated skeleton – my mission was finally complete.

     I arrived back in Arkansas on the 13th. I was absolutely thrilled at the fact that my childhood dream had been realized after all of these years! My excitement was so great, I even named it – Alastair! Named after my idol! I invited several family members and friends over to my house to celebrate, during which we had lots of ice cream and cake, watched movies, played games, etc.

Tomorrow, I shall report my findings and my possession of the skull to the International Bureau of Archaeology and Antiquities, who may pay me about $3,000,000 for my discovery of the lost city, as well as the intact remains of the two extraterrestrial lifeforms (well, one and 7/8 of one intact-). They’d most certainly allow me to own the skull – reasoning with them is far easier than it is with my younger sister, who I denied from holding the skull from fear she’d drop it! Of course, she’s nothing but a record player, with her constant “Please, please, please, please, please!” Eventually, I gave her permission to hold it, but not after asserting my ownership. Interestingly enough, she didn’t want to hold the skull afterwards! Equally interesting to me was the skull’s smooth, glassy taste… quite sweet actually.

Tonight, I sleep with my dear Alastair on my bedside table. This concludes my weekly diary entry. Until the next time.

With love,


This is just a little short story I have been working on for about a week ;v;; This involves a character I have been thinking about making a reality after getting back into Indiana Jones~
Hope you like it! Sorry for it being a little long though!

I also apologize for the strange formatting of the text on this website – WordPress simply refused to indent properly, and it was such a hassle all the way through.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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