||❤Noburu Nori Shimae❤||

Hey guys.. I’m just.. posting one last thing before I sleep ;v;

This is Noburu Nori Eloen Schimae ( Noburu Nori is all one name, like Mary Jane or Ann Lee ) : he is the bitter archnemesis of Nokona Amari.

New Char I made

I made this guy BEFORE Nokona but I decided to post her first.. because villain to a hero haha!

Basically in the world they live in, the girls are the predominant ones, not the boys.. and there are certain Suffragers ( male Suffragettes ) have taken more.. extreme measures of trying to enforce equality… that’s all I’ll say c:

7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400  7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400

Noburu Nori Shimae belongs to moi~

7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400  7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400

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