I’m Volk Chamomile.. and…

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And… I have a problem…

Okay so you’re probably wondering where this is all coming from. Well.. it all started last night.. okay not ALL of it started last night, but this is when tensions were most high.

If you remember Lexa, or Re-Juvenate for you deviantARTers, then… you’ll probably know where this is going.

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You see… I.. I accidentally.. upset her.. ;-; very, very badly. Apparently I’m.. far too passionate and  emotionally out of control for my own good.. I’ve been shaking and crying all last night just thinking about it (thanks to one of her friend who’s acting as both a mentor and an ambassador on her behalf)

I… I didn’t know my feeling certain ways about certain things actually hurt people.. nor have I ever wanted to seem like I was looking down on her or her boyfriend. இ_இ

Her boyfriend talks super formally, like.. no exclamation points whatsoever, so it kinda sharply contrasted with me… I tried to emulate his speech so my excitement wouldn’t me misreturned.. instead I just returned his formality and I accidentally came off as standoffish and rude.. lovely. I guess I should’ve listened to this picture instead:

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All of this… it’s… it’s made me realize I’m a terrible person.. and I’m trying to get better. I’ll probably hide in my shell forever.. even from my closest friends. I’ll try to… redeem myself.. make sure I don’t seem like a hostile, irritable old man anymore.  I’m working on hiding my opinions.. my true feelings.. for the better of everyone.

All in all: If I seem more withdrawn lately.. please don’t be alarmed. It’s just me… learning to humble myself. Learning to not be so prideful. Learning… to hide.

Goodbye everyone… and.. and I’m sorry… if you seemed that I saw myself superior to you. Because I’m not.. I’m simply bedrock.

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Kano Shuuya || Kagerou Project || Mino-dono


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