||Family Beach Time♥||

Oh hi.. this is just something old I made..

Family Beach Time.PNG

It involves me.. and my friends (right to left): Lux.. Spyro.. and.. and Lexa… Image result for anime cry gif

I really hope she doesn’t hate me now… or else I’ll just curl up and die in my pit of despair..

WELL enough of that bullcrap. Hope you at least like the picture..

7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400  7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400

Volk Chamomile and Aurora Ngô belongs to moi~

7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400  7074c-tumblr_liq74ua6881qh865xo1_400

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Thank you~ Image result for anime cute boy smile gif


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