||Aurora Ngô~||

Totally not based off of Re-juvenate of deviantART

So here we are, a new character~! She’s very kind and sweet, but tick her off and you’re in for a universe of pain!


Aurora Namyriitha Ngô ( middle name a WIP, cause elven names are weird )

An elf/wolf girl who has a troubled past, Aurora is a very lovely girl you’d be crazy not to like! She is a master at the katana blade, and extremely agile. she may or may not have a fluffy wolf tail-

Interesting Facts: One eye is brighter than the other~
Red Orb She loves loud, hard music
Tangerine Orb Her voice is really soft ( Almost like Volk’s~ ) but can quickly turn sharp if pushed past a certain point
YellowOrb Also, despite being a wolf girl, she will not eat animal products… I guess she doesn’t want people to think all wolves are just cruel predators ;O; Wolves have feelings too!!
Limegreen-orb She has a pet dragon from her first meeting with Volk, in which they stumbled upon some dragon eggs
Ultrablue Orb One of her nicknames is Misty~
Pastelpurple-orb She LOVES bunnies! Image result for kawaii pixel bunnyImage result for kawaii pixel bunny
Welp, enjoy!

her hair was meant to be curly ;A;

Image result for kawaii dividersImage result for kawaii dividers

Aurora Ngô belongs to moi~

Made with Rinmaru Mega Anime Avatar Creator , created by Rinmaru

Image result for kawaii dividersImage result for kawaii dividers

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Comments in addition to the wonderful favorites given are appreciated very much!!  I worked so hard on this, senpais~ Nice comments are the best like wow


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