|| Nico’s Neko Request ||

Hooray for Sta.sh being full! I’Lloyd have to upload my pics here!

So this is a request for my dA mom who wanted his/her character, Volk, and Violet all together as nekos! I failed lol



| | Volk Reference Sheet ( 1/14/17 ) | |

Hey everybody! This is actually a very old drawing that I decided to go ahead and color now.. I wanted to upload all of the references in order, but I couldn’t find the picture of Stat I drew, so I postponed coloring it.. then I said screw it cause I have no friends to talk to LOL

So here is the new, improved, pastel version of the Volk reference!

Volk Ref Full~.jpg

Full name: Volk Quartzlrix Chamomile
Nickname(s) or Alias: Volky, Volkster, Quartz
Gender: Boy
Species: Chameleon
Age: 14 ( his birthday, unlike mine, hasn’t come yet )
Birthday: May 25th, 2002
Sexuality: Asexual ( more on the hetero side )
City or town of birth: ???
Currently lives: Somewhere on Earth
Relationship Status: Single ( Forever alone c: )

2 ft. 6 in (0.762m) [de aged]

4 ft. 7 in (1.397m)  [Real Form]

29 lb (13kg)

Hair colour: No Hair
Eye colour: Wisteria (Normal/de-aged) Swirly ( Super )

Skin/fur/etc colour: Cerulean ( De-aged ) Midnight Blue ( Normal ) Light Cyan ( Super )
Scars/distinguishing marks: None
Preferred style of clothing: A denim jumpsuit with his logo on it ( De-aged ) A dapper 18th Century styled violet suit ( Normal ) An outfit like this https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/22/f3/12/22f3125fce0731d5238a8661cf272eb9.jpg ( Super )
Frequently worn jewelry/accessories: none
Smoker? No
Drinker? No
Recreational Drug User? Which? No
Addictions: None
Allergies: None
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities None:
Any medication regularly taken: None
Personality: Caring, Sweet, Shy ( With tail ) Mean, Cranky, Querulous ( Without Tail )
Likes: Crystals, friends, winning, video games, robots, sci-fi, Doctor Who
Dislikes: Homophobes, Racists, betrayal
Fears/phobias: Spiders, Wasps
Favourite colour: Purple
Hobbies: Crystal hunting
Taste in music: Retro, Video Game music, Classical,  basically anything except grunge or loud rock bands
Talents/skills: Extremely nimble
Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? He can drive plenty of his own vehicles
Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore
Favourite food(s): Chicken, cheese, salad, Skittles, other things

Favourite drink(s): Coca Cola
Disliked food(s): ???
Disliked drink(s): Anything Alcoholic
Describe the character’s house/home: Hs home is a gigantic spherical space station orbiting the planet – the Death Moon

Do they share their home with anyone? Who? His robots
Significant/special belongings:
Peaceful or aggressive attitude? He has a duelist, passive technique in battle, but he can be very aggressive at times
Fighting skills/techniques: Leaping over people, shocking them, wall jumping

Special skills/magical powers/etc: Can fire electric bolts from his fingertips

Weapon of choice (if any): Purple, curved lightsaber, several blasters and other weapons he has in his arsenal

Weaknesses in combat: He’s short ( de-aged ) His coat gets in the way ( Normal )

Strengths in combat:
Parents names: Neptune Solstice Chamomile ( Father ), Artemis Cordelia Chamomile, née Zenon ( Mother )
Are parents alive or dead? Alive
Is the character still in contact with their parents? Yup
Siblings? Relationship with siblings? 1: Alyssa Amethyne Chamomile | Very well

Other Important Relatives: Unknown

Partner/Spouse: None ( Forever aloneee )
Best Friend: Johnathan Masakurai, Stat Foxwell, Willow Lazuli, V1, Alyssa Chamomile, BlackHawk ( :icongenblackhawk1: ), Tungle ( :iconsirensandbubbles: )

Other Important Friends: Too many to count
Acquaintances: too many to count
Pets: none
Enemies? Why are they enemies?

Walter Salisbury ( Archenemy ) Various Reasons

D.O.O.M.E – Evil

Other people

A girl I don’t care to mention but you know her anyways

Describe their early childhood (newborn – age 10): Mother kidnapped, gained powers, unleashed his dark side ( Super Volk )
Describe their teenage years (11 – 19): Former friend Walter revealed true intentions, Defeated several opponents, met friends, lost tail, built the Death Moon, traveled to Earth, got new tail, met more friends

Describe their adult years (20+):
None yet


Volk Chamomile belongs to moi~


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First Tablet Drawing~

Hey everybody! I got a new drawing tablet for my birthday and this is my very first tablet drawing!! Yes, it sucks, I know haha but gimme a breakkk!!

First Tablet Drawing .jpg


This was meant to be a fake screenshot with a story behind it but oh well screw it.. made with Autodesk Sketchbook!