MASCOT | Volk Chamomile

Yes well after my gf made herself a mascot, I thought, “Why not make one of my own to represent me EVERYWHERE, not just Sonic?” but… then I realized.. I ALREADY HAD ONE!!

Here is the new, improved, pastel, human Volk reference! OMG It looks so much better than the first one haha! Worked 3 days on this thing-


Human Volk Reference.jpg

Now hopefully I can make some pagedolls that I’ll never post because I don’t post NF2U Pagedolls lol.. it’s just taunting… plus I don’t want to waste my time writing a “can’t touch this” note lol

:cloud9:    :cloud9:    :cloud9:    :cloud9:    :cloud9:     :cloud9:    :cloud9:     :cloud9:

Volk Chamomile belongs to moi~

:cloud9:    :cloud9:    :cloud9:    :cloud9:    :cloud9:     :cloud9:    :cloud9:     :cloud9:

Please, no one word comments
The only reason for this is because I worked so hard on this comic… and… well if only one word can possibly describe it then.. then obviously I need to stop making these comics, ya know..?
Nice comments added along with the wonderful favorites you give me would be wonderful!


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