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Hey guys! Sorry for neglecting this site for so long!! Anyways the Characters page has been updated!

Plus this is the biography for a character my friend and I share.. hopefully the full ref will be done soon!


Born in the humble town of Crystella, Jude Oscar led a normal life among the townsfolk. Usually quiet and reserved, he never talks in front of or around large numbers of people.In fact, he’s so awkward around people, that he lives in a tidy, modern observatory on a hill, away from the neighborhood and the townsfolk.

He has a natural aptitude and deep passion for painting, whether it be the world around him or just his deep feelings, and loves hanging around beaches at night, when there are less people around. His soft, quiet voice helps him to think as he reads through a favorite book, or simply to remain unseen in a heated moment.

He prefers to stay out of most events, especially violent ones or those which have a threatening component, and he’d much rather lay back and listen to the songs of the sea, showered in moonlight, cradled by the marine wind. However, he is not above finding a peaceful solution to a problem whenever he does rarely get involved.


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