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I am obsessed with the European spelling for color…

Hey everybody, for one of my last posts of the night I’ve finally colored one of my most recent OCs, Quamara Glynni, the shy alchemist from the Forbidden Swamps of Alterum! Hope you like it! I kinda got lazy on the gem, so I used graphics from Amethyst’s gem haha

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Quamara Glynni belongs to moi~

The Erinlykian Species belongs to Taroothewerehog. Don’t worry, it’s not a closed species, just ask her if you can make one ;v;

Amethyst’s Gem ( acting as Quamara’s Gem ) belongs to Rebecca Sugar

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Framily Values: Episode VII | Super Volk

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Location: Abandoned Building, Paxion Outskirts – March 29th, 2013, 11:37 PM

Nighttime in Paxion. All was silent. Nothing stirred. The wind was still. A bright, star spangled blanket was spread over the land, the roads illuminated by a thousand lights planted along their paths. The townsfolk all kept snug in their special pods, and every creature, young and old, had all gone on their nightly vacation to worlds of wonders, of peace, of happiness. However, all was not well on this calm night…

In the outskirts of the township, a great evil was preparing to unleash a powerful blow to the peaceful community. A ruthless supercomputer, Binary, was planning to rob the city of their most beloved power source by absorbing all energy from the main generator before obliterating it, destroying defenses, leaving this peaceful town susceptible to any attack. A special team, the power of Friendship, of the Stars in their possession, was deployed to contain this threat. However, all did not go as planned…

A large factory stood tall, shielding the ground behind it from the offensive moonlight. The building was only a few stories high, but it was a giant clock, containing a myriad of technology, contraptions, and electrical gadgets, all working towards a common goal.
6 figures, clad in galactic, multicolored uniforms crouched in one of the pockets close to the stronghold. A cashew rodent began giving orders to his companions. In front of him, a large light green sheet of paper, etched with several perfect, white lines, and several markings depicting item and room locations. He placed his finger on it, running it along the edges. He talked in a hushed, but firm voice.

Johnathan: Alright, this is how we’re going to infiltrate Binary’s main fortress. Volk, first you’re going to go in and disable the security systems. But remember, just because we got rid of the lasers and stuff, that doesn’t mean Binary won’t still find us.

Volk: Yes yes we know, he’s an evil genius, not easy to defeat, we’ve heard it before. Move on.

Johnathan: *quietly* Attitude… *out loud* As for the enemies… Kilobytes and Megabytes are easy.. it’s when he sends Gigabytes that we have to worry..

Willow: What about the rest of them? Like the ultra powerful Terabytes?

Madison: We’ll have to make sure he doesn’t get that far.

Johnathan: Madison’s right.. basically, all we have to do is stay alive, and we should meet up at the center of Hall… D if I’m correct..

All: Right!

Everyone nods as Volk climbs into the air duct in a search to disable security.

*The Computer Room*

“Those FOOLS…”

A gigantic screen projected the small team’s conversation outside of the building.

???: They think they can sneak into MY base unnoticed?! They just make me want to laugh…..

Soon a swarm of 0s and 1s swallow up the screen completely, like waterfalls. Intense, mechanized laughter could be heard echoing throughout the cybernetic chamber, as words began to take form out of the endless digits that filled the screen.



Johnathan quickly receives notice on a small holographic communicator that he kept hold in his hand – a small pyramidesque object with could project 4 dimensional messages. Holograms that the audience can physically interact with, without any damage to the original coding.

“Johnathan, the security systems are down, but they won’t be for long. Get to Hall D very quickly.

E te ara, I do NOT have an attitude!”

Johnathan: I’ve just gotten the All Clear from Volk, we’re good to go. Stat, please open the window for us, if you’d be so kind.

The small ewok points his hand outward at one of the windows that lay in front of him. With his mind, he slowly pulls the hyperglass panel from it’s frame, and gently sets it on the ground. Using Willow’s whip as a rope, the team quickly slid down to the bottom, onto the hard, metallic floor below. She quickly retracted her whip and joined the group as they swiftly traveled through the computerised halls.

*Hall D Main Area, 11:40 PM*

The team had stopped completely, waiting for Volk in Hall D. It was a large, circular room, led into by a small corridor. The carpet a beautiful shade of light crimson. A white ring lay on the carpet, adding to the decor. There were plenty of comfortable chairs, lined with beautiful upholstery. 4 giant screens covered each “side” of the room, so nobody could miss out on their favorite programmes if they sat on a certain side of the room. Bright lights were embedded in the walls, filling the room with a bigger sense of security.

Madison: Huh… that was easy… too easy…

V1: Yes, miss Madison. I believe that guards should have been covering the perimeter left and right. We barely saw any Kilobytes in there.

Willow: I see your concern guys… I’m worried too…

Stat: *gets in a defensive pose* Y-You think he’s planning an ambush?

Suddenly, WHAM! The door that led to the path whence the team came had slammed shut, completely airtight. Silver behemoths, huddled in their armor blankets, armed to the tip, storming in. Gigabytes.


Suddenly, bright red flashes. Blaster shots. Each member of the team dodged as quickly as they could, attacking whenever and wherever they could. Johnathan kicking and throwing bots into others, Madison effortlessly dancing around them. The younger ones could easily attack with mind blasts or swift jumps on the top of their heads. V1 simply managed to return fire, short circuiting the enemy each time.

However, that could only contain the masses for a moment. They kept coming. One after the other. The room was permeated with a sea of silver, surrounding the glowing, multi-colored s,stars that opposed them.


???: Right you are, Weeping Willow~

Suddenly, the screens turned on, revealing a giant, green face, grinning maliciously. Only eyes and a mouth could be visible, no teeth, no tongue, no pupils. Only green on a colossal black screen.

Johnathan: Binary…

Binary: Took ya long enough to figure it out, you dope! In just 10 minutes, the power.. all of it will be MINE!

Johnathan: Then no technology in Paxion could function! How could you take over without technology?

Binary: Easy! I’ll have control over ALL the technology here. It shall all be in one central hub. They’ll HAVE to come to me in order to survive. Otherwise, their nearly defenseless. The arsenal can no longer be contained constantly. They won’t even notice anything’s happened for a few weeks haha! Once they are under my control, I can begin computerising this worthless rock, but it’s a shame you won’t live to see it.

Johnathan: *backs into the wall* Y-YOU’RE INSANE!

Binary: Wow… you’ve JUST figured that out? I thought you were smarter than this Johnny… oh well.. it’s the last mistake you’ll ever make. GIGABYTES! Set your cannons to “Obliterate” and destroy them. Completely.

On the outside of the door, Volk had finally arrived at the door, which was completely locked. He simply zapped it with a flick of his finger and the door came open…

ZAP! ZAP! PEW PEW! PEW PEW!!! Red lasers hurled towards his fellow teammates, a puff of steam left where his friends used to be.

Binary: Hah… I-I’ve finally did it…. HAHA…. N-Nothing… NOTHING can stop me now… Hahahaha.. AHAHAHAHA… WAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH!!!

Volk was paralyzed. W-Were his friends really gone? As tears began to form in the tiny blue reptiles eyes, he began to glow bright blue. His scleroses, pupils, slowly began to turn ghost white. His eyes curved into upside down crescents, and his hands became rocks on his arms.

As he stood, he began to quake. Violently. His breathing became erratic. Arcs of bright blue electrical energy began to slither around him… the glow became brighter, and soon turned white.

Binary turned his attentions to the furious reptile.

Binary: Awww, do you miss your friends? Don’t worry you precious little thing, you’ll be joining them very soon! Gigabytes-

As the aggressive automatons turned their heavy cannons on Volk, he inhaled deeply with his teeth clenched, and let out a loud, anguished scream. Suddenly, a bright flash filled the room.


When the flash cleared, the Gigabytes had been reduced to raw debris. Small, aqua colored sparks erupted from the scraps of metal that remained, among the technology. All 4 television sets had been completely smashed in. Among the smoking piles of rubble, a big cloud of smoke had magically appeared against the wall. It soon cleared, revealing the valiant Team Starstorm, holding hands, unharmed.

Stat: I’m dead… I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead, I died, I’m dead…. *opens one eye* Why does Heaven look a lot like Binary’s hideout?

Madison: *breathing heavily* That… was… AWESOMEEE!!!!! Like… HOLY SMOKES!!

V1: Yes.. where did you learn that technique Johnathan? We owe you our lives.

Johnathan: Hey, we’re friends, and a team. Its what we do for each other. My Sensei Oboro taught me that in order to get out of sticky situations like those!

Willow then takes the time to look around the room.

Willow: Whoa… did a plasma storm hit this place?

V1: Unlikely… but it does seem to be it’s doing…

The group had begun strolling around the room, examining the debris. Suddenly Madison, with her acute kitty vision, had noticed the sparks on the debris.

Madison: Guys.. come look at this…. I know electrical wires spark but… metal? That isn’t supposed to spark isn’t it…?

Johnathan came over and examined the piece himself, noticing the electricity crackle.

Johnathan: V-Volk…? B-But how..?

Stat: Guys look! Scorch marks!

The small chocolate colored ewok pointed at the ground, which contained a pitch black streak on the ground. This lead outside of a doorway, with a large opening in the middle.

Willow: What the…?!

V1: I believe you shall suggest that we investigate, Johnathan?

Johnathan: You’re absolutely right, come on!

One by one, the members run into the corridor and followed the streak through.

*The Computer Room*

Binary was absolutely furious. He was screaming loudly, his green hue had changed to a bright red.

Binary: GRRAHHHHH!!!! My soldiers.. depleting rapidly… What the devil… HOW?! Some sort of.. virus? But… *his screen displays several high definition footage of his forces being destroyed by a rapid blue light* … viruses don’t attack from the outside… especially visible to the naked eye…

???: But this one does…

Binary changed back to his face form as he gazed at the virus in front of him – a small, bright blue chameleon. He looked exactly like Volk. His small stature, his clothing, his small horn, even his muzzle. However with 3 major differences that could be visible – His hue was a light, pale blue, unlike Volk’s saturated pastel cerulean. The 2nd difference- his eyes. No pupils could be visible, however hypnotic red swirls filled in the blank space. 3rd – his body gave off a bright blue gleaming light.

Binary: Oh pipsqueak… did you have a makeover?

???: Hah… you’re funny… it’s a shame I’m going to have to destroy you…

He even sounded like Volk.. only his voice had a sinister echo.


8 robotic arms extended from the walls, pinching constantly, aggressively, threateningly. They reached for the reptile, but were quickly destroyed by 2 perfectly aimed bolts of lightning, enough to richochet off some arms as they destroyed what they touched.

Binary: W-WHAT THE?!

Binary’s face soon turned a bright banana yellow, as the Volk-like creature slowly approached his dashboard, a shark-like grin spread across his face.

???: Now now…. most powerful computer? Hah… they must be pretty weak then.. let me put that power to some… better use…

He slowly placed his hand on the dashboard, each control on the board giving off a soft, alluring glow
Bolts of electricity crackled from the dashboard, crawling onto the figure’s body, spiraling around him, causing him to glow brighter. Binary squirmed in agony.

Binary: ARRCKKKKKK!!!!!!!

The figure grinned evilly as more of Binary’s power flowed inside of him. Binary’s screen glitched and fizzled into black. The equipment’s glow soon faded away into darkness.

???: Mm… so much power….

Like comets, Team Starstorm burst into the Computer Room and instantly changed into their battle stances.


They looked around in absolute confusion.

Willow: W-Where’d he go..?

???: He won’t be.. bothering us at the moment..

They all turned in surprise to see the Volk-like figure standing there, his hands in front of him, smirking calmly, sophisticatedly.

Madison: V-VOLK?!!

Johnathan: H-How did you..?

???: Oh really..? Blue Boy didn’t tell you about me? Strange.. because I know all about you…

Stat: Blue boy? Big talk coming from a blueberry!

???: Nice to finally meet you in person, Stattington~

Willow: W-Wait.. Stattington??

Stat: Y-Yes… that’s my.. first name..

Madison and Johnathan eventually started laughing.


Johnathan: What are you, a rich dude? “Time to go to the country club, James”, *laughs snootily, then normally*

Stat: STOP ITT!!!

???: Oh yes… it’s exactly the way his memories describe you..

Willow: How do you know us..?

???: Well.. I’m a part of your companion’s subconsious.. the name’s Super Volk~

Willow then takes a look at the steaming dashboard, completely fried from the power drain.

Willow: D-Did you…?

Super Volk: Oh yes….. I do retain his ability to absorb energy from the object around me… mine is a bit more… proficient, shall we say?

Johnathan: W-We thank you for that… but um.. c-can you t-turn back into Volk please..?

Super Volk: *Chuckles* Well.. umm… here listen.. when you’ve been trapped in someone’s subconscious for 7 years.. your sense of hearing diminishes greatly. Could you please repeat the question?

Johnathan: C-Could you… please turn back into Volk..?

Super Volk: Well… hmm… *clasps hands together and paces around Johnathan* Well.. you asked a very honest question, and I respect you for that. Here.. is my honest reply…

Super extends his finger and fires a bolt of electricity at Johnathan, knocking him backwards.

Johnathan: “AHHHHHHHH!!!!”

As he hit the wall, Super rushed over and kicked V1 in his chest at lightning speed, forcing him far away. He then grabbed Stat like a football and hurled him at Willow, who was forced down by the impact.

Willow: Owww…..

Stat: Ohhh….

Madison attempted to kick Super several times, but he dodged effortlessly everytime. He zoomed behind Madison and kicked her down in less than a second. Then he dashed towards the door.

Super Volk: And now, to celebrate my release, I’m gonna make this night suit me a little more~

Willow: W-What…? W-What are you talking about??

Super Volk: Let me give you a hint… the nickname they gave me when I last came out was – “Lord of Chaos”…

His laugh echoed throughout the entire building as he sped off.

Johnathan: Owww… ugh…

Stat: L-Lord of Chaos…? I-I REMEMBER NOW! Volk told me about him a few years ago! Apparently, anytime he showed up… he began to… to….

Willow: What..?

Stat: ….. Destroy everything in his path….

*The Top of the Building, 11:53 PM*

Standing atop the edge of the dreaded base of operations for the ruthless Binary, Super Volk was staring into the distance, at the peaceful landscape of the Paxion Mainland, the sleeping towns below spread out below.

Super Volk: Ahh…. it’s so calm… so peaceful…. absolutely disgusting. This place will look so much better with a few fires. Maybe a destroyed building here and there. And lots of smoke… yes…. I like that…

Johnathan: WELL I DON’T!

Super calmly tilted his head backwards to see Team Starstorm, in battle stances. He simply smiled at them.

Super Volk: Back for more?

Johnathan: Stat told us everything!

Stat: We won’t allow you to destroy our home, Super!

Super Volk: Oh Stattington, you’re so adorable when you’re serious. But I’m a very busy entity…cities to destroy, worlds to burn… I have no time for weaklings.

Madison: We are not weak! You simply caught us off guard!

Super Volk simply faces the horizon once again.

Super Volk: Such great heroes you are.

Johnathan: We’re not going to allow you to do this.
Johnathan brought one foot behind the other, and brought his hands in front of his chest.

Johnathan: COURAGE!!

His hands began to gleam bright red. He drew a glowing red sword in the air and grabbed it. He began to rush towards Super at top speed. However before he could strike, Super somersaulted behind him and kicked him over the edge, Johnathan held on to a pole extending from the building.

Johnathan: AHHHH!!

Madison attempted to attack Super with her powerful twirling ribbon, but Super easily dodged, picked her up, and threw her into V1. Willow used her whip to grab Super’s hand, but he quickly electrified his body. The voltage traveled through the whip and shocked Willow so hard that her fur began to frizz, and she fell unconscious.


Stat’s fist illuminated green and he ran forward, thrusting his fist towards Super in an attempt to strike him. A large celestial fist ran forward and tried to come into contact with the little glowing reptile. However even the fist was too slow as Super appeared right next to Stat.

Super Volk: Interesting fist… hm.. my turn now!

In less than a second, Super’s fist deeply kissed Stat’s cheek, forcing him to the ground.

Stat: AGHHHHHH!!!!

Super Volk: Goodbye now~! It was lovely chatting with you all, but I have to run.

A cyan streak of light sped off of the roof and back down into the depths of the building, as Johnathan mananged to pull himself back to the top.

Johnathan: Ugh… ugh… G-GUYS!

He quickly ran over and picked Madison off of V1.

V1: I now realize the full weight of muscle…

Madison: S-Sorry… I couldn’t.. WILLOW!!!

Madison ran over to the unconscious Willow, her body still crackling from the shock.

Madison: C-Can I…?

V1: The electric bolts are simply visible residue. You’ll be unharmed, don’t worry.

Madison got down on her knees and grasped her bunny friend in her arms.

Madison: Please Willow, please wake up… please…

Her vocal cords had experienced a small tremor, as she rapidly patted the comatose bunny’s face several times before she finally opened her eyes a smidge.

Willow: U-Unng..

Madison: W-WILLOW!

Willow: D-D-Did we win…?

V1: Oh my…. *walks close to Stat* Stat does not look too good… he may need to be taken to the infirmary…

Stat: N-No.. I-I’m fine really… j-just in a lot of pain.. ow..

Willow suddenly sprang from her weakened state.

Willow: STAT!

She ran over to him, more worried about her teammate than her own wounds.

Willow: W-Where does it hurt?

Stat: M-M-My entire face…. ow..

Willow gently placed both of her hands over Stat’s face.

Willow: Compassion.

Her hands began to glow a bright pastel pink. The radiant light soon filled almost the entire rooftop before subsiding completely, at which point, Willow gently removed her hands. Stat’s face had been completely healed.

Stat: T-Thank you Willow… y-you’re a lifesaver…

Willow quickly grabbed Stat and hugged him tightly.

Willow: OMG! Why would Volk do this…??

V1: That’s not Volk… it may look a lot like Volk.. have his body… but that is not Volk.. it is a completely separate entity based on chaos and destruction.

Johnathan: V1’s right, as usual.

Madison: W-We didn’t stand a chance… he’s too quick for us! If only we could’ve stopped him from absorbing the energy from the building. If we couldn’t fight him….

Johnathan: He’ll wipe out all of Paxion… maybe even the world… we need a plan..

Willow: Science!

Madison: Huh?

Willow: When I felt him shock me, it felt like the presence of a plasma storm! He could run on plasma energy!

Stat: I see what you mean! Maybe using a Plasma Rod, we could suck all of the energy right out of him!

A plasma rod was a long pole used to attract the strikes of plasma storms. Once a bolt strikes the pole, the rest of the energy from the strike is quickly attracted into the rod and forced into the ground, where it helps to store more energy in the various backup generators around the land.

Madison: You guys that is BRILLIANT!!

V1: I think this will attract your attention…

V1 aims his metallic finger at the ground below, where a cyan streak is speeding towards one of the towns.

Johnathan: We’ve got to act quickly! We can use these teleporters that Volk invented to catch up with him! So.. here’s what’s going to happen..

Location: Paxion Outskirts, March 30th, 2013, 12:00 AM

Dashing by, Super Volk has almost reached his destination.

Super Volk: MMM.. I can taste the destruction already….


Super looked up to see the small Ewok atop a small ledge, sporting his green galactic outfit.

Super Volk: You really want to die, don’t you?

Madison: Actually, we want to keep everyone else alive!

Super calmly turns his head to see Madison on another ledge.

Super Volk: Oh yes.. a teddy bear and a pussycat.. how delightful~

Willow: Don’t forget the Easter Bunny!

One by one, each member of Team Starstorm appeared, ending with Johnathan.



Super Volk: *Claps slowly* Hah, this is all very amusing… but I think I’d better make sure you can’t get up! At least… until after my destruction..

He raises his hands and fires a powerul electric arc at Stat, who quickly dodged. The resulting impact upon the ground caused a massive explosion, which was powerful enough to knock Willow off of her feet.

Super Volk: Dance my puppets, DANCE!

He continued to fire bolt after bolt, and the Team dodged effortlessly.


Super turned around to see Stat in the distance.

Super Volk: You really need to work on your insults.


The celestial fist sprang out once again, and Super once again stepped around it with ease.

Super Volk: No thaks, I just had lunch~ How about you eat DIRT!

In a split second, Super had sped over to where Stat was, but Stat was nowhere to be seen.

Super Volk: What the devil…?

Madison: OVER HERE!!!!

Madison was seen in the distance, waving her arms wildly.

Madison: COME AT ME!

Super sped over quickly, but he was too slow once again. Over and over, one by one, the Team led him on a wild goose chase.


Johnathan: Oh really?

There they stood, all 6 members, their starry uniforms glowing in the peaceful darkness.

Johnathan: You can’t catch us you know.

Super Volk: Oh… I won’t have to…

Super furiously raised his hand and quickly ejected high voltage lightning at the team. Each member quickly ducked down and the lightning missed completely, instead hitting the air and going around in a rodlike shape.

Super: W-WHAT THE?!

Johnathan: I told you invisible object would come in handy!

Madison: Yes.. just not the invisible watch-

The rod quickly absorbed Super’s energy, pulling him closer as well.

Super Volk: N-NO!! M-MY POWERR!!!!!

His skin colors fluctuated between pale blue and Volk’s normal pastel cerulean.

Super Volk: A-ACCKKKK!!!!! As he made contact with the rod, a bright flash followed by small lightning crackles instantly swallows up surrounding area, before quickly subsiding. This revealed a small, pastel cerulean chameleon lying on the ground.

Johnathan: VOLK!!

Johnathan jumps over to Volk and carefully cradles him in his arms.

Johnathan: Let’s get you home, buddy…


Location: Crystal Island, Paxion – 42 miles off mainland coastline – March 30th, 2013, 12:30 AM


Madison: He’s finally waking up~!

On the snow white couch of their island home, Team Starstorm watches the slow revival of their exhausted blue comrade.

Volk: H-Huh…? Oh my goodness.. I had such a terrible dream… worst first dream ever…

Willow: What was it about?

Volk: You all DIED.. Binary had killed you…

Stat: Umm… well.. not exactly a dream…

Volk: What the devil do you mean?

Stat: Well… Johnathan used his powers to get us out of there before we got shot.. but… y-you turned into the Lord of Chaos you always spoke of.

Volk: S-Super..? But.. i-impossible!!

Madison: Who exactly is Super Volk?

Volk: Well.. I’ve already told you the origin of my powers.. over the course of several months the electrical buildup in my body had risen exponentially. A lot of excess energy was caused to be held down in my body for so long. So whenever I got extremely angry..

Johnathan: LIke soda pop when it’s shaken… it violently bursts out in the form of Super Volk..

Volk nods softly in agreement.

Volk: Exactly… I’ve been able to keep him at bay for 7 years… but… seeing Binary seemingly kill you….

Stat: Aww he does care!

Volk: DON’T EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN, JOHNATHAN!! *Sigh* I-I’m surprised you survived against him..

Johnathan: We actually had to use your teleporters in order to defeat him..


Johnathan: You were.. kinda being controlled by a psychopath so..

Volk: Oh nevermind…

Willow: Wait.. I’ve just thought of something. Villains.. usually try to.. kill us, right?

Madison: Yeah..

Willow: Well… he could’ve easily killed us with one strike! W-Why didn’t he do that…

Stat: Hmm….

V1: Remember.. he is still Volk.. his mind may be warped, but he’s still a genius..

Madison: THAT’S IT!! Volk only releases Super in moments of extreme anger, such as when he thought we were hurt. What if.. Super anticipated this.

Stat: W-What do you mean?

Madison: What if that.. just in case he was defeated… he kept us alive as a backup. As a way to get back!

Willow: T-That is twisted!

Volk: L-Let’s not… think about it right now… I-I’m going to bed…

V1: But first… who wants ice cream?

All: ME!!!!

V1: What flavor?

Willow: Strawberry~!

Madison: Cookies and Cream please!

Johnathan: I’m an all around guy, Neo please!

Volk: The classic Vanilla, what else?

Stat gets down on his knees and opens the hatches on his face. A loud scream burst out.


Everyone stared at him in absolute confusion.

Stat: Hey, we’ve had a long night!

After a while, everyone started laughing, except for Volk, who said – “Just bring me my darn ice cream.”

The end

WHOOOO!!! After months of not writing I have finally finished ( and begun) Episode 7! This marks the debut of the evil computer Binary ( he’s still alive, don’t worry ) and the psychotic Super Volk, and while nobody got hurt this time, we can’t determine whether it’ll be the same in the battle 2.0 ( spoiler alert lol )

This also marks the start of shorter episodes, because…

#1. Shorter is easier to read

#2: I’M NOT THAT GOOD OF A WRITER!! I can’t write 6 pages worth of content I just can’t ; – ; I can at least write 5 minute shorts LOL so yeah, expect shorter episodes if I bother to write them haha

So.. I.. um… hope you like it! Please favorite and COMMENT! I love those.. umm..

All characters, storyline, setting, logo etc. © yours truly~

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| | Johnathan Reference Sheet (11/26/16) | |

Hey everyone! Johnathan’s 3rd reference is here haha sorry for it being so longg!

Johnathan Reference.jpg

Full name: Johnathan Joseph Masakurai
Nickname(s) or Alias: Johnnie
Gender: Boy
Species: Vole
Age: 15
Birthday: ???
Sexuality: Hetero
City or town of birth: a small mountain town on the Planet Viridan
Currently lives: Somewhere on Earth
Relationship Status: Dating

4 ft. 1 in. (1.245 m)


42 lb. (19.0509 kg)

Hair colour: none
Eye colour: Brown
Skin/fur/etc colour: Brown
Scars/distinguishing marks: None
Preferred style of clothing: Mis-matched clothing haha – a patchwork gi made by his master
Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: none
Smoker? No
Drinker? No
Recreational Drug User? Which? No
Addictions: None
Allergies: None
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities None:
Any medication regularly taken: None
Personality: Pervy, fun-loving, carefree, serious when necessary
Likes: Martial arts, friends,
Dislikes: Homophobes, Racists, Du Hai
Favourite colour: dunno yet
Hobbies: Martial Arts,
Taste in music: Rock or traditional Japanese – some KPOP
Talents/skills: Several forms of martial arts, far more advanced than Earth’s
Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? He can drI’ve a speed boat
Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore
Favourite food(s): Yogurt, bamboo, salad, some chicken
Favourite drink(s): Mango juice, Milk
Disliked food(s): ???
Disliked drink(s): Anything Alcoholic
Describe the character’s house/home: He currently lives in a small 2 story house
Do they share their home with anyone? Who? Nope
Significant/special belongings: His gi, made by his master
Peaceful or aggressive attitude? In between, but can get aggressive
Fighting skills/techniques: Uses a lot of punches and kucks
Special skills/magical powers/etc: Can conjure energy spheres from his hands ( how original )
Weapon of choice (if any): His own body
Weaknesses in combat: Gets cocky at times
Strengths in combat:
Parents names: Unknown atm
Are parents alive or dead? One dead, one alive
Is the character still in contact with their parents? Sadly, he was never in contact with them
Siblings? Relationship with siblings? No siblings
Other Important Relatives: Sensei Oboro
Partner/Spouse:Madison Nyaire
Best Friend: Madison Nyaire, Stat Foxwell, Willow Lazuli, Volk Chamomile, V1
Other Important Friends: Too many to count
Acquaintances: too many to count
Pets: none

Enemies? Why are they enemies?

Du Hai (archenemy) – killed his father, attempted world takeover

Binary – Johnathan stopped him in evil plot

Describe their early childhood (newborn – age 10): Never knew his father, trained with Sensei, Sensei was killed, defeated Du Hai, had to enroll in kindergarten after relocation
Describe their teenage years (11 – 19): Became a Founding member / leader of Team Starstorm , travelled to Earth with his friends
Describe their adult years (20+):
None yet

| |Willow| |

Well I’ve been busy.. I’ll send some more pics soon showcasing what I’ve been drawing for the past few months haha

Here is the first coloured drawing I have done in FOREVER! Thank you Ryan’s computer!

Willow colored.png

Here is her old design/colour scheme for those who have forgotten

Carol standalone


Enjoyyy! The Doctor is Out~

| | Shared Character Bio~ | |

Hey guys! Sorry for neglecting this site for so long!! Anyways the Characters page has been updated!

Plus this is the biography for a character my friend and I share.. hopefully the full ref will be done soon!


Born in the humble town of Crystella, Jude Oscar led a normal life among the townsfolk. Usually quiet and reserved, he never talks in front of or around large numbers of people.In fact, he’s so awkward around people, that he lives in a tidy, modern observatory on a hill, away from the neighborhood and the townsfolk.

He has a natural aptitude and deep passion for painting, whether it be the world around him or just his deep feelings, and loves hanging around beaches at night, when there are less people around. His soft, quiet voice helps him to think as he reads through a favorite book, or simply to remain unseen in a heated moment.

He prefers to stay out of most events, especially violent ones or those which have a threatening component, and he’d much rather lay back and listen to the songs of the sea, showered in moonlight, cradled by the marine wind. However, he is not above finding a peaceful solution to a problem whenever he does rarely get involved.