:Fanart: Poki Po

Hey guys!! This is some fanart for my anime senpai, :iconcandykiki:

I have been practicing chibis and I decided to make this for her cause her art is SO AMAZEBALLS!!! Not kidding, everytime I go to her page to look at ONE picture I end up favoriting/commenting on 6 million lol

Chibi Poke Candykiki w sig.png

So this is her OC, Poki Po, and as you can see, she likes Pocky lol, but she eats all kinds of sweets!

I tried my best so I’m sorry if I failed/got the colors wrong.. FORGIVE ME SENPAI… I’ll never be as good as you… but I hope I have done well enough to gain your approval of this drawing!

Please, check out her art and comment! She’ll really appreciate it, and you won’t regret it! THE CUTENESS IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Poki Po – :iconcandykiki:



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