The Great Selanaire

Hey guys!! Here is a gift for a pal of mine, :iconselanairequeen:! I just drew her OC, Seleana Oceanglory in Dragonair form!

Chibi Sel w sig.png


Sel, we rarely ever talk, like I can’t remember the last time we did… but in extremely dire situations you HAVE been there for me… and I thank you for that…

I hope Her Majesty likes this drawing….. senpai plz notice me

Sorry if it sucks/if I got some colors wrong..

Seleana Oceanglory (Dragonair and normal btw ) belongs to  :iconselanairequeen:

The Dragonair species belongs to… Nintendo? Cause it’s Pokemon? Idk


Chibi Alisha

So I made a gift for Alisha :iconalisha-kun: 2 days ago ( a bunch of gifts actually) and I just colored this one cause I was bored…

I tried to use a new eye style.. I failed of course hehe

Chibi Alisha






Shy Scintuss

Ahhh haven’t drawn this guy since last year!!

Shy Scintuss.png

So this is Scintuss, looking all shy and scared.. awww! Some of you actually saw me color this hehe

Based off of this –

Scintuss belongs to moi

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox and his Associates

.:DIGITAL:. Volk as a Chibi lineart

LE GASP! What’s this? Digital artwork?

Volk Chibi lineart digital.png



“But why not Traditional, like you usually do Mr. Stewie? You said that you suck at digital art!”

Well I do!  :iconalisha-kun: Dared me to do it.. and gosh it SUUUUCKS!!! Go on and color it if you want to guys, just remember to credit me for this… awfulness..

Volk Chamomile belongs to moi!

4th of July Drawing

Hey guys! Another chibi drawing because I couldn’t be bothered…

Last year, Team Starstorm dressed up as American historical figures!

Johnathan – Uncle Sam

Madison – Rosie the Riveter

Stat – George Washington

Carol – Statue of Liberty

Volk – Bald Eagle

V1 – Abraham Lincoln

Happy 4th of July 2016.jpg

Carol: Aww look at our little bald eagle!

Johnathan: I want you to be a T-shirt you cutie!

Stat: So cute!!

Madison: AWW!

V1: It’s true, he’s cute!

Volk: I will kill you all…


Now that’s what I call an angry bird! //shot for bad pun

All characters shown belong to moi!