Quirinius’ Journal – 2

Made this one today!!

Quirinius Journal 2.jpg



Dear Journal,

Today… may have been one of the greatest moments

of my life! Yesterday… Violet was still as kind to me

as she has always been. Aside from her smile, her beautiful

personality, one thing I’ve always liked about her was her



When she did hug me, sometimes she simply picked me up

and held me like a plushie for several minutes.. it was… very

comforting.. dang her fur is soft. During that time.. I..

may have developed certain.. feelings.. but I have surpressed them,

as I only knew her for 3 days, and I have a fear of

rejection. No point in breaking a good relationship right?


Today however.. she told me…. that she actually had a

what these Jammers refer to as a “crush” on me. Apparently

the sensation is in equal, perhaps greater proximity to my

feelings for her. We’ve only known each other 3 days, and

it seems like 3 years!


I do want to spend more time with her and learn

more about her though, and she helped me with that yesterday..

she made me a room in her den!! How kind! Before I

slept on a bean bag next to her bed. Still comfy hehe.

Nonetheless.. this concludes another fantastic day…


Till I write again –               QQ”



Violet – Alisha-Kun (deactivated.. )

Count Quietgem – Moi


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