Attack of the Gingermen

Hey guys! I just decided to make a parody of these 2 videos cause boredom


I… don’t know the character’s names so I just made some hehe

Gingerbread Man comic.png

Boy From Pervert Club: The enemy is approaching rapidly!

Psycho Girl at the end: The enemy…… the… enemy…. I’ll tell you who the enemy is.. *looks at the Innocent Victim at the end* you are the enemy…. You… you..and you!

Boy from 1:07: *interrupting* The Gingermen say they must have landed…

Psycho Girl at the end: *continuing* You killed my son!

Girl who works at Pervert Club: But ma’am

Psycho Girl at the end: *pulls out a knife* MY SON IS DOOMED! The only person I gave a care about in the whole world… and you killed him.. *raises knife* so now I’m gonna kill you, and I’ll start on you, Brandon (Innocent Victim at the end)

*Suddenly, a gingerman kicked the door down, and more marched in.*

Abusive woman: *Screams*

Psycho Girl at the end: *Charges towards the gingerman* YAHHHHH!!!

*One gingerman opens fire on her with “camera” weapon, killing her instantly*

Psycho Girl at the end: ARGHHHH!!!!

Gingerman: *Abused guy standing behind him* SIIIILENCE!!!!!!…. ANyone whooo MOVES will beee KILLED INstANtly…

(If only this was canon… I hated that psycho girl’s guts…

All characters belong to their respective owners… the only one who belongs to me are the Gingermen!)


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