Brigadier Chamomile

I’ve been watching too much A-Team… lol (dang its such a great show… why does George Peppard have to be so sexist though?!)

Brigadier Chamomile .png

Anyways… this is kinda based off of this:

So I based this version of Volk off of Colonel Decker. He enrolled in the U.S army, and is constantly pitted against the Pastas, for his knowledge of them and his unorthodox methods of capture. He also is a 003 (as he has been since his teens, allowing him to kill when necessary to apprehend criminals), so he has authority to show no mercy.

The ONLY one he wouldn’t dare kill is Benjamin, as he promised his friend Aria (not mine) that he wouldn’t destroy him.

Volksfrei Chamomile belongs to moi!


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