G3DC – Day 3 – Background

WARNING: This is kinda sad….

Background: What’s their story?

Young Axinite Crying full.png

(This is kinda rushed maybe… I’ll fix it later)

Axinite was created in an abandoned Gem lab in the polar regions of Homeworld by a scientist who was being hunted for tampering with the subjects to make them less hostile. Axinite grew up with her, as kind as she was, became a motherly figure to young Axinite, to the point where he even started calling her “mommy”. She made a home for them at the laboratory where he was created. She even taught him the difference between right and wrong, and even proper etiquette. She tried to make him as different as possible from the other ruthless Gems of Homeworld.

Several thousand years went by. He had grown accustomed to the cold and loneliness.. until one day he saw 2 Gems, a pink one and a yellow one, who had apparently stumbled into the arctic and lost their way. The pink one was a lot taller than the yellow one. Axinite ran over to see if they needed any help. He showed them a nice cave where they could stay for the night, as his “mom” didn’t like strangers. They said their names were Golden Jubilee and Pink Star Diamond. After that ordeal, they became best friends, and stayed that way for about 200 years. After that, the Gem Rebellion had begun!

When it began, Axinite didn’t know; he was out hunting for fish (or whatever food there is at Homeworld). Golden Jubilee and Pink Star joined the Homeworld Army. After a good session, Axinite returned to his small home, only to find several soldiers leaving the premises. Axinite could see a figure wearing a yellow suit in the window of the lab, and he rushed home, only to find his mother’s gem… shattered. He clutched it his hands, and began to secretly follow the soldiers to their base. After sabotaging a few of their ships, he ran outside, only to be met by Golden Jubilee, who was the one who seemingly shattered his mother.

After a good, old fashioned, anger induced lightsaber duel (Yes, both of their Gem weapons are lightsabers), Axinite managed to kick Golden Jubilee off a cliff. He knew it wasn’t safe for him on Homeworld anymore, so when he ran back home, he immediately headed for a customized Gem ship him and his mother built. They designed it with primitive technology to ensure that noone else could fly it. However, as he tried to flee, he was shot down by Homeworld ships in pursuit of a group of Rebels. He crash landed in Don Juan Pond, Antarctica, and began helping the Rebels fight back Homeworld, until he was encased in ice for several thousand years.

He thoroughly escaped in the 1500s, and, knowing Homeworld is still out there, he has attempted several times to get back to Homeworld to exact his revenge. He is such a jerk to everyone, because of his friends’ betrayal, and he doesn’t want that to happen again.

Axinite …………………………………………….  Moi

Steven Universe ……………………………… Rebecca Sugar

Gemsona 30 Day Challenge ……………………… Gemsona HQ

Link to challenge  …..http://gemsona-hq.tumblr.com/post/117879897982/30-day-gemsona-challenge

Drawn 5/26/16 Completed 5/27/16


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