Quirinius’ Journal – 2

Made this one today!!

Quirinius Journal 2.jpg



Dear Journal,

Today… may have been one of the greatest moments

of my life! Yesterday… Violet was still as kind to me

as she has always been. Aside from her smile, her beautiful

personality, one thing I’ve always liked about her was her



When she did hug me, sometimes she simply picked me up

and held me like a plushie for several minutes.. it was… very

comforting.. dang her fur is soft. During that time.. I..

may have developed certain.. feelings.. but I have surpressed them,

as I only knew her for 3 days, and I have a fear of

rejection. No point in breaking a good relationship right?


Today however.. she told me…. that she actually had a

what these Jammers refer to as a “crush” on me. Apparently

the sensation is in equal, perhaps greater proximity to my

feelings for her. We’ve only known each other 3 days, and

it seems like 3 years!


I do want to spend more time with her and learn

more about her though, and she helped me with that yesterday..

she made me a room in her den!! How kind! Before I

slept on a bean bag next to her bed. Still comfy hehe.

Nonetheless.. this concludes another fantastic day…


Till I write again –               QQ”



Violet – Alisha-Kun (deactivated.. )

Count Quietgem – Moi


Attack of the Gingermen

Hey guys! I just decided to make a parody of these 2 videos cause boredom


I… don’t know the character’s names so I just made some hehe

Gingerbread Man comic.png

Boy From Pervert Club: The enemy is approaching rapidly!

Psycho Girl at the end: The enemy…… the… enemy…. I’ll tell you who the enemy is.. *looks at the Innocent Victim at the end* you are the enemy…. You… you..and you!

Boy from 1:07: *interrupting* The Gingermen say they must have landed…

Psycho Girl at the end: *continuing* You killed my son!

Girl who works at Pervert Club: But ma’am

Psycho Girl at the end: *pulls out a knife* MY SON IS DOOMED! The only person I gave a care about in the whole world… and you killed him.. *raises knife* so now I’m gonna kill you, and I’ll start on you, Brandon (Innocent Victim at the end)

*Suddenly, a gingerman kicked the door down, and more marched in.*

Abusive woman: *Screams*

Psycho Girl at the end: *Charges towards the gingerman* YAHHHHH!!!

*One gingerman opens fire on her with “camera” weapon, killing her instantly*

Psycho Girl at the end: ARGHHHH!!!!

Gingerman: *Abused guy standing behind him* SIIIILENCE!!!!!!…. ANyone whooo MOVES will beee KILLED INstANtly…

(If only this was canon… I hated that psycho girl’s guts…

All characters belong to their respective owners… the only one who belongs to me are the Gingermen!)

Alisha’s AJ Wolf

Hey guys!! I actually drew the lineart well over a week ago but oh well..

So I finished Alisha’s main AJ oc! I’m assuming her first name would be Violet based off of her username, fuzzyshyviolet.

Alishas AJ wolf .png

Sorry it kinda sucks but… she didn’t really draw her character yet so I don’t really know… hehe I mean she did draw it once but that was more like a headshot hehe.. until she draws the official reference, if she draws it at all, I’ll never know for sure..

Of course.. I suck at drawing tails, so plz forgive!

Violet the Awesome Speedyjammer (or something idk) belongs to :iconalisha-kun:

Volk – Swimsuits

Haven’t drawn anything in a while… well I have just too lazy to color/post hehe! Anyways, here is Volk in his swimsuit(s)! Since it’s summer (in the northern hemisphere), I thought it would be appropriate. Both are one piece and light purple, and cover the whole body!

Volks in swimsuits.png

Only difference – his real form’s has a diamond (Diamonds ARE a boy’s best friend after all… next to video games of course.. I LIKE SHINY THINGS, KAY?) and his de-aged form has his logo on it.. cause he can…

First time drawing Volk’s actual feet.. plz forgive I suck at drawing feet!

Volk and swimsuit designs © moi!