Box of Safety

(vent warning… you can ignore if you want)

Well… I guess this is it then. No matter how well everything seems to be, it will almost certainly crumble down in an instant. For weeks, its all about… breakups and rejection… love only survives a short time…

Why.. does this have to happen? Why must we have feelings that bring us together destroyed after only a few weeks?

Just a few days ago I learned Stephie and Alisha weren’t together anymore… that’s kinda when I realized: There is no point… there will always be pain and suffering.. no matter how hard I plan. I’m much too young to understand this concept you… older people know as a romantic attraction… but I am old enough to know that it is far too risky for me..

With the help of my friends, I have been trying to slowly crawl out of the box… fearing less.. enjoying more.. but seeing these 2.. separate… and something that happened to another unnamed dA friend.. showed me that my box is the best place to be…

So… I’m locking myself in my box of safety… and I’m never coming out..

Box of Safety full.png


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