Stewie 106 – 1 Year

(Technically my anniversary is tomorrow but eh)

OMG!! Has it been a year already? Oh my gosh 1 year ago I joined this site… I thought it was AMAZING!! Then things got worse hehe… but still… I’d like to thank you guys and gals for supporting me.. Vinchinderlous (now Jaasp) and Sweetblossoms1, you have been my friends since the very beginning.. I’d like to thank you for being there the whole way… no depression… no deactivations… you girls are AMAZING!…. I wish I could thank you all but… it would be a really freaking long list hehe..

Here are all of my icons and their taglines thus far! (Icon tenure – purple. Tagline – Black)

All of these are saved on the Wayback Machine, so you can see them for yourself!

Stewie106 2015 - 2016

Icon 1 – Join Date – August 23 2015

Ahh my original Stewie icon.. one of my longest running next to the one I have now! I’ve had such good memories with this..

Roomies was a failed comic… thing… created by my friends.. well my friend’s friends anyways hehe. It sorta broke everyone apart…. I secretly blame myself…

Icon 2 – July 29 2015

Yeah… I was going to use one of my pictures as an icon… but Cami got all sad so I changed it back… heh

Original pic:

Icon 3 – August 23 2015

I have no idea… something with a friend I think… kittengirl something I don’t remember

Icon 4 -August 29 – September 5 2015

My friend Camiwin made this AMAZING ICON!!! I should wear it more often…

Icon 5 – September 6 – November 6 2015

2 months exactly… just noticed that.. O.O

Anyways, my pal Veolo  made these AMAZING icons! Yes this was made when my gemsona was based off of a fake gem (wasn’t even a gem technically) but.. thanks to a real gem being only one letter away, this ONE PERSON WHO SHAN’T BE NAMED JUST HAD TO KEEP WHINING ABOUT IT.. so he’s Axinite now…

Icon here:

The art is here: (OMG ITS SOOO CUTE!)

Icon 6 – November 6 – November 17 2015

Yeah… I really don’t wanna talk about this one… its too sad…

Icon 7 – November 17 2015  – February 2016

Yep, I CREATED MY OWN ICON!! I didn’t post it though… no point in saying “ONLY FOR MY USE BLAH BLAH BLAH) so whatever… it sucks I know… but it was my first time okay?

Cute Volk gif 2

Icon 8 – December 2 – December 27 2015

Yeah my pal rabbit-cipher  made me an icon request hehe… psycho flower ftw

I put my personally made icon back on after the 27th.. idk why

Icon 9 – February 9 2016 – present

xXDannyDrawsXx made this ADORABLE ICON and I never took it off since! She is amazing, go check her out!


Anyways, thank you all who have supported me thus far… you guys and girls are AMAZING!

Throughout the course of Life, horrible things have happened such as friends having depression… cancer… losing family… *tear* but.. you guys have still stuck with us..

I.. I do feel sorry for those who have deactivated… and those who I have ticked off unintentionally.. (on the grounds that you didn’t tick me off first)

And I still find it strange that I have so many female friends…

Anyways, thank you for a great first year!!!




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