.:Zombie Apocalypse:. – Volk

Hello everyone! I kinda got this idea after reading :iconveolo:‘s.. story Left Unaware.

I know this bio is kinda lazy… but I’ll edit it soon enough I’m too lazy to go into detail.. and make it seem decent lol.

Basically what happened was this:

Volk was an ordinary human, hiding from the infected and all that. His had a technologically advanced bunker hidden deep in the outskirts of one mainstream city (which one is unknown), where he created special alien-like weapons, and attempted to find a cure for the virus. However, CEDA (I have no idea what this is, I just know its evil, and it was in Max’s story so whatever) had soon labeled him “infected” like the others.

They did launch an attempt to kill him in an abandoned junkyard. They did fail, but he was severely wounded. After some self medical treatment, he knew he would never survive in this state, so he resorted to using a metal suit he developed as a way to keep the disease from infecting him. It would give him enhanced strength, and he wouldn’t be able to feel pain. However, once he embedded it into his body, he lost most of his human emotions. The only thing he cares about is the safety of the people of planet Earth, aside from CEDA and the infected. “All dangers must be eliminated” he says.



(Left to Right)

Volk’s suit Mark I – His original suit. It wasn’t very heavy on armor, but it enhanced his body greatly. He has immense strength, and can even crush an opponent’s hand with his own. He used this first in a scheme to create a giant ark which would take all non infected to another planet.

Voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB788m2iAnE&t=1m26s

Volk’s suit Mark II – A lot more advanced and more heavy on metal, this suit includes a small visor over his left eye. His death grip is now even stronger than before, and he seems to have become even more heartless.

Voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z6Wox4glA4&t=2m32s

Volk’s suit Mark III – No, that isn’t poop on his head or Ice cream: Its a highly advanced mind linking device used to control others whom he has converted. Most of his body has now been covered with metal plating. He has very few organic parts left on him now.



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