Framily Values Comic – Happy Birthday Volk!

Hey guys! Yes you heard right, it is Volk’s birthday today! 2 years ago today, on May 14, 2014, I officially created Volk the Chameleon!! His storyline and looks weren’t as great as they are now! So… I made this comic!

This was supposed to be for my birthday, but… I was much too lazy lol. And no, I’m not going to color this if you’re wondering.. I don’t color my comics I have much more important things to do! Like…. well I’ll think of something hehe

I attempted a chibi style and failed hehe

Happy Birthday Volk Comic.png

*Volk wakes up slowly in his bed*

Volk: Urgh.. morning already…

*Slowly gets up and walks out of bed to the hallway*

Volk: Might as well get a bottle of water..

*the door slides open as Volk looks tiredly.*

*Suddenly, Johnathan, Madison, Stat, V1, and Alyssa jump out and surprise him*

Johnathan, Madison, Stat, V1, and Alyssa: HAPPY BIRTHDAY VOLK!

Volk: WAHH!~ *faints from shock*

Alyssa: *Walks over to Volk* Volkie… are you dead?

Volk: Mmmgh

Alyssa: YAY YOU’RE ALIVE! *glomps him*

Volk: OOF~!

Alyssa: I love you bro ^.^



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