Alisha Cradles Volk

Hmm… Its not art block.. Okay partially, but mostly laziness since I have like 7 drawings I need to upload.. I might not even color them I’m so lazy hehe.. Fricking school giving assignments AFTER TESTING WTF… okay.. calming down..

Anyways, I guess this is a gift for  :iconalisha-kun:.. she’s such an adorable bab and she’s soo nice to me!! It would really mean a lot if you go and check her out! Maybe even give her a watch if you like what you see… which you probably will hehe

Alisha Cradles Volk.png

So.. I guess this is self explanatory! BFFs.. one who just happens to be the size of a cuddly, adorable baby… who could resist? Sure, he has electric skin.. but he can control it… ish.. she’s safe okay? Hehe

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it pal.. ✿^-^✿

Alisha belongs to  :iconalisha-kun:


Volk belongs to moi


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